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  1. I guess I've played way too many other games... no idea we could go underwater. Just assumed it was insta-death. This is definitely a challenge I'm gonna have a lot of fun failing at.
  2. At least they're different colors!
  3. Intentionally stranded Jeb and Bob on The Mun so I had to go rescue them. (I'm practicing a few things, like landing this rover with a self-disposing no-return craft.)
  4. Thanks! I just noticed the Year, Day, and Time in the screenshots... Whaaaat did I do?
  5. @EnoratsThat wasn't quite the problem, although doing that probably would have saved me enough fuel to finish. My issue was running a probe back and forth between two ships to move pieces around before the final docking, and right when the last procedure was happening, the one that had fuel left ran out just as the magnets were wiggling around. Go advice though, I'm gonna give that a try. It has been quite annoying that they start to drift because of the orbit.
  6. So they can only dock with each other? Shouldn't be a problem as long as I remember to use them where I want permanent attachments.
  7. Understood @DStaal Just being off by a degree wouldn't sit well with me. Might even be worse than being off by 30. I just looked into Konstructor, and I think that's what I'm wanting. Thank you!
  8. What kind of tolerance does docking have? Depending on how the game snaps (1 degree, 2 degrees, 10 degrees), the indicator might be enough. Ideally I'd like to rotate after the fact, but get-it-close-enough and snap would be fine.
  9. I saw NASA's recent Mars Rover concept pop up on FB today, and decided to haphazardly replicate it in KSP. I'm certainly no design expert, but I got it as close as I could. It has almost enough solar panels to keep it going, a decent amount of battery, and fuel and generators just in case. Top mounted enclosed docking port, and a probe core which was initially for aesthetics but could be useful. Craft file: Parts: 45 Height: 2.8m Width: 3.1m Length: 8.0m Weight: 9 Tons Crew: 6 Zips around alright on Kerbin, haven't gotten it into space yet, but plan on dropping it on at least the Mun tonight.
  10. Thanks a lot, I'll take a look at that. I really wanna stay stock for now, but this is driving me nuts.
  11. Is there a mod out there that will let you rotate your ship while remaining docked? I'm getting better at docking, but getting the rotation lined up right where I want it is still pretty tricky, especially for assembling modules in orbit that are meant to be landed. Being off by even one or two degrees bugs the hell out of me. So I'd like something that will let me rotate after docking. Something with indicators, ideally with the same snap points as you have in the VAB. I've tried searching here and on CurseForge but I'm not seeing anything.
  12. Going through a series of overly complex docking procedures that burn up all your monopropellant, then the last procedure just not docking right as you run out... ragequitting... then realizing your last save was like 44 steps ago.
  13. Yup, did just that. I had no idea Kerbals could actually do anything useful in EVA. Couldn't trigger the fairing, but the docking port worked fine. Yup, it was completely dead. As I said in the original post, I'm 100% stock. The engine is the Kerbodyne KR-2L+ "Rhino" Way too happy about a job well done.
  14. I can agree with that. But I think it'll be more fun to fix it with EVA
  15. Definitely prefer not to cheat. If it was a couple hundred days out and a relaunch would be a total PITA.. maybe. But this is the Mun. Externally triggering the fairing would be nice so I don't have to dock, but I imagine I still need electric charge to extend the panels?