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  1. This work of a fan has been moved to Fan Works.
  2. This is, unfortunately, quite common when a new version comes out. Mod-makers need to update their stuff. They know about it and are working on it, so please don't but them for updates.
  3. I visit other planets and never build bases. Welcome to the forum, lovec1990.
  4. I use Chrome and haven't noticed any problems.
  5. You could share it here and possibly get some help. Also, your thread has been moved to the support sub. Welcome to the forum.
  6. After receiving a lot of complaints if they needed to change an announced release date, Squad adopted a policy of not announcing them. Please don't ask. 2.2.p But also, welcome to the forum!
  7. Some people like to play with MechJeb. If you don't want to, fine, but there's no need to attack those who do.
  8. I don't know why Imgur has that imbed button, because it has never worked. Just use the BBCode link they provide instead.
  9. Yes, the 3 or 4 people who care about that would have been greatly relieved.
  10. Who keeps locking this flippin' thread?
  11. You are not reading the same internet I'm reading. People who want to speculate will, no matter how much information is or is not available.
  12. Speculation is immune to logic and common sense, and needs no encouragement. It's like a weed that grows even where there is no soil.
  13. I don't know why, but I only send Kerbals on some of the earliest flights and then switch over to robotic probes as soon as I have useful cores. So about half-way through the tech tree I have the parts I need to send probes to other worlds and there's still a reason to do so because they beam back science I use to clear the rest of the tech tree. That's my favorite part. I only resume sending Kerbals once I have the whole tech tree cleared and all the parts needed for comfortable, crewed cruisers.
  14. So now Squad is responsible for the kind of wild, baseless speculation which inundates everything on the internet? Okay then.
  15. Pizza is a subject for another thread, please.
  16. I don't believe the forum software supports two kinds of signatures. @Red Iron Crown?
  17. How would that be different from just putting them in your sig? Though some official badges would be nice, if Squad can spare an artist for them. @Badie?
  18. Are you clicking on the button on the upper left and then click-holding as you slide the arrows on the parts? Because that should work for everybody in the stock game. Oh, also, welcome to the forum, and your question has been moved to its own thread.
  19. Very old thread. We can open it again if the OP asks, but he/she hasn't been around for quite some time.
  20. This looks like a good place for it. And yes, we can merge it later, if called for.
  21. Claiming parts of Kerbin led to so many arguments that it spilled over into other parts of the forum and we, unfortunately, had to impose a ban on such role-playing games here. I'm sorry, but if you want to do this, it will have to take place somewhere else.
  22. This is a good idea for a thread. So good that we already have one. And so your thread has been merged into it.
  23. I'm sorry to say it, guys, but claiming parts of Kerbin and then arguing over the claims is exactly what forced this forum to ban roleplaying. The arguments and feuds that resulted spilled over into other threads and led to many warns. This thread will be closed now.
  24. This work of a fan has been moved to Fan Works.