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  1. Not really the way I'd phrase it, but thanks for the link.
  2. According to that list. Which I agree with. But if you're going to point out the Orbiters as Rockwell, to be fair, you also have the B-1 from Rockwell, the Apache from Hughes (and then McDonnell Douglas), Lockheed Martin gets credit for the F-22, McDonnell Douglas gets the F-15 and KC-10, and Boeing only gets one stage of the Saturn V, since North American and Douglas also built stages.
  3. To be fair, a number of items on that list only became Boeing products due to mergers.
  4. I thought of asking, but then came to a sudden realization that I don't really care to know. I have three candles on my desk. I find this much more fascinating than worrying over some online drama.
  5. We need the heart of any true space program: More paperwork! Purchase request forms. Authorization forms. Authorization forms to request purchases. Authorizations for purchase request forms. Purchase requests for authorizations. Forms about forms! Forms to get more forms! Forms to make changes to the forms about the forms! And meetings! Lots of meetings! Meetings to talk about what we're going to talk about at the next meeting! Meetings to set up meetings to talk about the last meeting! Meetings about the paperwork! Meetings to talk about the paperwork we need to set up the meetings! <sigh...>
  6. That's exactly what kept me from getting into TNG for so long. I found quite a few of those early episodes not to my liking. Years later, when I started to catch it once in a while, I found I liked it more. (Seriously, the second episode of the series was a rehash of an Original Series episode.)
  7. and then
  8. Hell, it's Slim Pickens. I'm surprised he wasn't wearing it under the helmet.
  9. Any of them? Or anywhere? If it's on the internet, it can pretty much be posted here in a post.
  10. Can you not upload the images to another site? (It depends on whether the hassle of doing so is worth the $40/month, I guess)
  11. There is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet orbiting roughly ninety-two million miles from a small unregarded yellow sun which lies far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy. I'm not really a big fan of that one. Even if it does have digital watches.
  12. Lately, mostly stuff from 1940-1945. Although it's pretty rare that I'm just listening to music. Mostly it's just been while I'm driving or doing the more physically-active, thinking-uninvolved parts of my job.
  13. I think you mean this:
  14. We are talking about the guy that swaps his flight helmet for a cowboy hat, right? The cowboy hat he keeps in the safe with the nuclear war plans?
  15. @Dman979: Another great classic!