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  1. I was about to say, wasn't the MAKS supposed to launch from an An-225?
  2. It's based on the Multiple Kill Vehicle:
  3. Could we? Most likely, yes. Would we? No. Nothing in it for us. By us, I mean Earthers. Future inhabitants of Mars however would have a huge incentive to Terraform their planet. I don't think we'll see any sort of Terraforming project, beyond a Sun-Mars L1 magnetic shield station started by us here on Earth.
  4. No, the wafers are just one step in the production of microprocessors. They're cut into much smaller pieces, the actual processors, after the etching, etc., But you can fit many more processors onto a wafer that's twice as big as one could be on Earth, drastically reducing the price, or making it drastically more profitable per ingot. Here you can see the edges between each processor on the wafer:
  5. They wouldn't survive the reentry, and would probably break under 1g anyway.
  6. False alarm. Turns out that the planet probably doesn't exist.
  7. Semiconductors. To produce microchips, you first produce a large monocrystaline ingot of Silicon, then slice it into wafers, and then etch the conductor paths into those, and then cut them up again into individual processors. The size of those wafers is limited by gravity, they'll break if they get too large. But if you could grow them in zero-g, you could make much larger wafers, and produce much larger batches of processors.
  8. Ceres has been stripped of its ice, and is now a dry rock. The ECLSS on Ceres isn't 100% air- and water tight, and water is probably also used to produce fuel for chemical thrusters.
  9. That's a bullseye if I've ever seen one! Robin Hood, hang your head in shame!
  10. No, the Epstein Drive is basically a particle accelerator-boosted Fusion drive.
  11. It was just a graduation project, I'm not even sure he ever released it.
  12. That's footage from a VR game.
  13. If "we", or whatever "we" are by then, are still around in 5 billion years, then yes. Otherwise, nah.
  14. I dunno about era, but I think Fury, Black Hawk Down, and Full Metal Jacket were fairly accurate in how they portrayed war, though maybe not quite so historically accurate.