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  1. The Winged Hussars?
  2. Stranded on Dres? Please, spare me, Jeb!
  3. I dropped quite a few Kerbals into the Mohole once. I don't recommend it unless you enjoy lag.
  4. Oh dear! I had no idea. Better find some other site, then.
  5. I just remembered my password to Mediafire! Now I just have to figure out where I put the texture, as the texture on the site appears to have turned into a .zip file.
  6. No particular reason, really. I was watching some dubbed versions of a Disney song, and the Hungarian one caught my interest. Then I saw the language in writing and thought "That language is weird. I want to know it!"
  7. Since late June this year, I've been making an effort to teach myself Hungarian. And as a fun way to practice and learn new words, I've started a series of KSP videos that are exactly the same as my usual videos, except that they're narrated in my crappy beginner's Hungarian. In this thread, I have posted my latest one (with English subtitles, of course). Obviously, learning the language is pretty difficult, as I don't have any teacher that can explain stuff and don't even know anyone I can ask for help. So I'm basically stuck with Google, Wiktionary and random Disney songs. Thus, even though I feel like I understand the grammar somewhat (at least in theory), I still worry constantly that I'll only manage to produce nonsense whenever I actually try to write even the simplest sentences myself. Therefore, I would really appreciate any feedback from anyone who speaks Hungarian as their first language! Just some linguistic advice on grammar, sentence structure, phrasing... that kind of stuff. Anything that I can use to improve on the parts where I mess up. I have provided a transcript of the video below, in case my shaky pronunciation makes the words too difficult to make out. TL;DR for those who don't speak Hungarian: here's a simple, short video that I hope you will find amusing! Transcript: Hétfő van. Az igazi Bob emelkedik a tengerből. Jó napot kivánok, Bob! Igazi Bob! Örülök, hogy újra élsz! Akarsz te is az űrbe utazni? Azzal a rakétával? Nem. Sajnos nem elég magas vagy. Valóban nagyon alacsony vagy, drága Bob. Az épület ott pedig magas. Menj oda, kicsi űrember! Mássz fel a tetőre, hogy magasabb és boldogabb légy! Jó! Mit csinálsz a tetőn, Bob? Mi rakétánk haldoklik! Mire vársz? Jöjj le! Segíts neki! Túl késő. A szegény rakéta most halott. És az a te hibád! Menj most vissza addig az épületig és gondolj arra mit tettél. Menj oda, nézz arra a falra, és állj ott örökre.
  8. I tried to draw something like this a long time ago, but gave up when I couldn't find a neat way to keep the creature from getting split in half by its own digestive tract. Never thought about the food bubble idea!
  9. If I ever get the skill (and courage) to translate the Great Naked Space Man into Hungarian, I think I would call it a ragyogó űrférfi (the shining space man), or maybe a ragyogó űrember (the shining space human). At least, that's the best I can come up with for now, as my Hungarian vocabulary is pretty small.
  10. I did my first serious mission in a long time, with no goofing around. It was a simple Mun landing. Unfortunately, I forgot that the game has actual reentry heat now.
  11. I really like those flags!
  12. I built a space shuttle, and I absolutely didn't expect it to fly. This is also my first proper commentary ever.
  13. Das habe ich nicht ernst gemeint. Ich war müde, sah eine Diskussion über Rechtschreibung, und wollte dazu mit einem Witz beitragen. Was ich damit angedeutet habe ist, dass die ganze moderne Gesellschaft irgendwie innerhalb eines Tages zusammenbrechen könnte - nur weil die grammatikalischen Regeln nicht gefolgt wurden.
  14. Vielleicht ist das Herz der Rechtschreibung kühl und unversöhnlich. Aber die Alternative ist die totale Anarchie. Heute schreibt jemand ein kleingeschriebenes Substantiv. Morgen wohnen wir alle in Höhlen!