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  1. The KF24 is currently undergoing final flight tests.
  2. The Freebird is now K-Prize certified.
  3. Eve Plane! I had to scoot it up on land. You know, for science
  4. Today we went on a rover expedition from my Dres Base
  5. Today we learned that the Communotron 88 is a holographic lie mmmmm. Antenna
  6. @boolybooly do we get notified when our submission is judged?
  7. The docking port is behind the monopropellant tank. This spacecraft was originally designed for transportation of tourists to a space hotel.
  8. Here is my submission for the Freebird SSTO Link to the one in chronological order:
  9. On Dres. Sort of...
  10. I'm interested to see how it turns out. When the game's only story point is to not die, they better have some creative storytelling to pull it off.
  11. They finally got a contract with someone (I think 20th Century Fox) to make a movie. Expected release in May 24, 2019
  12. Godspeed Comrade
  13. Our first rover has been released! Go check out the DRN
  14. Zootopia and Walker