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  1. I've noticed that this, (the camera following nothing at high speed) also happened in this video after he warped towards Kerbin: So maybe it's not just gaseous planets
  2. enters solar atmosphere at 80km/s burns at 10,000K and an impressive flame trail "observes observations about the situation"
  3. I just go to the game folder and open Launcher.exe, and once it patches and everything i click update and it asks for a password. I tried to run it from the hard drive and a flash drive, same effect. This is a pretty old computer, and nobody remembers the password. I just play the game by opening KSP.exe, never asked me for a password.
  4. Nope. Never installed a mod. I want to point out again that my landed ship was reading as an untracked B-class asteroid, is that an indicator of something?
  5. Hi, sorry for not being clear enough on that, I was hoping someone could point out the cause if that's known so I could avoid it happening again. That's why I didn't submit it as a bug report to Squad.
  6. Sorry, I am unable to update my game. Requires an admin password that I don't have. I'm stuck on 1.0.5.
  7. All of my ships in flight are gone. I had: Space station orbiting Kerbin at 92km circular orbit, 2 crew Communications satellite at 71km circular orbit Survey Satellite, elliptical polar orbit above atmosphere Duna probe awaiting transfer, parked in 80-95km elliptical Kerbin orbit All gone. Gone, Ships I have remaining: Boat in Kerbin water on the shore of southern continent with two crew A probe a billion kilometers from the sun A probe landed on Laythe The above two were both launched with Infinite fuel and electricity, as well as no max temp. Two asteroids orbiting Kerbin in high, inclined, elliptical orbits Landed, empty capsule on the Mun and its landing stage, seperately All flags, 3 on Mun and one on Kerbin Events: I was messing with a spaceplane that i had infinite-fueled and max-temp-cheated to an orbit 60km-93,000 kilometers around the sun, I quicksaved then pressed max timewarp and it exploded. Except the camera started following nothing at a fast speed outwards. I thought nothing much of it It may have already happened at this point, but i didn't notice. I went to the tracking station and started max-warping to align Kerbin and Duna to transfer my probe, stopping occasionally to track and untrack asteroids. I lined everything up, and zoomed in to find my probe. That's when everything was gone. My boat displayed as a untracked B-class asteroid and I couldn't go to it, so my guess is that maybe it decided all my ships were "unknown objects" and got rid of them. The space center was in the shape I left it, all buildings destroyed except Hangar, Runway, Tracking Station, Launchpad, Astronaut place, VAB. Sorry I don't have any screenshots, I was really worried and tried to act right away. i should've check also to see if the crew were back or "missing" Closing and reopening the game did nothing. I couldn't load a save from the Space Center, but luckily my Mun capsule was not affected by the glitch and I switched to and loaded my save. everything works. I feel really lucky that I saved. Otherwise, I would have lost everything. Was it the timewarp and the solar plane exploding that caused it? or the asteroid tracking? Sandbox, Stock 1.0.5.
  8. Oh, sorry. I probably got confused. Anyway, could someone add this information to the wiki (might inspire more sacrifices)? i don't know how.
  9. I've recently noticed that the wiki page for Kerbol says that it has no biomes. Well...
  10. By the way, what are the chances of this happening? In about 40 days of game time, i now have two asteroids orbiting Kerbin, and two that have impacted. (Without any intervention)
  11. Thanks for the welcome and the answer. I'm horrible at rendezvous, and i would probably struggle very much to land a 1000 ton mass. If i use an expendable ship that is destroyed on impacting Kerbin, I will have the asteroid, right? Since a ship is with it while it impacts? If I switch away after landing, will it still be there?
  12. So I poked around in the Tracking Station, and saw not one but TWO Kerbin-intercepting asteroids. I was thinking of watching them come down, but since Kerbin was rotating I had no idea where it would come down. Anyway, I overdid the time warp and they both impacted and disappeared off the radar, without me seeing where they landed. All I know is that it's somewhere around 50 degrees north. Is there any way I can locate them? Would my orbiting survey scanner be of any use? Would I see a dot of ore concentration? It has a short band, surface scanner, everything.