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  1. Why not? Simply naming him is not a political act; it doesn't show support or opposition for him. You've already identified him, so there's no anonymity. It's not like people don't know who he is. "Donald J. Trump." If this simple string of letters is offensive or forbidden to someone simply for being what it is, then that person needs to get on with their life and stop pretending that words have some sort of magical powers.
  2. There've been plenty of discussions on this. Can we please not turn this thread into one of them? Edit: The last one of them is even still on the first page of the subforum, where it's not cluttering up a discussion of when/if Squad will be implementing a feature they stated was planned with debate only tangentially related to the subject.
  3. If only there were some sort of place to make Announcements where this information could be posted before people get caught by surprise.
  4. Can you show me the piles of locked threads verging on flamewars going back years where people argue over whether they should exist or how they should be implemented to the point that the forum once had a rule that was nothing less than THOU SHALT NOT DISCUSS [ISRU|ComNet]? Something about multiplayer seems to rile folks up. Seriously, this thread has been locked twice already, and it's only 46 posts in...
  5. That's what makes it a problem. There's too many solutions, and everyone has their particular favorite, and is deathly opposed to any of the others. Unless a multiplayer implementation includes a number of options, a decent subset of players are not going to be happy with it. (Of course, if they'd just do mine (which is, of course, the best), everyone would see how truly superior it is)
  6. This is something I would love to see. In the US, news has merged into infotainment, and even the so called "news" channels tend to be quite heavy on the opinion side of things.
  7. Only gyroscopes? ONLY gyroscopes?
  8. To the best of my knowledge. I haven't actually tried downloading any mods recently. (But that didn't fit the quote.)
  9. There was Kerbal Spaceport, but it sank into the swamp. So then there was Kerbalstuff. And that one sank into the swamp. There was Curse. That burned down, fell over, and then sank into the swamp. But the fourth one, Spacedock, stayed up.
  10. I was kind of wondering how you happened to have such an item. Having a story to go along with it is nice. Thank you for sharing it.
  11. No. Just the only things I have older than the neolithic.
  12. I just checked my globe, and it appears your atlas is accurate. I need to go dig out my box of fossils...
  13. Early career. Which is mostly what I end up playing. Every new version, I'll start a career. Then I add mods, so I start a new career. Then I get bored and stop playing for a while. Then I come back and start a new career. My current career (13th since I started tracking them) has one mission completed, and two more planned. It's been two months since I've played it.
  14. Ok, I can kind of see that. However, I would love to see something like the Final Frontier mod added to the game. It provides a way to track what you've done, but it does it in a way that is internal to the game and its world/experience/immersion, rather than an external thing that doesn't really connect to the game. In addition, it's a per-save feature. External achievements are a per-game thing, and I'd much rather be able to track each save individually.
  15. Never said I was. Just inquired as to why people feel that a game isn't complete if it doesn't reward them often enough.