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  1. Sign me up for 2:04 - All Electric. 'Took 8 or 10 tries to get an accident-free run.
  2. +1 for goose
  3. Having customizable SAS would be fun and useful, especially if it saved the settings in the craft files. Not sure if action button modifiers would translate well to console controllers though.
  4. Welcome! I think I'm down for this. Gonna need a few days to prep and practice.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Lots of great info there! I had some success with the tiny legs, but the power/weight wasn't there for me, and tricky finding the sweet spot.
  6. or How I learned to stop worrying and love the glitch. - @Bubbadevlin's beautiful and functional futuristic looking creation inspired me to look into what was going on here. - I grabbed my tiny coaxial copter, lightened it up, and replaced each juno with one medium leg. After some trial and error I found a fin/rotor/leg placement that I like. - Each larger leg has a piston with a slightly longer stroke, hence a better sweet spot for pushing power. See technical diagram below for a generalization. Distance of leg from rotor fins has the most effect on power by far I've found. @Bubbadevlin also might have more information on the BOOM relationship between the total mass of the main machine and the rotating mass, and whether legs should be on the main craft or not. Spring strength also changes the pushing power each leg has. Too bad it's not adjustable in flight. Legs can be inside each other and work fine while adding to the total power. I've only tested with damper strengh at minimum, so I'm unsure if increasing it helps or hurts. I think choosing thin fins helps with leg retraction speed, but not all objects work. I tried the little cubic things for fins, but the legs slowed down when retracting back through material. Thermometers or solar panels work well. The max speed of the glitch, wow, I don't know. If positioned right and allowed to free-wheel with no load the legs extend and retract so fast they don't look like they're moving! It's really noticable in the 24fps video below. Legs get into a weird, unwanted state while being deployed. They can really wreck things and just get in the way until fully deployed. I left mine deployed all the time to avoid issues and instead slide the rotors up out of the way to stop power being produced. - Here's the kraken copter in action. This is about max power for these lil bearings. KerbalX
  7. I'm glad you're on here. This deserves lots of exposure.
  8. I've set goals and had several failures on here too. Alot of times I'll go through 20 different versions of the same craft before stuff starts to work. There's alot of weirdness and quirks that can be hard to diagnose. If you have VOID addon installed you can see your radians on the spinning craft. Since torque is fixed, power will increase with radians per second. Stay as close to 49 rads/s as you can by tweaking the angle of the propellers in mid-flight (watch the line with F12). Oh, here's a weird one. If ANY part of the spinning craft has Rigid Attachment (and/or autostrut I think) turned on, your power and RPMs will be severely limited. I hope it's one of those two things. Take a break, make something else, sleep on it, then try again. 170m/s ain't bad. Faster than anything I've made.
  9. I'm not a programmer, but I have a question. 'Hope I'm in the right place. If I open a .craft file as a text file I see a line like this for most parts modMass = 0 I was hoping this will change the effect gravity has on that part. How do I find out what this variable really does, if changing it has any effect, and what acceptable ranges are valid?
  10. Work has already begun. Also, you gotta advertise that carrier. What a beast.
  11. Eerily silent propulsion. Kinda alien-like.
  12. To me, radiators always look awesomely like riveted panels. Their curve is just a bonus. Good choice.
  13. You might have finally talked me into looking into this technology. I might be ready to abuse stock physics some more as long as no kerbals are harmed. I did see the cannons people made a while back but did not make any inspections. What version is the download? Also this is a nice writeup and your test platform there is pretty neat / kinda futuristic.
  14. Gotta keep this thread alive. One Juno Turboprop has been updated. KerbalX