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  1. I did a livestream this evening in this system, here's the full stream, and here's an excerpt, and here's a pic.
  2. Kopernicus Examples on GitHub. But note that all you can do with this method is give Dres a different color scheme. I really doubt that giving Dres a browner color is going to fix its issues, and further I don't even think Dres looks that bad.
  3. The Mission Control, R&D (maybe), Administration Building, Credits, and Title theme are all original pieces. Much or all of the rest of the music is Kevin Macleod music. Recently they finally made the credits theme long enough to play the whole soundfile instead of cutting off at the end of the credits. It's much more satisfying and we get to hear Kerbal voices.
  4. This looks... interesting. I had thought the first expansion pack would be some sort of interstellar expansion. I'm all for new parts and stuff, but since you've been pretty vague on the new features, I'm not sure how excited to be about them. However, this does sound a lot like a Delta-V calculator, which would be awesome! So awesome that you had better not limit at least that to the expansion. We need Delta-V calc in the base game. It's gonna be either real tough or real fun to mod this into my solar-system-changing planet mods. I could have a lot of fun writing up an alternate Kerbal history based on different solar systems. The Alternis system being a strange warped mirror to our own history of space exploration. Maybe even the default historical missions could be modded and you could do the "Man Will Conquer Space Soon" alternate history. Very glad that at least I know I will be getting it for free, because I have no money. Heck, if I had to buy the game from scratch, it would cost me twice as much as it did the first time back in 2012.
  5. But my name isn't Jeb.
  6. Note that this won't change the science definitions, so the Kerbals will think it's Mint instead of Chocolate. But it is dark brown now.
  7. Yep, NovaS made it red in the original, and I make it red by the same method but with Kopernicus. In Revamped Stock System I also give it a dirty green texture as opposed to pristine light green. BTW, keep in mind that, (if you scale the system up by 10x) Minmus would be big enough to be a dwarf planet. @NovaSilisko claims Minmus is a big captured comet. While I don't remove the unique colors from Duna, Eve and Jool for RevSSS, I do tone them down a bit. I also make Ike more interesting in its heightmap. If you want a more normal colored Eve and Jool, then check out Sigma88's JoolRecolor and EveRecolor. If you want a darker, rockier, clayier Minmus then I can prepare one for you in a few minutes.
  8. We have a winner! Sigma Binary is the culprit, actually. They'll change back tomorrow or if you set your computer time to a different date.
  9. I said "That's Beautiful" with regards to the drawing of the Hype Train.
  10. Rimos will be given an orbit similar to one of the Plutonian minor moons, assuming Charon is Ike. Ike will not be moved. You can move it yourself if you want to. In other news, I'm experimenting with SpaceEngine craters on the Mun. Judging from how good this looks, it is very likely this method will replace most voronoi craters for many of my mod planets in the future. (I'm not flat-out getting rid of voronoi craters of course, because I do need some bowl craters to go along with the flat-bottom craters)
  11. I am actually planning this eventually when I get back to RevSSS.
  12. It is currently stable, so go ahead and give it a go.
  13. Does this count as Kerbfleet canon from the early days of the space program?
  14. I've been working on a TRAPPIST-1 mod as well since the 26th. All custom heightmaps with partly procedural terrain. Here's SLIPPIST-1, the star: Here's planet B Here's planet D Here's planet G The rest of the planets are in the mod, but I don't want to clutter up the thread.
  15. A mystery of astronomy One that never made sense to me. Why were the planets so heavy for their size? A question which resulted in debates and constant observations of the skies. No one considered the turn of fates, the show of cosmic thrills and theatre, the death and destruction not seen since the big asteroid hit and made the crater: Kerbin decided to start making sense. Moving swiftly inwards: a bubble of negative graviolis Minmus flew away, no longer a source of dessert after ravioli. Its path set to escape, travelling far too fast, The Mun followed too as the time crept on past. Unsure what the bubble represented, we sent out a probe. The data it recollected, was an apocalypse it told: Kerbin's gravity was to drop 10 times. Stripped of an opportunity to grow old, I have begun to compile some rhymes. The end is to start in three hours hence. At which point the atmospheric pressure will be spent. Not lost into space yet, that won't happen for years. The decrease of surface gravity is the cause for our fears. Without gravity to hold the atmosphere down now and then, The atmosphere will spread out upwards a factor of ten. The same airy mass spread across ten times the volume. Means tenfold less oxygen air molecules for each Kerbal breathing a cubic meter of room. So frivolous now seem our advances in rocket fuels. To know now the scale of the death we await, Will be in compliance with the rest of nature's rules. Our planet was a fluke, it should never have been, Covered in gravity, life, Kerbals on Kerbin. Why did we not end up like Dres would, or the fictional Ceres? From that quite controversial hard video game series. I write now because I want some record of me, To be found somehow by astronauts or aliens, Sure some Kerbals in space will survive, As yet only Kerbin's gravity has come to a compromise. In my notebook I've written of my friends, and my thoughts on astronomy. It will be a slow suffocation that Kerbalkind breathes And who knows what has spawned this gravitational thief, I have far more to say but I'll stick to brevity. Kerbin, we love you, and it's dreadful to say: Kerbin you're losing your high gravity.