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  1. Sorry, I seem to have lost my screenshots of the last time I tried it, but I think I started to see really dangerous heat at around 6 million kms? And by "dangerous," I mean the ship was glowing a dull red.
  2. Thread moved to add-on development. (Better late than never.)
  3. This exchange of spacecraft (for such it will become) has been moved to Spacecraft Exchange.
  4. This discussion of add-ons has been moved to Add-on Discussions.
  5. That depends on how well your craft handles heat. Some parts are more vulnerable to it than others and radiators can help, so there isn't a single answer to your question.
  6. No. That is the way to make everything else in KSP, and planes are no different.
  7. And yet, it only puts me at #5.
  8. You are free to ignore this, but you did ask for advice, so... Depending on your workplace, this could get you into serious trouble. Sexual harassment training at my job even went so far as to tell us we are not allowed to say "You look nice today" to a person of either gender, whether or not you out-rank that person. Look into your workplace's rules if you do not want to risk getting fired or sued. Also, That is really not a good thing to dump on someone else. Don't make your emotional welfare her responsibility, nor hold a grudge if she doesn't reciprocate your feelings.
  9. There is a subforum for posting accounts of one's missions, and this thread now occupies it. Good luck with your project.
  10. I've looked at your account and nothing has been deleted. A new member's first few posts must be approved by a moderator before they are publicly visible, though, and that seems to be what you've observed. Anyway, welcome to our forum.
  11. Thread moved to Kerbal Network, since it's about the players rather than the game.
  12. You may post here to generate interest, but the actual "playing" of the project will need to take place away from our forum. Yeah, we know that's awkward, but as you can see, the rivalries get out of hand when we allow it here.
  13. Since this appears to be a wider issue involving more than one mod, the thread has be relocated to modded support.
  14. Welcome to our forum, Keirgarth. Unfortunately, large files like that slow page loading, so yours was removed. Please upload it to a file sharing site and use the link they provide here.
  15. We know everybody likes to start a new thread with his/her own excited opinion on announcements like this. But when each person starts his/her own feedback thread, forum traffic gets hectic and there tends to be a great deal of discussion repeated and scattered among mutliple threads. So for the next few days we will be merging most opinions, discussions, and questions about this subject into this master thread. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
  16. Seems to be working for other people. How about providing some detailed info to help debugging?
  17. Since this involves modifying the game, the thread has been moved to the modding subforum.
  18. Also, how about some pics?
  19. Trimmed a post or two. Keep it on-topic, please.
  20. This, uh, work of a fan? Has been moved to Fan Works. I guess.
  21. Removed a post or two. Please keep things on-topic and don't troll each other.