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  1. Does anybody use kerbalism with Stock Size Real Solar System or otherwise just RSS? How does it compare to stock KSP functionality?
  2. does anybody here use IR with Kerbal Joint Reinforcement? They played together at one point, but not IR is completely inoperable with KJR. Does anybody know a workaround?
  3. I am going to bring music to the planets.
  4. Nuclear Salt Water Rocket sending cosmonauts to Pluto in sort of an upgraded Soviet TMK-1
  5. Mars Truck In Stock Size Solar System
  6. I've been trying to inflate a HAB-C on a base that I built, but it required 11 tons of the resource "Rocket Parts" which are unobtainable. To bypass this requirement, do I just comment out the resource definition under the module SSTUInflatable in the ST-HAB-A cfg file?
  7. Found an arch on Enceladus! Nighttime terrain of the icy moon of Saturn The Great Nipple
  8. Suppose all I want to do is play this mod but 2x bigger All I have to do is go to the Sigma settings .cfg and multiply the rescale, resize, and dayLengthMultiplier by 2 right?
  9. Has anybody played this mod with Principia N-body gravity installed? Launch starts off fine until I'm accelerated 400 g's downwards when I hit 70km. Any fixes?
  10. wait..WHAT?! Barometer read 100, I didn't check the pressure before submerging so I dunno how normal that is, but kerbals sure are resilient. now if I could just get some sort of neutrally buoyant underwater MMU..
  11. will a realism overhaul config be happening? also, please PLEASE a config for just stock fuel, the requirement of exotic fuels makes the engines useless by themselves, and makes me wonder why they're their own separate part
  12. is it possible to have the heavier duty RCS use effects that aren't the stock white fluffy plume? I remember years ago there was a mod that used the mumech libraries to have rcs use liquid engine effects but I dunno if that's even possible anymore
  13. off to explore newer horizons!
  14. The star that never came.. I decided that even though 23,000 dV for Polaris transfer was well within my limits, it definitely wasn't worth the 5 day burn time. I opted to try to fly to a nearby neutron star, but since Mechjeb2 doesn't work in interstellar space, I had no idea how I'd manage the capture. Eventually, I got "closest approach" indicators and decided to work with those, which required a lot of burning. The reactor started getting inefficient due to heat, which is a big no-no, so I had manufacturing whip up some radiators. Thank goodness for KIS/KAS/OSE In the end, the save somehow got corrupted and I never made it to the star. Started a New Horizons save instead.