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  1. localization still? I'll check back in in another couple of months. Go squad! Hey Roverdude!
  2. I don't know what all these people complaining about...hell no...Go RoverDude you da man!!! \,,/ And yes squad....Charge for that DLC! Let em complain
  3. Free market squad! Get some! If it has more content/functionality I'll buy it heck yeah! I've been here since 2011...I say charge for it! Its not a development update it is a seperate addon/expansion....Charge for it! You might loose some potential buyers but with the localization and branching out you will gain far more. Just charge for it man and keep dev'ing the game. I understand the need for the companys survival and its future...go for it! (i still think the game would sell alot more if it had multiplayer. Also if the expansion was required to join multiplayer so they could play with their friends then even better. Cha ching$$$)
  4. humm lets see. member of forums since july 15th 2011....that would be ksp version 0.8.5 WOW! ksp has come a long ways since then 6 years ago -mindblown
  5. Still waiting on that multiplayer
  6. or the multiplayer that was promised back when KMP (theGimp) first came out and we were talking with squad people in Teamspeak! I was there in the channel with theGimp so I know what was discussed. I won't discuss that conversation here publicly which was the motivating factor that I purchased the game
  7. Fixed it myself was related to my 3d mouse. Anyways going to go play Arma
  8. Ill just wait till the actual update. Im in no hurry to try this out an Ill just wait till the actual update. Im in no hurry to try this out anyways
  9. Yeah its a desktop background! Any other advice you would like to give?
  10. Now thats what Im talking about! Great job squad
  11. And may I ask how do you/squad know this? "welcomed by the majority of other players" How is this conclusion reached? Because the majority is us and in that case already own KSP
  12. Well i mean look at minecraft for instance. How many spin-offs of that have you seen? It is a valid point. Who knows it could happen. I secretly have been looking myself from time to time for a alternative to ksp myself. I dont see this going anywhere any time soon
  13. oh there is plenty more room to grow and develop ksp. Where squad is concerned though money seems to be at the top of the list of priorities. You can say what you will but since harvester left loose ends were tied up and ksp has been on a downward trend in all areas since. There was hope then the devs left and here we are.
  14. make sure nothing is using port 8080 and forward to lan ip. and have your friend connect with your outside ip address and make sure the antenna is attached to your ship. and hello from texas