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  1. I have an issue that just started a few days ago. I have searched for another post and looked at possible hotkeys that i may have pushed with no luck. My Clamp-O-Tron Docking ports won't undock. They will still dock ok but not undock. I have reloaded and even loaded an older quicksave and still no luck. Any ideas? I do have Konstruction installed but i have not started building with its ports yet. I am running version 1.3.9. Loaded Mods: Community Category Kit Ver Community Resource Pack Ver. Easy Vessel Switch Ver. 1.3.0 Firesplitter Core Ver. 7.6.0 KAS ver. KIS Ver. 1.5.0 Konstruction ver. MechJeb 2 ver. MechJeb and Engineer for all ver. Module Manager ver 2.8.1 USI Tools ver.