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  1. Plock is the post-NH model. Prior to the NH flyby of Pluto, Plock was just a Vall clone.
  2. I think you misunderstand. This is more along the lines of what I believe Sigma was referring to.
  3. Please edit your posts to add new information, or just wait until later to post about it. No one wants to see threads filled up with meaningless, one-sentence clutter. (Well, aside from the Hype Train thread, but I only start that when an update is in experimentals or pre-release)
  4. You don't need to update us about it, that's really quite unnecessary. You're welcome to share images and experiences you've had while actually playing it!
  5. I have provided E.V.E. and Scatterer configs that can be found at the Github release. I don't recommend using any visual mods though, as they aren't quite the way I want them yet. I especially don't recommend scatterer as right now they are overly complicated to install and don't have configs for Jool, Tylo, or Eve. My scatterer configs aren't totally incomplete though. I recolor the sun flares and I define eclipsing bodies. As long as you make sure to delete the Jool and Eve configs, my scatterer configs look better than the ones for the stock system would on Alternis. But I still don't think you should use scatterer with this mod, and E.V.E. is a bit iffy.
  6. I can't replicate this. Try asking in the Kopernicus thread. In other news, Moho is fixed (and I went around every planet to ensure they work properly). I'll be doing a few more tests to ensure things work right before releasing the next version.
  7. I can replicate this. This is just bizzare. I have absolutely no clue how that happened.
  8. Have you tried it? It's just configs, so it should work. If not, just go get Sigma Dimensions and do a 1/10 scale patch. Yeah I've considered rebooting the project a few times, but I never got past the earliest phases.
  9. The sun shining behind Jool is a stock bug with no known fix. I need clarification on Moho having Kerbin's colors. Do you mean it's green and blue just like Kerbin would be? A screenshot, as well as body logs for the relevant objects would be nice. As for the negative terrain bug, I can add a FlattenOcean to ensure no terrain goes below 0. Again, I should have caught it. Workaround for now is to just not land in the lower regions. Try deleting their cache files in Kopernicus/Cache and/or AlternisKerbolRekerjiggered/CacheFiles. If still no, send me screenshots. Question: did you install via CKAN?
  10. Blue Duna Atmosphere: thanks, I'll fix that real quick. I should have caught that. Eve's rings are removed when clouds are enabled because the clouds render on top of the rings. I need more information on KSC screen going black. Is it: A) No space center buildings but icons are there? (Possible, no fix) B) No space center buildings, no space center icons? (output_log, and description) C) Night time forever? (Known, no fix) D) Literally just a black screen? (output_log, and description) E) Something else? (Screenshot, output_log, and description) KSC screen is always wrong on account of the reparenting of Kerbin to Jool. This has always been buggy, and the only fix would come from Squad itself. As long as you can still click on buildings or their icons, I don't consider this game-breaking and it should only happen at this one scene. EDIT: Duna air is brown again.
  11. After well over a week of work, Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered 2.0 is out.
  12. AFAIK, the easter eggs should be good.