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  1. The suspense! dang it....
  2. Looks like your scatterer is....scatterering.
  3. I don't either. I was just pointing out that that's basically what this is and we might as well not call it by any other name.
  4. This. This right here. 1000x this.
  5. Agreed, but if you're playing sandbox and if you head-canon that part of the craft as "recovered," it would be cool to see some ideas. I head-canon stuff like that all the time because of that pesky physics bubble. If I drop a booster and it's chute deploys, it's recovered in my book. And I almost exclusively play sandbox.
  6. This is an interesting idea and possibly something worth looking into. However I see one flaw with this right out the gate: it turns "doctors" into pseudo life support modules. And if we go down that route, we may as well simply add life support.
  7. I mean...venusaur...with a question mark... A better solution than ignoring a basic and absolutely required function of the game would be to simply not have the effect tied to the player's only means of visual input...and rather just have the effect take place once you hit mach speeds regardless of which view you're currently in. "Here! Wear these awesome glasses you didn't ask for but I made you!" "Thanks...what do they do?" "They make colors more vibrant!" "Cool...but everything is super purple I take these off?" "Nope! They're permanently affixed to your face!" "But what about everything being super purple?" "Well just don't look at purple things, silly!" "But that's...everything..." "Close your eyes!" "But then I can't see..." "You're welcome!"
  8. Because you can move the camera around....can you imagine hearing a sonic boom every time you looked behind you and the looked forward again? boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom The point is, while the camera is not physically attached to your craft/kerbal, it is still attached which is why the camera should not be subjected to audio or visual effects that don't affect the craft/kerbal. Well, I mean, it's a game so some liberties are taken, yes, but believe it or not KSP does strive to be an acceptable representation of realistic spaceflight...and part of spaceflight is aeronautical flight. Plus it's not really complaining about how sonic booms "work," but rather what a sonic boom "is." ---- At the very most, I'd compromise for a single "boom" once you break the sound barrier, but that's it. No camera hijinks. You hear it once in IVA or 3rd person and then you're done. You slow down, you speed up, you hear it once again and then it's done. Even if that's not how sonic booms work XD ---- But Like I said earlier, Squad has bigger fish to fry. My personal opinion is that this doesn't even belong on the back burner. Stick it back in the fridge and let it thaw another day.
  9. Disregarding the tangent: Exactly. Why add another scream on top of the scream we already have when moving super fast in atmo... Then what's the point of having the boom if it's not going to boom? "Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom!"
  10. We already have the Mach effects. But again, it wouldn't be a "boom" it would be a "scream." It would be a constant roar of sound and to be honest I'm not sure that that would make for great gameplay as you would constantly hear a loud rumble every time you play KSP in atmosphere. Especially if you're like me and you almost exclusively play in third person. -------- At best, I'd say this is better suited to be a mod rather than stock as the deafening sound would get super old super fast and also my poor poor speakers would need replacing every other startup.
  11. Can confirm. Am Dooding. Am doing a science. Much professional.
  12. Because the pilot never hears the boom (being technically a part of the craft going faster than the speed of sound and all) and also a sonic boom is not a single event, here and gone, it's more of a Doppler effect really. The sound is continuous, but to the ground observer it is only for one moment (hence the "boom"). In reality the boom is more of a scream that doesn't stop until the craft slows down and sound can "catch up" to it again. Also, for a game like KSP it's really not necessary. Not saying I'm against any and all implementation, just that this isn't a high priority and I'd rather Squad work on more pressing matters first. Great! Should only take you a few minutes then. I'll call Squad and let them know an update will be arriving. Sidenote: phrases like "It's so easy!" or "This shouldn't take you too long to do" are massive red flags. Nothing is ever easy in game design (or graphic design for that matter). A simple visual effect like engine glow could take hundreds of line of code to nail down the behavior correctly.
  13. Open sandbox mode, keep pointy end up, fail to reach orbit, learn, rebuild, fail again, learn, rebuild, make progress. That's the usual Kerbal scientific method.
  14. I get your point here, but if this were to be the case, then almost nothing would ever get added for no other reason than: there's a mod for it. I've posted this before and while it was more in regards to answering the "how to make planets more worth while" topic in this thread, I feel like it could also apply to colonization: "The easiest and quickest way to make planets have more impact is to give the player the ability and the need to build offworld bases. You could tie this directly into the tech tree too. KSP is a game based in reality. That doesn't mean it can't become a science-fiction, futuristic game. As long as it keeps itself grounded in what could be plausible, I see no reason why we have to stay restricted to current and real technologies. Scenario: 1. Near future propulsion systems can't run on any fuel source found on Kerbin, go check out Minmus and see if there's anything there. 2. High orbit ScanSat. Picked up anomaly. 3. Low orbit ScanSat. Anomaly confirmed. 4. Rover analysis complete. Unknown element discovered. 5. Offworld science base studies element. 6. Offworld mining begins 7. Offworld refining begins. 8. 1,000 discovered "ore" collected and refined. Tech tree now allows for prototype technologies/fuels/materials. 9. Advance tech tree by doing more science. Unlock new parts that use the discovered element as a currency of sorts (need X amount of ore to "purchase" a super heat-resistance wing for example). 10. Rinse and repeat for various planetary bodies. My dream KSP game is somewhat of a mix between what we have now and Civ V playstyle where you can create different "units" to do the mundane stuff for you. Just imagine starting a KSP game as it is now and doing all these things yourself, and then unlocking the ability to tell other "Kerbal Krews" to continue doing the mining or the refining or the science on a particular planetary base so that you (the player) can remain at the forefront of discovery and keep building rockets that use cleaner fuels, hotter fuels, more efficient fuels, stronger structural bodies, heat resistant bodies (bye bye heat sheilds) etc etc. And it doesn't have to be just technological gains either. You could have funding play a part as well: Company A will give you a science boost if you establish a radio communication relay in orbit/on the surface. Company B will give you 20 prospective astronaughts that you don't have to hire (and pay for) if you build a base on planet whatever. The bottom line is that as long as planets remain barren wastelands, the only reason to ever go there is merely just to say that you've been there. If we put the keys to better tech on those planets in the form of mine-able resources and monies we wouldn't normally have access to, we give players a reason to go there."
  15. 10/10 best thread title 2017, would thread title again