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  1. I find that in career mode craft get churned out with a much lower standard and I slap them together in around 10-20 mins, then a few fail/tweak/relaunch passes and off it goes. I'm much less invested in the design quality in career (and I quite like having the need to run follow up missions to patch problems after launch). In sandbox style play, it's another matter entirely and I spend much longer on a single design. With those craft I care much more about design quality and aesthetics and it gets rigorously tested to make sure it can perform all aspects of the mission. Rarely less than a day is spent on those, around a week is probably typical and there have been some that have been stuck in an OCD testing loop for months!
  2. We're one of the least bitey communities around! (the main risk is being assaulted with orbital mechanics and lightly mauled with maths).
  3. Localisation for the pure text aspects should not add bloat if it's done properly. Having localisation for textures will require having multiple copies of the same texture just with the writing changed, but a) is that actually being done? b) if it is then (hopefully) only the textures for the selected language will be loaded into memory. Having different versions for different langs would complicate things and make for much more work. Each change/fix would have to be copied over to each version and could result in even more bugs and the potential for discrepancies between the versions. For the text localisation, it should just be a process of abstracting interface text (labels, error messages, any text the user sees) out of the main code and putting it all into a lang file. So for example (in pseudo code) if you had a bit of code like this;
  4. To have more than one craft per page would be a big shift in thinking. The site is built around the idea that a craft is a separate object which can be assessed for its mod dependencies and has craft specific attributes (read from a single craft file) which can be reference when searching for craft. Hangars are the way I envisaged for grouping craft together but I agree that hangars need improving. When you say increase the description for hangars do you just mean increase the char limit for the description text? What else do you think would improve hangars? Much appreciated, but lets hope it won't come to that!
  5. ah, thankyou! I've adjusted KerbalX to be able to read either now, but I think I'll also change it so the .ckan files it generates will list the mods as "recommends" too.
  6. Just deployed a couple fixes; - CKAN files which list mods as "recommends" rather than "depends" are now compatible - Fixed conflict in mod filters which was triggering the science part filters to be switched on. (thanks @drhay53 for reporting those) Added a sort by updated option. Orders craft by the date they were last updated (or if they've never been updated by their upload date). (thanks for the suggestion @Beetlecat). The by updated sort option is under the hidden sort options, click the + next to the invert sort button to see those. You can also change which sort option is your default by going to settings -> interface (or click here if logged in).
  7. I'd actually noticed an issue with the mod filtering when testing your .ckan file. The problem is that the search system uses "+sci<somepartname>" as the trigger for filtering by science parts, there are two mods in that mod pack which start with the word science (sciencerevisitedrevisited and sciencerelay) and so the search is trying to find craft that have two science parts called "encerevisitedrevisited" and "encerelay" which obv don't exist. It's a design flaw in how the search string is generated but I think it should be an easy fix. Meanwhile if you remove those two mods (science revisited revisited and science relay, any mod with a name that starts with sci) then the mod filter will work (just check and it returns 537 craft ). yes that's right, it will return craft that use 1 or more of the mods in your mod list. You don't need to include stock parts, that's assumed, but it omits pure stock craft from the results with a mod filter.
  8. oh, I see. yes that's very doable (easier in fact than adding a sort in the notifications). I'm fairly sure upload_date == update_date when the craft is first uploaded, unless I used a nil update_date as the way of checking if a craft has been updated at all (not in front of the code right now). On the interface it will most likely have to go into the hidden sort by options (accessed by clicking the "+" next to "invert"), just to keep the interface so it scales onto smaller screens, but you could set it as your default sort by in your settings if you wanted and then it will always be shown. yeah, I'll add this (maybe over the weekend if I get time).
  9. Thanks @Beetlecat! haha yeah, that @Raptor9, he's like a craft factory! (and was the main user who made me realise I needed to nest the update/upload notifications). yes I could probably add a sort to it, I'd not thought of that. Would just a sort by name or date be enough? (notification objects are v light weight so they load fast, but that means they don't have the full craft info to hand). FYI (as the site doesn't mention this) if you get a notification with say 5 uploaded/updated craft, if you don't dismiss the notification, but instead click view on one of the craft, you can then reopen the notification from your user menu and now it will just have the remaining 4.
  10. Got a question about exporting mod lists from CKAN. When you've installed some mods the installed-default.ckan file is generated and contains the mods listed as "depends" and includes their version numbers. "depends": [ { "name": "KAS", "version": "" }, ........ ] If you then go to ckan, File -> Export installed mods and save it to another file then in that export the same mods are listed but under "recommends" and without version numbers; "recommends": [ { "name": "KAS" }, .......... ] Also when you've exported to another file it rewrites the installed-default to be the same. So then both files list the mods as "recommends" rather than "depends". Just wondering what the difference is. I've got a bit on KerbalX that can read a list of mods from ckan files and previously I've expected all the mods to be listed as "depends", can I essentially consider "recommends" as being comparable?
  11. Can you email the .ckan file to me (at support@kerbalx.com) and I'll see what's going wrong (I'm just about to go to bed, so it will be tomorrow). I can see the error in the logs, I think it's due to one of the mods not having enough info available on the site, but if you send me the file I can tell you which mod is causing the problem and also make it so it handles the error and still creates a mod list for the info that is available.
  12. My host (heroku) seems to be having a case of server ferrets at present. KX is down right now, but will be back up soon. https://status.heroku.com/ ---- Site is back up now!
  13. oh, opps! soz! I see you've updated a bunch now (which I got all as a single notification, yay). I noticed three have the wrong thumbnail (C7 325R 'Atlas', C7-320-Atlas and C7-200-Albatross), did they get changed by updating them this time or was that from before? I'll double check anyway when I'm back in KX dev mode.
  14. @rapt0r That bug should now be fixed. proceed with your updating! I've also fixed another bug which was preventing thumbnails from being generated (or it even recognising that pictures had been added) if the first image added was a large gif. and I've finally fixed an intermittently failing set of tests in the test suit. For months I've had 4 annoying tests that would sometimes pass and sometimes fail (to do with creating the time period data for the graph in the dashboard). I finally realised that the tests where failing if it was before half past the hour and would pass if it was later than half past the hour, which lead me to realise it was a rounding error. Changed a .round to .ceil and that fixed it. yay! oh and I've added a sneaky little feature (that currently only people who read this thread or find it by accident will know about, I'll add something on the site later). Craft can now get thumbnails from youtube videos, so if you just put a youtube vid on your craft's page, then it will fetch the default thumbnail from youtube and use that as the craft's thumbnail.
  15. That's a nice collection. +1 for the work and also for hosting it in google drive so we can browse the collection and just cherry pick the ones we want to download (I think that's nicer than just provided zips with everything).