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  1. Yes, would be nice. "a new star system" would require either procedurally generated planets, which could be a nice DLC, or simply open/activate a jumpgate-system to moons of the various planets, allowing a kind of late-game alien-tech travel network. Nice addition and a end-game goal. Minor critique: Retrograde polar orbit doesn't make sense.
  2. That's not really true! This particular ion drive is made for small craft. The ion drive itself scales nicely, it just isn't meant for quick dV changes. It is, due to its low TWR, meant for constant thrust scenarios. No reason to keep them small at all. It is actually handled as a possible drive for manned long range missions. You are right, though: It is not very suitable for a tug
  3. Thanks. This behavior would really help. I hope someone at SQUAD picks this up. (By the way, I think this solution would also be nice to see in MechJeb...)
  4. I routinely fix one small wheel below my spaceplanes' tails, so I won't rip off the engines when pitching up too far.
  5. No. I mean I want to be able to fly an SAS stabilised craft without the sudden jerks back and forth when I touch the controls. IF SAS used TRIM instead of the direct input, that would be the case. Also it would be good to keep SAS's input when turning it off, basically making SAS input the trim when disabling it. You could disable SAS and have butter smooth flight. Without having to immediately compensate for it recentering the controls. An example: The autopilot settings in FlightGear do exactly that. You let your plane for example hold a course and turn off the autopilot. The trim stays, so the plane doesn't turn a bit in that moment and you take over a perfectly balanced and stable craft from the autopilot.
  6. Do you hate it when your craft is tugging along on SAS and you want to correct the course a bit? You touch pitch controls and it gets all wobbly. There is a simple solution to your problem: SAS should not control the control input, but work via the TRIM settings. You control input would be combined with the TRIM and you would have perfect controls even with SAS activated. Better yet: Allow the TRIM settings to be kept when leaving SAS (maybe with a modifier key or so) and move your craft from SAS to full manual control without even the slightest bump. Why we should do this? Because usually it is done like that. Your input is combined with stabilisation/trim. If it is still unclear what I mean exactly, move down three posts. User OHARA does explain it better!
  7. I'm one of the early buyers. I currently maintain 4 game installations. One is my own, meeting the early-adopter-all-DLC-included criteria, the others were gifts to others and don't include it. From my view, early adopters are basically responsible for the outcome of the community, which is in my view pretty brilliant. Sure, I like the idea of getting the expansions for free, but I will happily pay for the DLC, at least for the ones I gave away and make it another gift. Actually, I bought the first gift as a thank you, just because KSP delivers so much and I felt fair to pay again. (The good old comparison between a cinama ticket and KSP pricing makes sense here.) So, yes, I think paying for a DLC will not hurt most users and it makes sense to pay SQUAD again at some point to keep on working anyway. So, I would vote against an unlimited "season" pass.
  8. Finally! Have been asking them for months!! I hope the Unicorns are evil and aggressive, trying to pierce wheels where ever they get a chance!
  9. Oh man, now I am hyped!! And I'm on a train!
  10. They are the remnants of a space colonisation went partly wrong. Kerbin was chosen as it sported some interesting things, like the pyramids, where the initial colony was set up. Another second colony later became the KSC. The first colony made one mistake: They opened up the pyramids and set free deadly spores. An ancient intelligent species lived on Kerbin once and somehow created something deadly and accidentally set it free. When they found out what had happened, they created the pyramids as a warning for any interstellar species and decided to bomb their own planets surface clean, except for the warning pyramds, which were sitting in a dry and dead place anyway. The location was called Death Valley. Well. Now the modern colonists set free that particular curse. They were shocked and decided to find a way off the planet. Since their original space port at the pyramids is too dangerous, they set up a new space program and that's where you kick in. The airport on the island was an off-limits installation for research flights to other locations like the Death Valley installations. It was considered to be too dangerous in the end and the whole research program was closed down. Kerbins never built cities and control their own numbers very strictly since they know, that they all have to leave Kerbin at some point. Their currency is necessary, as the resources are very limited in a colony and the currency mainly shows the resource availability.
  11. I am pretty sure the homes are the hills. Ever since the Kerbals have known that space travel is possible, they developed a certain fear of aliens. They decided to tear down all the visible structures and remove all signs of habitation. They needed homes, though, and since Kerbin itself was a pretty flat and boring planet, they decided to re-build their homes as artificial mountains. Inside those mountains, they have underground cities. Some rogues decided to go the other way, they actively search for alien contact. The undergrounders found one simple way to get rid of them and not endanger the society any more: They founded the KSP in the hope of giving those rogues a way off Kerbin and possibly, at some point, out of the Kerbol system. That is also the reason for that single actively used space center. They want to build it back when the rogues finally have left. Think about that. Whenever you scream in over the mountains just before the KSC, millions of Kerbals swear about the noise those damn rogues make.
  12. Yes, that would be brilliant. I would like to see a few surface mountable, low profile variants as well.
  13. Why would you cap the transmission amount on the basis of the connection's quality? Simply make the transmission rate vary. That feels "real" as it reflects reality! I know, this is probably meant to be gameplay related, but it just feels wrong. Nice to hear 1.2 is moving along, though!
  14. Felipe should be the name of the star when a second star system gets implemented. Or maybe a very far out gas giant with two little stars and one or two habitable moons... @Felipe Thank you for this gem and may you always remember the ride!