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  1. Derping around at Jool
  2. Floor 1577 You find me struggling to think of what to put on this floor
  3. Floor 1565 There is floor There is door you walk cross floor you walk threw door
  4. I fertilize your hill and take it over. My green again hill
  5. Known for the "science of" threads
  6. Shame on you for confusing me
  7. Known for your distinctive avatar.
  8. No, my phone broke right around the court victory scene
  9. Waiter, here come dat outdated meme
  10. steel beams
  11. My favorite would probably be the A10. I mean look at that thing.
  12. Entrevista com Jô Kerman
  13. I take a moon while none of you are looking my moon
  14. I sealand it...Again My anti aircraft platform.