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  1. Modding question moved to the modding subforum. Good luck.
  2. Each version since 15 plus scads of screenshots: 28.5gigs.
  3. If it's going that fast, is it still orbiting something?
  4. Start with a really small rocket, and make it work. Then build a larger stage under it and tinker with that until it works. Then add another stage. Repeat until it reaches whatever your goal was.
  5. What form does the beam take? Radio waves? Laser light? X-rays?
  6. ManeTI did run some updates the other day, but I wasn't aware this was one of the things that it included. Yay.
  7. This thread is pretty old, and actually about a different subject. Would be better to start a new one.
  8. I wasn't clear. I was asking the OP about a gap in the rules of this challenge.
  9. Some posts have been trimmed from this thread. Please keep in mind that this forum attracts many younger visitors, and we'd prefer to avoid talking about 'adult content' such as liquor (2.2.c).
  10. How will you resolve conflicts with overlapping posting times?
  11. Its copyright is about 4000 years old, Tex.
  12. I have never had more than 3 mods installed at once.
  13. Hey there. You're still ahead of me. I've never even attempted modding.
  14. Somewhat overlapping what others have said: as the craft starts to lift off, it may end up riding the front wheel as a unicycle and start wobbling. Applying some pitch-up as you roll down the runway can prevent that.
  15. Please stop criticizing each other's curiosity and discuss the question.