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  1. Why would it? It's not particularly graphics or memory intensive.
  2. GameData/SLIPPIST-1/SlippistSettings.cfg Change "False" into "True" and keep in mind it is case sensitive.
  3. I have a few requests. I don't know how practical they are, but nonetheless here they are: PQSMod_RandomMapDecal: An alternaitve to voronoiCraters. It randomly places map decals on the planet. MaxDeformity = Maximum height deformation. MinDeformity = Minimum height deformation. MaxRadius = Maximum size of map decals. (If MaxDeformity is 1000, then a decal with the MaxRadius should be 1000 if RadiusDeformityRelationship = 0) MinRadius = Minimum size of map decals. (If MinDeformity is 200, then a decal with the MinRadius should be 200 if RadiusDeformityRelationship = 0) Map = The heightmap texture for the decal. This can be used to place craters, volcanoes, bumps, blocks, or anything you can put in a heightmap. Count = How many decals should be placed. Seed = Seed for pseudo-random generator. RadiusDeformityRelationship = From 0-1, how much variation in the relationship between Deformity and Radius can there be in units of deformity percent. Order = Where should it be in the PQSMod Order. This is important so you can lay several of these mods on top of each other to establish an order of events. PQSMod_LandControlMap: LandControl, but land class locations are defined by reading colors off of a map instead of the very confusing latitude and longitude system. (Essentially like a biome map) This could be used for adding biome-specific scatters to a planet made from a color map instead of the confusing LandControl system. This would be a fairly major breakthrough for surface detail of mod planets the way most of them tend to be made. It could also be used to add more procedural detail to a hand-painted map than would be possible using hand-painted maps, as the height colors can still be used and they would smoothly blend into the rest of the planet. PQSMod_Ellipsoid: VertexHeightOblate doesn't actually produce a true oblate spheroid. This PQSMod would allow you to make a planet into an oblate spheroid, prolate spheroid, or triaxial ellipsoid. This can be used to produce asteroids and true oblate planets. ScaleDeformityByRadius = What it says on the tin. Boolean. AxisA = Deformity along the A axis of the ellipsoid. AxisB = Deformity along the B axis of the ellipsoid. AxisC = Deformity along the C axis of the ellipsoid. PQSMod_OffsetTerrain: Takes the whole planet's terrain and rotates it by longitude and/or lattitude. Could be immensely useful for the production of procedural + mapped tidally locked planets with ice caps. PQSMod_Rivers: Digs into a planet to produce rivers or canyons that reach down to a specific altitude (below zero on an ocean planet and they would become rivers) PQSMod_MapDecalLonLat: Map decal, but with longitude and latitude as the definition for placement. PQSMod_FlattenMountain: Select a height, and anything above that is flattened to it. Can be ordered so mods can be put on top. The opposite of FlattenOcean. Can be used to create mesas or plains.
  4. Here's how a Galactic Neighborhood Star Revamp will work. Sigma has stated he wants to keep the stars scaled against the absurd stock sun, which is not my favorite idea at all, but eh. I have a config which isn't ready for release that can take the mass of a star and find out its radius, temperature, luminosity, and from temperature a scientifically accurate color. M8V, M6V. B5V, M6III. Alpha Centauri B (K2V iirc) (a Cen A in background) with better lens flare scaling. They're now visible from many AU away without being too bright or invisible. Also, Proxima looking at a cen A and B. Coronas are not finished, you'll notice that not all of them have coronas yet. So we'll define star radius and mass as normal in relative units, but now we also define surface temperature manually in Kelvin. This is run through the Temperature-Color Generator and output as light color and surface colors. For main sequence stars, one of three sunspot textures are chosen: Big sunspots (M, Late-K), Medium sunspots (K, G, F), and small sunspots (ABO). No sunspots will be used for white dwarfs, neutron stars, and Giants. Giants will instead gain procedural PQSMods to give them unique bubbly (convection cell) surfaces that are based upon their radius and temperature. Their PQSMods are exported into a heightmap which is then inverted and used as the sunspot texture, which will give them the darker red lighting in the deeper regions. There will be 6 coronas. Orange-yellow (M, Late-K), Yellow-white (M, G), White-blue (F, A, B), and blue (O). The stars are defined to be realistic at 1/10 scale. However, after I finish my work, this will be turned into an optional mode and the default version will be modifed by Sigma into kerbalized versions of the stars. (Scaled against Kerbol, G-type yellow stars are actually yellow.)
  5. Before we start, you'll need the above planet mod to play the challenge. Good? Alright, let's get started. For hundreds of years, Echobalkind has looked up into the sky and wondered about the Slippist, and the six faint wandering spirits. There was the rapid Spirit of War, the calmer Spirit of the Sky, the Spirit of Family, the Spirit of Observation, the Spirit of Conscience, and Spirit of Time. Later given the shorter names Beta, Charlie, Delta, Foxtrot, Golf, and Hotel, the wandering spirits have since been observed through telescopes and shown to be worlds much like Echo itself. Echobals everywhere have longed for the skies, as if it were some... fundamental nature of the Echobal spirit. And finally the technology exists to visit them all. THE CHALLENGE: Plant flags on all six alien planets of the SLIPPIST-1 ("TRAPPIST-1") system and return safely to Echo (Planet e.) Rules For a list of allowed mods, see the KSP Reddit Weekly Challenge Mod List, with the inclusion of SLIPPIST-1, obviously. You must bring a Kerbal and plant a flag on each planet. Possible Hard Modes Use only SSTO. No Refueling. No Docking. Interstellar Mode. (enable Alien System in the settings.cfg and launch from/return to Kerbin) Impress me. Some notes: Two of the planets have no atmospheres: Beta and Hotel. They do however have appreciable gravity, and aren't too different from Tylo. Charlie's atmosphere is thick and a bit hot. Plan accordingly. Delta's atmosphere is functionally identical to Duna, but Delta's gravity is quite a lot larger. Echo's atmosphere is thinner than Kerbin's by pressure but it rises higher than Kerbin's due to the lower gravity. Bring radiators to Beta. The planets are in a complex resonance chain of 24:15:9:6:4:3:2. That's 8:5, 5:3, 3:2, 3:2, 4:3, and 3:2 for nearest-neighbor relationships going from b to h. Transfer delta-v between planets can be greater than stock due to the very strong gravity of SLIPPIST-1. (Acceleration due to gravity, obviously. It's not more massive, just much denser) Those who complete the challenge can put this special scratch-n-sniff sticker in their signature if they want. It smells like root beer.
  6. New Release Again. Put planets in resonant orbits Add new texture for the star Add descriptions
  7. New release. Option to move to another star system (see settings.cfg) Default to NATO phoentic alphabet names (Beta, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel) Add better terrain and tidal lock to Echo. Add biomes. Refine atmospheres a little bit. Make the color and light of SLIPPIST realistic based on Temperature Kelvin to RGB calculation. Its prettier.
  8. Something soonish perhaps, yes. SLIPPIST-1 is now an awful lot of meters away. It's placed at a playable "interstellar" distance. (Same scale as the stars in Sigma88's Galactic Neighborhood) But you can also play in the system (which is actually the default setting.) Planets are also now named by the NATO phonetic alphabet (Slippist, Beta, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel) I still don't have a proper terrain for SLIPPIST-1e, it's still the placeholder planet with a finite solar day. I have a basic map for it, but development of its terrain is slow because I have to keep rotating the texture in a convoluted way.
  9. Yes, I know. The wikipedia page confused me because it was late at night and there were lots of stars.
  10. I was confused by the whole Kstor system, so it's probably some level of wrong.
  11. HR Diagram of the stars in this mod. Approximate. You'll notice the "Sun Blob" of objects that are very similar to the Sun, as well as the strange absence of red main sequence stars compared to more luminous types. So if you're looking to get your mod added to this, do consider having it put 'round a K or M dwarf star. (Note that SLIPPIST-1 and Holy Light are not released yet, they are my own mods. Also, OtherWorlds and Keridani System are not represented. They would both by K main sequence stars.
  12. Terrific. Here are my suggestions. SASS-X: Taking Advantage of New Horizons Edition * = Not changed or added, listed for completeness Venus - Arin - New Horizons *Jupiter - Jool - Revolting Jool Recolor -Amalthea - Ameli - Revamped Stock Solar System -*Io - Leeouch - New Horizons -*Europa - Eeloo - Stock KSP -*Ganymede - Slate - Outer Planets Mod -*Callisto - Bop - Revamped Stock Solar System -Himalia - Oree - New Horizons *Saturn - Saru - Saru Planet Pack -*Prometheus - Astid - New Horizons -Methone - Ovok - Outer Planets Mod -Mimas - Kelt - Holy System of the Vernians (Unreleased) -Mimas (Alternate) - The Death Star - The Death Star (Blocky terrain, but fixable with configs) -Enceladus - Mutel - Holy System of the Vernians (Unreleased) -Tethys - Nolas - New Horizons -Dione - Thatmo - Outer Planets Mod -Rhea - Tylo - Uncharted Lands -*Titan - Eve - Sigma: Eve Recolor -Hyperion - Gobe - Revamped Stock Solar System -*Iapetus - Wal - Outer Planets Mod *Uranus - Cooper Kerman's Arm, Smeared Across Spacetime - Stock KSP -*Miranda - Polta - Outer Planets Mod -Ariel - Serran - New Horizons -Umbriel - Priax - Outer Planets Mod -*Titania - Tylo - Stock KSP -Oberon - Atell - New Horizons Quaoar - Urkers - Holy System of the Vernians (Unreleased) -Wywot - Aptur - New Horizons Orcus - Bop - Uncharted Lands -Vanth - Pol - Uncharted Lands Makemake - Eli - New Horizons //Side note: Urkers and Menger in HSoV are loosely based on Orcus and Vanth