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  1. DAAAAMN! That IVA LOOKS SICK!!! Could you build a iva config for the stock mk1-2 pod so that it looks like Apollo?
  2. Zoo... there is a reason why it's whitelisted: to prevent griefers, one time visitors and players who just wanna destroy things for fun, playing on our server.
  3. lol.... such meta...
  4. And you posted this comment right after the creator of BDB has posted his comment, showing interest in helping this modder...
  5. Error 404: link not found
  6. And Zoo keeps on forgetting to mention it that the server is whitelisted on the first page
  8. Update: I've done some tests.. turns out Quickstart version 2.05 works fine in 1.2.2 with no effort. only QuickGoTo and QuickExit don't work.. from previous versions..
  9. Get well soon Zoo...
  10. It's okay Snark.. at least you have done something about it... there are other mod developers who we don't hear from them for a while...
  11. Not funny guys... with the mannequins...
  12. So yeah... load the game with a screen full "The classes in the module cannot be loaded" not sure if it's from your quickstart mod.. then, when the game is loaded, not much to look at the debug only 1 "the classes in the module cannot be loaded" on it: I think your mods internally are working but the UI isn't... Here is when i'm hovering over goto: Here is when i moved from the goto button: So... yeah... guickstart does work when i reboot the game... So in the end i think the only actual issue is the UI not working..
  13. Say.. malah, is it normal that quickstart, quickgoto and quickexit buttons don't appear to be working anymore? Because since a couple of updates.. the ui on startup for quickstart doesn't appear anmore... The quickgoto button doesn't show a UI... and Quick exit button doesn't work... Did you change to a new saving format or something because i only updated your mods and they suddenly stopped working..