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  1. I just realized that the other planets in the Solar System were released five years ago. Now I feel old.
  2. oi from a ...

    1. Felsmak


      Did you just have a stroke?

    2. WinkAllKerb''


      don't be so com A Z a çç xDr pero ...

  3. This might not count as an offering, but I did try to (unsuccessfully) resurrect Cthulhu the Kraken instead. So, I guess that my offering was an (attempted) offering of life? As you can see, the Kerbals have gathered at a top secret meeting on the surface of Bop, in order to conduct the ritual necessary to resurrect the Kraken. Nobody enjoyed it. It was cold, and the snacks were 10 USD a piece.
  4. He looks like he's saying: "Why did you create me? Please, return me to the void!"
  5. I can't decide if this ugly [SNOW] is funny or creepy.
  6. Have another picture of the spaceship!
  7. MAJOR UPDATE! I just finished the spacecraft that will be used in the video. I may or may not include the S-II stage as well, depending on how things turn out. I also decided to invent my own design for the lander, since I eventually gave up on trying to model that geometric nightmare.
  8. All these buttons and none of them work against the Great Naked Space Man!
  9. The control panel was tricky.
  10. No worries! I'll keep the camera above the waist and/or employ my full arsenal of conveniently placed props to cover up his naughty bits. Here's the lower stage of the lander. The upper stage is such a pain to model that it's not even funny.
  11. Thank you! So is the GNSM. Human souls are far more nutritious than Kerbal ones!
  12. Thank you! Here us a picture from inside the capsule.
  13. Greetings! I'm still sort of working on my remake of my that one glorious video that brought the Great Naked Space Man into the world. At first, I decided to make it a slideshow and draw each and every slide, but since I'm bad at perspective, I decided to make it 3D instead! Also, the Kerbals have been replaced with humans, in order to introduce the Great Naked Space Man to a wider audience. Anyway, here are some renders of the models I've made so far! The beach will not be included in the final animation.
  14. Yeah, that's the site! I agree. Those Earths with bright green continents are absolutely hideous.
  15. I actually used a picture from the same photo series as yours for reference. Those photos are among the best photos of Earth I've ever seen. On most pictures you can find on the web, the colors have been amplified to the point where they look unnatural.