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  1. Banned for not supporting the best soccer team in your post.
  2. It's the magic of clicking! All hail the clicking! All hail the clicking! All hail the clicking!
  3. Because the english wasn't created by mathematicians. Why is the 100th digit of Pi "9"?
  4. That time when I forgot to add the cooling panels on my space shuttle. They were dead before touching the ground
  5. Thread moved to the appropriate section of the forum
  6. I can't explain you what is a locked thread, you have to see it by yourself. Take the red lock, and you will see the truth behind the locked threads. Take the blue lock and you will forget this post and remain in the realm of locked threads
  7. (ninja'd again) wooops... I guess the whole thing has made me a little nervous *take a deep breathe by the nose and start doing yoga*
  8. (I got ninja'd and I don't know how to make proper quote in the edit interface) Oh, I wish it was. More seriously, it is not an elaborate hoax; we are encountering issues with the forums.
  9. banned for stealing. You meanie.
  10. antenna
  11. Well, my inner amateur scientist will say we can't really assume that since we don't know the problem, but it look like the other issues we had lately.
  12. I destroy rock with a large mob of classical music amateur.
  13. nope @DuoDex?
  14. it's written under the number of post. You are on Duna. What does the hawk say?
  15. It work with the phone too, I guess. It will be streamed on youtube's NASA channel so if you have the VR kit that use your phone as the screen, I suppose it will work. Beside, even if it doesn't work, you will still be able to use the 360 view. You won't have the image in 3D, but it will be like viewing any other launch stream(apart the fact that you'll be able to look around )