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  1. Just click the circle thing next to the IVA image. Oh and sorry about the large white space in my post. It seems the format has a bug with gfycat.
  2. Today I did some attempts of a Pugachev's Cobra on my F-16 with engine gimballing enabled.
  3. 2012 Player here and I never knew there were DLCs. wat?
  4. Made my first ever VTOL. Weaponization of it will be my next step. Vertical take off from the VAB helipad. En route to the carrier for VTOL Landing test. Vertical Landing to the carrier Touchdown Satisfying af Edit: Weaponization was easier than expected, and some minor polishing was done. VTOL's are easier to make than I previously thought, amazing to see I made it in less than an hour without much difficulty. Declassified Specs: 4x VTOL Jump Jet equalling to 160kN vertical thrust 2x J-404 93 kN thrust class engine Combat Range: 1,730,387.5 meters Maximum VTOL weight: 15,900 kg Internal Fuel: approx 14,000 kg.
  5. Now go buzz some towers! Don't forget to flip off some MiGs! Damn, I really like that paint job . You nailed the MiG-28 look!
  6. Yep, I have a great Polaroid of it, But I can't tell you where it happened, I can tell you but then I'd have to kill you. *cough*Just Near the KSC*cough* Edit: I used This Camera on the MiG
  7. Nice MiG-28 you have there .
  8. Today, I'm gonna have a look on my old crafts, when I was a little bit prone to making n00b designs. So, at first glance, this may look like a typical moon base that hasn't yet been landed. That's why you can see those engines on top. But that's how I messed up. The moment you activate these engines, it'll burn up the docking ports and dismember the whole base!! Needless to say, the Mun base project was cancelled and it was evacuated. I tried to save it by adding another top mounted engine, but It does the same thing, burn up the damn base. (What did I expect?) I think I'm insane. "insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results" Next is this monster. Would you board it? Or would you rather go to a United flight? Hmmm, yes, seems legit Last but not the least, this stupid fighter jet. Talk about being aerodynamic. Attach an attack helicopter turret to a fricking fighter jet. Oh and I almost forgot, I launched a rocket carrying a small jet plane to Duna, knowing that it has an atmosphere, I knew I could fly in it. Alas I was wrong Plane crashed within moments of a landing attempt. I was unable to bring the nose up. I guess we all have our fair share of n00b moments. Isn't that right? Happy Kerbal with an overengineered Minmus Lander? Yeah, you'll never need to worry about running out of fuel and getting stranded in Minmus.
  9. Took me a while to get that
  10. Watch the birdie! Close enough?
  11. It's been a long time, Mun. It's time to go back, Apollo Style . Long time no see, space. Lunar Module docking Within my reach, the Mun! We have landed. Time to leave and return to the Main Command Module Aerobraking to save Delta-V Re-entry Made it back safe, and in one try
  12. Sorry, I instantly thought of this
  13. Haven't posted for a long time lel. Today these skilled kerbals will perform Air-To-Air Refueling 1st try, success! 2nd attempt Watching the fuel gauge go up ^
  14. Was thinking it would be shaped like how procedural wings work, but regardless I understand it wouldn't be possible.
  15. Love the mod, especially the drop tanks, it really improved drag issues in my plane. Also, any chances we can get conformal fuel tanks like this?