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  1. I've not really tried to optimise the craft edit page for mobile/tablet use and those javascript drag/drop elements are very touch-interface unfriendly (and at the time I wrote that part there wasn't really any libs that could do touch based drag events, there are some now, but it would be quite a bit of work to replace them. At some point I will though!) I've done a fair bit to add mobile friendly (responsive) css to the viewing/search pages but I know there are some pages on certain device sizes that still aren't quite right yet (and imgur albums on mobile/tablets don't always load properly, that's high on the to-fix list though). Actually, the fact that you can't right now could be considered a bug! Using markdown you can nest an image tag inside a link tag which should be all that's needed, but currently the image viewer code overrides the actions of any links that are also images, so it breaks that. I'll have a fix for that in the next patch update (prob over this weekend). Then you'll be able to put an image tag inside a link tag and clicking those images won't open the image viewer but will follow the link instead. like this; [click here](http://some_other_location/stuff) #regular link tag [img:http://www.xl-logic.com/KSP/craft/FE-01%20Kobra.png] #regular image tag #replace the 'click here' text from the link tag with the image tag like this; [ [img:http://www.xl-logic.com/KSP/craft/FE-01%20Kobra.png] ](http://some_other_location/stuff) The fix will also ensure that all links on a craft page will open as a new tab (which currently doesn't happen). So I've got a question about how to handle links to other sites (and taking the coder assumption that all users are evil masterminds). A user could put a link on a craft page which points to something unpleasant. Having a white list of allowed domains to link to is very restrictive and having a blacklist of disallowed domains doesn't really solve the problem (I do use a white list for the domains which the list of mods point to and that works well for that, but would probably be too restrictive for this). I could do what steam does and place a dialog which pops up saying "this link takes you somewhere else, are you sure you want to continue" which (not unlike a somebody-else's-problem field generator) puts the responsibility on the user. Or don't do anything and assume that (because this is the KSP community) the likelyhood that someone will put a link to something unpleasant is low, and if anyone does then ban/suspend the account. How is this handled on these forums?
  2. @XLjedi using the url you gave me (with the %20) it seems to work ok for me; thumbnail generated and image added to page. spaces aren't valid url characters so should be converted to %20 (although replacing them with an _ or - on the site they're hosted on might be better), but even with the space, if it's converted to %20 then it should work. Are you pasting the image url in with the %20 conversion or with spaces? It's odd that it's generating the thumbnail but not showing the image. Can you post a link to a craft that you're having this issue with and I'll take a look at the page and see if I can see anything wrong in the markup.
  3. @XLjedi If you post the image url I'll have a look at what's happening. Put the url in code block tags then it won't display the image, ie: http://i.imgur.com/NPxWLzy.jpg can you also post a screenshot of the save image window that you're talking about, I'm not sure which window you're referring to.
  4. If you go to edit the craft's page, click on the container with the album and add a space after the album tag (so the page registers a change in content) and click save (or wait for autosave) it should update. I have found in testing that sometimes you need to do that process twice for it to work (bit of a crufty area, I'll try to improve how that works).
  5. I do like the mission badge idea, but I want to avoid using user images for the thumbnails for this. Primary reason is that those image have to be hosted by KerbalX (so adds to hosting cost), they can't be hosted on imgur (ran into trouble with this last year and imgur blocked KX for a while), and people would probably want to use their mission badges in other places like here so if they where hosted on KX that would put even more demand on it. But mission badges (or any image) added to the mission page can be hosted on imgur (and not violate their TOS) so I might add a specific section for adding mission badges to the mission page. That is probably the sensible option! but there's also quite a bit I can do now to get a rough framework in place (which will still be valid regardless of what is in the mission files). So while doing the "boring" stuff (basic model, associations, general page stuff) it's also quite nice to mull over how the overall result will look. But yes, we don't know anything about what they will include in the files, but I think the assumption that each mission must require specifying a location is fairly solid and that's pretty much all I'm going on for now. The other thing we don't know is how the DLC will be packaged. I hope (and it seems logical) that it will basically be like a mod and have it's own folder in GameData, rather than being merged into the Squad folder. Either way the mod processing part of KX will be able to determine the difference, but this raises another question; If a craft is made with original stock parts and parts from the DLC, do we call it stock? Right now KX sees craft as being either stock or mod, but with the DLC we might need to add a 3rd type, maybe stock+. So we'd have craft as Stock, Stock+ and Mod. That's actually something I do need to figure out before the DLC launches because people always upload craft from a new version within a few hours and currently KX would class those as mod craft.
  6. I'm having a think about how hosting missions will work. As I said before, I don't know anything about what the mission files will contain so I can only speculate. But I can either wait until something is released and then have a frantic few days trying to build something or I can make some assumptions and get a rough framework ready (one assumption is that some of the assumptions will be wrong, so some stuff will have to be canned). I think the simplest way of thinking about missions is that they will be a set of places to visit (bodies) and tasks to perform at those places. I am going on the assumption that I'll be able to read which SOIs you have to visit and what actions/tasks you have to perform in each SOI from the mission files. That will form the primary way of sorting missions on KerbalX and should enable you to search for say "a satellite mission around Duna" or "rescue mission around Minmus" etc. One of the key things I'm trying to think of now is how to visually represent this. Unlike with craft you can't really take a picture of a mission, so we need something to take the place of thumbnails on the main list of missions. What I'd like to have is something that, at a glance, shows which bodies the mission involves and whether it requires orbiting or landing, if its manned/unmanned, if it's a rescue mission etc. The list of places to go is finite and well defined (at least within the stock solar system), I think the list of things to do will also be a fairly short list. I'm trying to think of a way of having an auto generated "thumbnail" which can just be given a list of locations and tasks and produce a visual representation. But I don't like anything that I've come up with so far! Would really appreciate your thoughts on how to create a visual representation for each mission. I had been thinking that the mission page would be similar to the main craft list, but maybe this requires a completely different way of listing them. Perhaps even a much simpler, more text based list might be better. What do you think? What else do we want to have for missions? (suggestions please) Each page for a mission will be similar to craft pages, in that it will be customizable with text and images if needed. But I was thinking that it might have a more defined structure of sections, each section being dedicated to each body the mission requires you to go to (and automatically including a picture of that body and icons representing the required actions). Missions will definitely have comments like on craft page and probably votes/favourites too. One thing I was also thinking is that missions should have an association to craft. The user who uploads the mission could then link it to 1 or more craft and say these craft are recommended or viable for completing this mission. And perhaps also allow other users to link their craft and say "I performed this mission with this craft". Craft associated with missions could then display links to those missions on their craft page giving more ties into the mission section. Things I need help with: At the minute any suggestions/ideas would be great. Both about what you'd expect missions files to include and about how to present them on KerbalX. Icons. I am not good at art! I could really do with help making a set of icons for representing the various actions/task that missions require. Things like an icon for orbiting and an icon for landing (ie something like a silhouette of a lander), icon for manned, science, rescue.....etc. They need to be simple and well.....iconic! And they also need to be black and white SVG images - that will enable me to convert them into glyphicons and include them in the KerbalX font pack.
  7. @Mycroft Hello again! Those typo/wording changes will be in the next deploy. It's always helpful to have those pointed out, not annoying at all! Good suggestion re the hangar notifications. I'll see what I can do.
  8. Site Update Just deployed a few fixes; @Impossible Aviation The issue causing your craft to fail to upload should now be fixed. I'm actually surprised this issue hadn't surfaced sooner but I guess other craft hadn't used that sort of string encoding in part/resource names before. Anyway the fix was very low level so should catch all instances of that in the future. Thanks for bringing this up. @TheJewelOfJool You can now bulk dismiss notifications from the notifications part of the settings page (here). If you have notifications then you can dismiss them by type, rather than a single dismiss all, this should let you dismiss all notifications of a common type while still keeping others if you want to. In your case you had a ton of notifications from the old notification system which sent a new notification for every action by a user you followed, now the notifications from each user you follow are condensed into a single notification so buildups like that shouldn't happen again, even if you are absent from the site for a while. @Val spotted a couple speeling errers, those are now fixed. And there's a new logo for the link to your KSP forum profile on the profile page. Thanks to @Fulgora for making the new logo and @XLjedi for suggesting it needed changing! Much nicer and clearer now. The place for setting the link is still in the same place, but I will try and make that clearer too.
  9. @Fulgora nice! I like that. Will definitely switch to using that. I think where you've added the "My" works nicely. Here's quickly what they'd look like on the site; (I just hastily resized them in grub, needs to be 80px high and ~200px wide, width can be more flexible). (I resize them to 160px high and then let the css resize them smaller, so it looks better if the page is zoomed in). I can't decide which I like best. at first I thought the first one, but I think the forum-profile text is clearer on the second one. I do like the 3rd grey style too,...did you grab the same grey that's used in the upload craft bar?
  10. @Impossible Aviation I've found the cause of the problem, it's to do with a string encoding conversion and one of the resources for that ship uses a symbol in it's name that is causing the error. It's the 23x115Ammo resource which is throwing the error, so for now hold of uploading anything that uses that resource. I'll try to get a fix for this as soon as possible (got a busy couple of days at work ahead, so bear with me).
  11. @Impossible Aviation I've removed that craft for you now. I also grabbed a copy of the database as it was before removing it, so I'll have a poke around and try to see why that craft was causing a problem and see if I can find a fix for this issue. @XLjedi yes I agree "channels" might not be the best term. The process for setting those links works in the same way for all 3 so they all got put together, probably a case of thinking more as a coder than as an interface designer! I'll see if I can make it clearer (while still satisfying my need for unified code! ). Edit - oh and as @swjr-swis says, the link on your profile page is showing and linking to your KSP profile.
  12. @Impossible Aviation You should be able to start uploading another craft (via the site, not via the mod) and it will give you the message about unpublished craft and then give you the option to continue with that craft. That should take you to the form you get after uploading and from there you can click cancel (at the bottom), which will discard that craft. Then you should be able to upload again as normal. Unless that's what you've already been trying and you're hitting that error page during that process. If so, can you tell me exactly what steps you're taking before that error happens and I'll look into it. I'll also be able to remove that craft from your account....but can you send an email to support@kerbalx.com from the account you used when you signed up, just so I can verify the account before I go in and delete anything. I could add a sort by total points to the users page, good idea. A sort by downloads would be tricky (points are stored on the user object, but to get total download count it would require selecting all their craft from the DB which on a list of users would be mem intensive / slow). I do want to add a more in depth messaging system, but it's not straight forward and raises some questions about how to moderate private messages (in the case of someone using it to be unpleasant). There is already a KSP profile link option on user profiles (see on my profile), but not everyone adds their KSP profile. (you can add links to KSP profile, youtube account and twitch account on the profile page).
  13. @Raptor9 Site update Bulk downloads of hangars is now available. On each hangar there is now a link to download all craft as a zip. If you are the first person to click that link since the hangar was last updated (name changed or craft added/removed/updated) then there will be a 10-20 second delay before the zip starts to download. All subsequent requests for the zip will happen instantly (until the hangar is next updated). The reason for the long delay on the initial download is actually to remove a delay which would slow the whole site down. When the first request for the zip is made you get transferred to a background worker which generates the zip and uploads it to Amazon AWS and you have to wait for that process to complete. Starting the background worker takes a few seconds, but doing it this way takes the load off the main site. The next person to request the zip will just be handed a redirect to the zip stored on AWS which will be quick and also means the burden of downloading the file isn't on the main site. It does mean greater load on the Amazon storage service which will increase the cost of that, but right now I can't tell how much it will be increased by (hopefully it'll be in the order of a dollar or two a month). If should also be secure against people trying to scrape content off the site. Each request for the zip generates a unique signed url which is only valid for a couple minutes, so bots can't just find urls to the zips and requests for the urls have to originate from KerbalX. Edit: also, downloading a hangar zip will increase the download count for each of the craft in the hangar and add them to your downloads hangar, just as it would have done if you'd gone through and clicked download on each craft.
  14. @adsii1970 is now a moderator on KerbalX!! Thanks for offering to help with this! There's now two moderators on KerbalX, adsii1970 and me. Thankfully the KSP community is awesome and doesn't produce much bad content on KX but if there is anything that seems inappropriate then let us know, either via PM or a message here, but the best way to report something on the site is to click report craft/comment and select a reason why you're reporting it. Basically I try to maintain the same standards as we have here on the KSP forum and also aim to stop people re-posting craft made by someone else.
  15. Yes I want to add this. But at present I've no idea about how the mission files will be constructed. Hopefully each mission will just be a single file and follow Squad's almost-but-not-quite-xml format that saves and craft use. So to start with it'll just be a very simple feature that enables uploading and sharing the files, but then I'll try and dig down and see what info I can read out of each mission so information can be auto populated about it and enable searching for missions. At the very least I hope I'll be able to extract what bodies the mission will require you to visit, so we can have a search that could look for say "missions to Dres" (like anyone's going there ), but right now I don't know anything so.....we shall see.