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  1. I should also mention that I redownloaded and reinstalled all the relevant mods, as well as getting a complete texture set (usually I thin it down to save on memory), and miraculously it works.
  2. Has anybody gotten clouds to appear when using RSSv12+RO for 1.2.2 of KSP? I installed everything RO with ckan, then got Scatterer(0.0300), EVE(1.2.2-1), and latest release of RSSVE. Also getting this in the EVE config: output log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/if7j0x115e8p5ag/output_log.txt?dl=0
  3. Principia is an indev mod that introduces an n-body gravity mechanic. Normally, when you go to the Mun, you only have to take into account the gravity of Kerbin until you hit the Mun's SOI. Principia factors in the gravitational effect of Kerbin, the Mun, and other bodies in the system throughout the whole voyage. I would love to see some screenshots from this mod, the sky must look wild!
  4. Wondering if anybody here has had any success at all running RO using KSP 1.3? I've been getting nothing but crashes from the loading screen, and I'm using the most up to date versions of the base mods (I've also tested with the master of RO) crash output stuffs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0wFlC6udXf5dUF5amhvU3RWeDQ?usp=sharing
  5. Playing with RSS and KSP1.3 I'm getting some interesting bugs. Mercury is missing, Earth is called Kerbin, and the majority of rocky bodies are prefixed with 'the' (i.e The Moon, The Pluto, The Iapetus, The Mimas, etc..)
  6. I'm trying to use RO in conjunction with Tantares, and I have edited the respective RO cfg to correctly correspond to the proper part names. When I build the vehicle, the docking port requires monopropellant, so I add some monoprop tanks. But when I put the whole assembly on the launch pad, there must be some microjitters going on because the whole thing defies gravity and starts floating upwards. Is there any way to fix this???
  7. Does anybody use kerbalism with Stock Size Real Solar System or otherwise just RSS? How does it compare to stock KSP functionality?
  8. does anybody here use IR with Kerbal Joint Reinforcement? They played together at one point, but not IR is completely inoperable with KJR. Does anybody know a workaround?
  9. I am going to bring music to the planets.
  10. Nuclear Salt Water Rocket sending cosmonauts to Pluto in sort of an upgraded Soviet TMK-1
  11. Mars Truck In Stock Size Solar System
  12. I've been trying to inflate a HAB-C on a base that I built, but it required 11 tons of the resource "Rocket Parts" which are unobtainable. To bypass this requirement, do I just comment out the resource definition under the module SSTUInflatable in the ST-HAB-A cfg file?
  13. Found an arch on Enceladus! Nighttime terrain of the icy moon of Saturn The Great Nipple
  14. Suppose all I want to do is play this mod but 2x bigger All I have to do is go to the Sigma settings .cfg and multiply the rescale, resize, and dayLengthMultiplier by 2 right?
  15. Has anybody played this mod with Principia N-body gravity installed? Launch starts off fine until I'm accelerated 400 g's downwards when I hit 70km. Any fixes?