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  1. I relaunch KSP and put the kettle on, as a Brit there really isn't any other option.
  2. Two things I never want to automate, (and not because of any "it's cheating" reason, just because I love doing them); landing and docking. But there probably aren't many (any?) of us who could claim that their first ever (powered) landing in KSP wasn't best described as a terrible crash and the same goes for docking. First few times it's really hard but eventually you get some ah-ha moments, and then it becomes an almost zen experience. One of the big ah-ha moments with docking for me was learning to not look at the craft at all and go entirely on what the navball says.
  3. @Kerbalish, @drhay53 The required tech filter is now fixed (also the load saved searches dialog, which had also been broken by the same change).
  4. There's a known issue with the required tech filter, I'll have it sorted soon. (It never works as an open in new tab link, because its a ajax/javascript driven event, left click should work but currently doesn't)
  5. If you select 'Ferram Aerospace Research' in the mod filter and then switch the mod filter mode to 'will work With selected mods' (using the 3 large buttons towards the bottom of the mod filter section) then that will find craft that just use the mods you have selected, so that will return stock craft that also use FAR. You could also use the 'use Only selected mods' mode and that will (in this case) give you the same result. If you select multiple mods, ie FAR and mechjeb2 (for example), then the 'With' mode will find craft that either use both those mods, or just one of them, whereas the 'Only' mode will just return craft that use both. The default 'Include' mode finds craft that use (include) whichever mod(s) you've selected, but will also use other mods. The 'With' mode is the most useful when trying to find craft that work with your mod setup. Think of it as telling KerbalX which mods you have installed and it will then find craft that would work with those mods installed. So they may not use all the selected mods, but they won't use any other mods.
  6. Sorry guys! I was out all day (and with no phone reception) and didn't see the errors coming in. Site's back up, just had to restart the server. erm not sure what happened, definitely not hacked, probably not @Azimech's fault, (at least I don't think it was). Boring details are that a variable that has no business being nil somehow ended up being nil, I'm actually slightly mystified as to how that happened, shall investigate and put in preventative measures. edit The error was in the search system (which drives every page that has a list of craft, mods, parts etc). So most of the key pages! Did anyone notice if direct links to specific craft still worked? or was that borked too? I didn't check that, I just panicked and hit the reset button!
  7. This was a while ago! but thanks for the answer anyway. I'm pretty sure I solved it, but I can't remember how of the top of my head. I'll check and see if the solution I found was the Unreadifying event or if I used some bat-guano mental approach (and if so replace with the Unreadifying method)!
  8. Yes indeed! If we're ever on the same patch of Earth we must make this happen!
  9. @Jett_Quasar, @(-io-), @doggonemess, @Azimech OK, I've updated the bit that was broken, so uploading craft and adding images should be working again. Can you guys try again and let me know if you run into any more issues. haha! I'm just currently away from home, sitting on the floor & without my usual development setup to work with, so was feeling a bit out of my usual comfort zone! But I think the fix is good
  10. @Jett_Quasar, @(-io-), @doggonemess (and everyone else who's currently having issues uploading craft/ adding images) There's been a change to the API that the hosting platform uses (and I'd not been quick enough in getting a fix out, before they disabled the previous API). I'm working on a fix right now (got a little learning of new API to do and then I should have it sorted). Sorry all, should be sorted soon.
  11. One thing to try (and it does take some experimentation to find the right balance for each craft), is to adjust the angle of the wings so they are pitched upwards slightly (relative to the craft). That can make your ascent more efficient and save some dV without having to change engine/fuel balances. Your ascent profile also makes a big difference, but as I don't know what you're trying I can't suggest any changes. Try gaining horizontal speed early on by maintaining a fairly low pitch (ie 10 degrees) until you have a surface velocity of ~450m/s before climbing more steeply (and even then don't climb too steeply). This is my stock SSTO which can lift 45 tons and there's a more detailed description of the ascent profile I use for it there too, might give you some ideas - https://kerbalx.com/katateochi/CT-Heavy
  12. It should not be omitting craft because of the + sign. I put in a step to ensure that only url valid chars are used, but that shouldn't result in the craft being missed out entirely. I'll have a look at what's happening as that's definitely a bug! Do you mean that, if you include a video url as well as a picture in the initial (post upload) form, the layout for the page doesn't make the image full width? There isn't really any one default page layout, when you click next on the post upload form it tries to assign a template based on how many image urls you provided and if you gave a vid url. If you provide more images than any of the templates cater for then it will use the template for the largest number of images and then attempt to arrange the other images after the rest of the page. The awkward thing about the whole process is that it's done server side and at that point all there is to go on is a set of urls, so (without lengthy callbacks to fetch the images) I don't have any info about the resolution of the images, so it sets their width and then makes an assumption about aspect ratio to work out the height. It's not ideal, and it was one of the early parts of the site I wrote and really I need to chuck that whole process in the bin and re write it to be something that is done client side in javascript (where I'll have easy access to the image dimensions). But meanwhile a more bandaid approach would be to add in some more templates that cater for pages with videos (there is only one vid centric template atm). That will prob be an ok fix and quick to add, but I do plan to re-think the whole auto-layout process to be a bit more intelligent. Yep, bug confirmed, thanks for pointing that out (and also for showing that that feature gets used! I wasn't sure anyone used that!). I recently did a bunch of stuff to cache aspects of the main page and I must have broken that bit! doh. I shall fix it! I'm currently away from home (on a sorta holiday in a land of terrible internet), so I'll be a bit slower getting to these things. But I will get them sorted before too long. Thanks again for all the support guys, really means a lot! Kat
  13. There used to be KerbalX.com/<username>/comments but the page had some major issues (mostly horrifically slow) so I disabled it (and have not got around to fixing it. but I will!) Meanwhile I just went into the database and pulled out the urls of the craft you've commented on, I'll message them to you.
  14. @Castille7 @Raptor9 Hi guys, I'm away for a few days, but I'll answer your Qs when I'm back and able to have a look at these in more detail.
  15. Site Update Just deployed a set of changes. It's quite a big update but most of it is behind the scenes stuff, aiming to make things run faster and reduce memory usage. I'd noticed that pages like /users and /mods were showing some slow response times and that was causing a knock-on effect for the rest of the site with requests being queued while slower ones were handled. So I've made some improvements to the search component which drives those pages and they should now be much faster now (effects /users, /mods, /parts, /mod_packs). (I think I levelled up my SQL skill tree too!). The other page that was really crawling was the parts list on each craft with craft with high part counts (kerbalx.com/<username>/<craft_name>/parts), that should be much faster now too. /mod_packs now also has a search interface so you can sort, filter and search them too and /users has a couple more sorting options; by points and by points/craft (thanks @XLjedi for that suggestion). When sorting by points, it looks at the total points for each user (from their craft, comments and points gained from uploading part maps). When sorting by points / craft it just looks at the points gained for their craft and divides that by how many craft they have. Also some tweaks to try and reduce the memory usage, but I've still got more to do on that.