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  1. As long as you bought before April 2013, it's ok
  2. Like every years, geeks and nerds celebrate the day of that marvelous number we call Pi. To celebrate it, here's an internet pie: Happy Pi day!
  3. Banido por causar uma dor de cabeça sobre google traduzir a fim de postar algumas coisas "engraçadas" em um português ruim. (banned for causing a headache over google translate in order to post some "funny" things in a bad portuguese.)
  4. banido por banimento arbitrário. Traduzido com google translate, texto original é: "Banned for arbitrary banishment"
  5. Nope! @Tex?
  6. Banned for having a pixelized image of a dog. Real dog persons use HD pictures ps: I know it's from minecraft
  7. When I have to name a plane, I alway use the name of a bird(or a variation of it). In example, I named my newest plane "chocking swallow" becaude its wings was loosely formed like the wings of a swallow and that it had the elevator control surface at the front. The placement of the elevators made it look like it had tried to swallow something but failed to do so and had something looking like wings stuck in his neck, cartoon style. When it come to rockets, it depend of the purpose of it. When the craft is meant to be a module of another project(like a space station), I simply name it by its purpose; in the other cases, I go by the inspiration of the moment.
  8. *play sad trombo* Try again! @Badie
  9. I had to hide a post for being off-topic, please, stay on topic.
  10. It's in the main KSP folder, named "KSP.log" Are you on Steam or on Squad's store?
  11. Nope! @DarkOwl57? Maybe it will work for me
  12. Yes I am! @DarkOwl57?
  13. Nope! @legoclone09?
  14. Mostly From the depths. I'm currently doing a warship that (hopefully) won't get destroyed easily by my friend's ship(like my old design was. Just finished the main hull but I fear it might be too big and that it will be an easy target because of that. KSP changed my habits in every single sandbox games I play >:(
  15. Every students of this world understand that perfectly, especially when the length of the texts they have to write is specified in pages and not by the number of words written in it (and I hope I'm not the only one to use such a trick, otherwise it would mean I'm even more lazy than I think )