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  1. I'm afraid they will try to simplify the mechanics of the game too much to make it playable for idiots :-( Although I never really belonged to the best of mathematics, the difficulty and complexity of this game I appreciated the most,
  2. I need to upgrade R&D facility, i already upgraded launch pad and VAB,mission control, but how to get money easy, but without cheating?
  3. Recently i started again play KSP after long brak It's still fun that i have when i first played it in 2012 :-) But is one think that bother me, why cannot set as target the predetermined orbit that we have contract, as we can with other craft and celestial bodies?
  4. It's my first docking since long time Moho 6 is Piloted by Val Moho 7 is Piloted by Jeb whos dock with Val
  5. I look for any updates but i did not find anything
  6. True
  7. As above?
  8. I would buy DLC, but i think we "Old Guard" should get it for free or at least some huge discount But i think i would buy it anyway even if not
  9. I bought KSP for $18.00 on April 30 2012 and it was on of best game purchase i ever had even trough i not play it as often as i did in a past, i logged 206 hours of gameplay experience, and this is only time a played after i transferred KSP to steam, i'm lucky because i should get this expansion for free if SQUAD honor their deals And i know that they would because SQUAD is the most gamer friendly dev studio, i know that they would not become money Grabbers like Electronic Arts
  10. I Did not played game long time but when i tried to play it today i read article on Steam that would be new Expansion Pack does is true? :-) When it would be released?
  11. I downloaded it from CURSE but it not working I put it in steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData but it dosen't work
  12. I mean real mission control that make go/no go before launch, to add more realism ?
  13. I recently bought Iphone 5s and when i browsed trough iOS store i come across this does this is any form way related to KSP franchise