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  1. The new and improved Ghost 107 is back. Now with 101% more CreeprGod66L award.
  2. Ever wanted to ruin your enemy's day with an Armageddon flame? Now you can with the new KS51 Zeus
  3. You're forgetting Westwood #RIPC&C
  4. Seeing how Take Two owns Rockstar (GTA) and 2K (Civilization: Beyond Earth), I'd like to see if they produce part skin packs as merchandise for other Take Two games. Kinda like what Minecraft did with Fallout and Magic: The Gathering Well that didn't take long. Someone actually wants this?
  5. We are now here for 1.3 with a new KF2, 4, 5, 6, and 10.
  6. The KF24 is currently undergoing final flight tests.
  7. The Freebird is now K-Prize certified.
  8. Eve Plane! I had to scoot it up on land. You know, for science
  9. Today we went on a rover expedition from my Dres Base
  10. Today we learned that the Communotron 88 is a holographic lie mmmmm. Antenna
  11. @boolybooly do we get notified when our submission is judged?
  12. The docking port is behind the monopropellant tank. This spacecraft was originally designed for transportation of tourists to a space hotel.
  13. Here is my submission for the Freebird SSTO Link to the one in chronological order:
  14. On Dres. Sort of...