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  1. i think this was my best. its a ssto, but it never react orbit my arrowhead serie was pretty cool to i think:
  2. i built this a few versions back the front part has the rocket parts and the back has the plane engine's with you can leave in orbit.
  3. thanks, i guess?
  4. hey guys this is the F1000, a fighter with a special wing design. it use's my custom copit and ejection seat. it has three panter engine's for a nice top speed here is a video on the plane here is the craft file:
  5. hey guys here is a fighter that is almost ready for release. i think the wing is pretty cool looking and it turns quite fast. it has my custom copit with ection seat.
  6. cool can it do al transformations now???
  7. thats cool lol
  8. dam man that better then my old one
  9. looks cool but needs a bit more light. maybe a few pics on the run way
  10. the file is in the description of the video, i cant post the file because its a mediafire file
  11. this was my bd armory plane form a few versions back
  12. this was one of my harderts creation and i never got it to work properly
  13. Dam man that looks nice. Have a like on me Updat: Hhhuuu? I thought i was quoting on the controlroom.
  14. cant you use some reaction wheel to keep the bike upright????