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  1. This thread has been moved to The Lounge, since it doesn't seem to be specific to KSP.
  2. Keep it on-topic, please.
  3. That was a strange one.
  4. Then you're the only one.
  5. Since this is no longer a tech support thread, it has been moved to General Discussions.
  6. I have mod powers, Frybert. You can't stop me.
  7. Several posts have been removed from this thread. Please do not get into an argument over abbreviations.
  8. Still being decided behind the scenes.
  9. Did they ever show how they re-attached the plane part?
  10. "Fish"?
  11. You saw nothing. You heard nothing. You will say nothing.
  12. Thread moved to Gameplay Questions, since it's seeking help rather than offering it.
  13. Okay, everybody here can see apparently the future and consoles are better than PCs and/or PCs are better than consoles. The fact remains that Squad is no longer working with Flying Tiger.