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  1. Feels weird quoting myself.. No takers, so here's what I came up with. Using @Azimech's and @jfrouleau's thrust blocker idea I have 3 Juno's here with 2 behind elevons. One juno blows all the time to spin the tail rotor to fight main helicopter rotor torque. Pressing A or D adds an addition juno to the mix already spooled up to either suppliment power (rotating helicopter one way), or reduce power to neutral and let main rotor torque rotate the craft other way.
  2. Maybe it's been done before but I saw jfrouleau on kerbalx was using flaps as thrust blockers like Azimech's boost flap on his cars. I was wondering - if we made a turbo tail rotor with 2 or 3 junos, could we use flaps or airbrakes so that the number of Junos powering the tail rotor will determine if yaw is straight, left, or right. Anyone interested in trying this? 'Got too many projects open to start another on. Gonna work on that demo rotor head I posted a few pages back, see if I can get collective adjustment to work. No promises. Edit: so maybe it makes more sense.
  3. Damn, that is ugly. Upvote anyway for respect. Next time tho man IDK. Reminds me of that Tailspin cartoon I watched as a kid.
  4. I don't know what to say.. That is awesome. Glad you showed us this. Gives me renewed ambition to keep going and see what we can do. --- For a week or so I've been trying to make that Russian contra-rotating 4 engine plane, the Tu-95. Here's the story: Didn't want to go mk3, so decided to do mk1 to stay lighter and more aerodynamic. I already had a little counter rotation helicopter so I spend a few days trying to stuff that engine it into a structural fuselage. I don't know why I thought I could make a turbo plane fly in this soup. 'Guess I forgot how challenging it really was. I did learn a few things though. Building replicas ain't easy, and I'm not proud enough to post the craft file but here's the result. It ain't great. I blew 90 percent of my time budget on the engines. Hitting 50-70m/s on the runway was fine. On some builds with tons of Junos, weight held me down (64 engines with smoke turned on sucks BTW). Other lighter builds with less Junos it lacked power. More blades meant more drag. Longer blades meant really tall landing gear, spacing issues. Every improvement was met with a new resistance. I mean, I knew this right, but I spend a week stubbornly relearning. The plane that actually flew had 2 extra Juno's on each nacelle as the "exhaust.." I don't know how much the exhaust on the real plane helped with propulsion, but these 8 junos were doing a majority of the work and it didn't feel right. (landing gear in wrong positions on this pic- for testing) Even though the plane ain't great, I think the engines were a success. They spin fast and hold up well. There's just no getting around that small diameter = low power. I just didn't want to believe it. Here's the file for one of the nacelles. https://ufile.io/9yp7t @NorthAmericanAviation wanted to see it. I think the best thing I learned is - if the center of the tip of the Juno is inside the outer skin of the structural fuselage, it blows inside. Same for panther I think. Bearing is an antenna in 4 solar panes. Wheel is empty RCS tank. If bearing gets wonky I add RCS fuel to tank to add mass. 'Used Vernor engines to increase the radius of the blower wheel for power and they have a high heat tolerance (angled a little so they don't scrape the inner wall). There's an octo2 stuffed in there on hibernation to change blade pitch (action button 1). I used the lil cubic boxes on earlier version, but more than 4 engines overheats them. Here you can see a different bearing that worked ok. Not sure I'll try another replica for a while. Gut punch to the ego hurts but I'm still going strong.
  5. This is a good looking machine right here.
  6. Hey if you're gonna copy Ikea you gotta give 'em some credit. GJ on the 'foil, too.
  7. Not a bad part count for the size of machine. I think I'm behind a version though to be able to test this out.
  8. I like Wheatley's curved rail you made. 'Looks like a nice low part count. And you sure captured GLaDOS' creepy vibe in the 2nd pic. That was a great game; I should do another playthrough. Was it really 50,000 years?
  9. I'm glad you crossposted - I think I would have missed it otherwise. Amazing!
  10. I'll have you know I've only watched this video like 20 times. This is a serious investment of effort. Followup to EpicSpaceTroll139's question - So does the trim on the escapement reaction wheels affect the accuracy? I'm assuming they act kind of like a spring?
  11. I'd fly that. Let us know when it's available.
  12. I'm gonna need to upgrade PC parts soon too. I see other videos and they're soo smooth. Trade secrets! JK soon as I post it (assuming everything works out) you can snag it. 'Need a few days.
  13. We're working on the same thing (kinda)! @RunsWithScissors was talking about a russion jet-of-the-day, and I was like, Tu-95! I started working on an engine yesterday and I think it's looking good. Performance and explodey-ness yet to be determined.
  14. Got any pictures? We loves pictures.