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  1. Personally I'm of the opinion that a lot of what @bewing says is basically trolling. Bad advice, etc.
  2. You always have the oddest wing layouts, @AeroGav.
  3. Man, I've never said SSTOing from Eve is either easy or practical. This whole chain came about because I pointed out that one particular part of it -- a restricted set of launch areas -- doesn't mean you have to land in those launch areas. As for tall-and-spindly, that's true to some extent but it's actually less true on Eve than nearly anywhere else because of the huge multipliers from keeping your TWR up. If you look at the examples provided you can see they have pretty substantial footprints.
  4. The hard bit's the SSTO piece.
  5. That ain't true. As long as you can maintain a stall you can reenter damn near anything with a periapsis of 45km on Kerbin. Shallow reentries just waste a bunch of time pulling your periapsis down to a point where you break at a reasonable rate, and heat-soak vulnerable parts like cockpits while they're at it, and steep ones exceed your skin tolerances and potentially g-loading as well. 45 degrees AoA, 45km periapsis. Works great. My guess is he's not managing to keep the AoA up.
  6. Well, for myself, given ISRU, I like to use one vehicle as my to-Eve transfer stage, lander, biome-hopper, and ascent vehicle. All of the first three can readily be accomplished without staging, which only needs to be done during the final return to orbit. It isn't so much "additional vehicles" as it is "multiple-purpose first stage". Part of the reason I'm confident a design along @Kergarin's lines could biome-hop to the mountain is that I have biome-hopped on Eve, and gone above the altitude of the mountain in the process, albiet (as I say) with a multi-stage vehicle but without staging during the hops. A SSTO design will be able to accomplish the same feat, particularly if it can be landed somewhere higher than absolute zero altitude before going for the final jump. There are pitfalls -- the oceans, or screwing up the landing -- but it can be done. I mean, personally, I'd use a staged vehicle since I'd lay good odds you spend more in fuel to get a SSTO vehicle to Eve (and back!) than being able to recover it would save you, but I don't know why you're so skeptical about this. The larger, ISRU-capable design in the second video is wholly capable of hopping, to my eye.
  7. ... you don't think biome hopping on Eve is possible? Or is it specifically getting to the mountaintop? Or what?
  8. Oh good grief (EDIT: Also, winged biome-hoppers on Eve work great. You can't SSTO with them, because the wings and gear chew up too much of the mass budget, but it's far and away the fastest and easiest way to explore the planet)
  9. What you need is a lightweight, reliable, repeatable landing mechanism. Kergarin used a vertical powered landing directly on the engine bells, which is I believe the lightest possible way to do it (since you're not carrying anything that's neither fuel nor engine back into space). That works fine for biome-hopping, as long as you're reasonably capable with landing things; since you're hopping you can afford to keep a little margin for the landing unless you're pushing a long hop (e.g. over the oceans).
  10. That's true, but the vast majority of Eve has at least some ore, excluding the ocean biome. You'd want to take the big drill to ensure you can refuel wherever any ore at all exists, though. KER claims a replica of @Kergarin's smaller SSTO vehicle (posted on page 1) would have a TWR of 0.87 and a dV of 3144m/s at 0 altitude on Eve; at 1km that goes to 0.92 and 3291m/s. With fuel removed to achieve a TWR of 1, at 1km, you get 3122m/s dV. That's sufficient.
  11. I've done a lot of flying on Eve -- though, granted, not SSTOs. The reduced Isp ASL is murderous, yes, but it's possible to daisy-chain your way around the world and it's readily possible to hit 7km from sea level in a single stage.
  12. Sure it can. Eve SSTOs approach the wet:dry ratio of naked tanks; just don't fill it all the way and you can execute a vertical takeoff ASL.
  13. I'm reasonably sure anything built to SSTO from Eve -- even from a mountaintop -- is going to be able to achieve a takeoff and hop at lower altitudes. If not when fully fuelled, then at a partial fuel load.
  14. If it's refuel-capable you can land anywhere there's ore, and then go to your launch site.