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  1. I too don't think a gateway station is needed. My only guess why they actually need it is for hardware/tech and the purpose of doing something. I don't know how true this is but I remember someone saying that if NASA spends only a little they will get around the same amount of cash next year. So by that logic a cislunar station would mean massive boost in funding by the government which would make a Mars mission very much possible.
  2. More isp means more delta-v. It's like having a balloon full of air. You can pop it and see a piece accelerate fast but not going very far (high thrust, low isp) or simply release it and see it flying for much longer because the air isn't coming out as fast as when after popping it (low thrust, high isp). At least that's how I imagine isp. Sbd correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. I don't have much hope anymore but I will say it anyway: IMO a great way to implement the story element for KSP could be a sequel. The following includes my imagination going wild and spitballing. Once upon a time there was a tribe of big-headed green creatures. A black rock came from the sky and they started getting smarter really quick (doesn't affect their lack of fear though). They quickly start dreaming about flying machines. A bunch of smart guys build it and need someone to test the machine. One of the kerbals comes out of the quickly growing population of these little green creatures. It's [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE] Kerman. He wants to be a pioneer and many of his kind quickly follow the trend. The small society is developing newer and much more sophisticated methods of keeping their silly contraptions longer and longer aloft. During one of the record-breaking flight attempts our brave hero named [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE] spots a red barn on the coast while going south. He sees little things flying vertically and leaving trails of smoke while going higher and higher. He loitters for a while and goes back to his people to report this odd observation. An expedition is sent and it seems there's a different tribe trying to make their way to the stratosphere and beyond, except without wings because apparently they forgot to invent them. The two tribes get closer together and decide to settle near each other to share their tech and concepts. Many years from now the original place of their meeting will be known as Kerbal Space Center, but before that happens someone has to clear their way to the stars... Now, to make things clear, I just came up with all this on the spot. It's just an idea. The player would be the pilot (obviously) and have some sort of linear-ish story to follow (story missions about testing and contacting the other "tribe" +additional side missions/races/scientific research/whatever). I imagine it as some sort of side by side story of two schools of flying. One with wings and jets/piston engines (with the player as the Top Gun) and one with rockets (with Jebadiah, who would be occasionally mentioned during the player's adventure but never actually appear until later on/by the end). After some time the rocket program would become dominant (and the place would be called KSC) and player's XYZ Kerman would be one of the white suits kerbals with his own, individual story to follow except with more airplanes than rockets (and LKO SSTOs later on to spice things up a little bit). TL;DR: KSP about Jeb's adventures in space and "Unnamed Kerbal Sequel Game" about [PLAYER'S NAME] Kerman living long enough to pilot Wright-like gliders and SSTOs and have great adventures and thrills every kerbal pilot should experience during his/hers 200 year long life. I wouldn't even be mad if @SQUAD just looked at this, decided they are making it a thing and never credited me for the story. I would even thank them by buying it.
  4. I don't think it should be inefficient, but very, very slow at processing instead. RL ISRU units aren't as big as the ones in KSP. They are much smaller but also much slower at processing fuel.
  5. An air-augmented rocket is a rocket which uses atmospheric gases as working mass. They are (as far as I understand) pretty much ramjets with oxidizer and fuel, except more efficient. There used to be an ICBM, called GNOM, with this technology but it never got beyond that point because the lead designer died and there was no interest to continue the project. Now, are they more efficient? As far as I understand they need some sort of cowling/intake around the body which redirects the air towards the exhaust. I see two problems here: while the TWR would probably be higher the cowling/intake part adds drag, mass and as the air flows into the exhaust it probably lowers the ISP of the engine (because of raised pressure). Am I imagining this correctly? What if an aerospike was used instead of a reguar nozzle? Or maybe I'm overthinking this? Maybe it never was considered because of the complexity for something that would be expendable anyway? Maybe now that the reusability is more and more popular in the aerospace industry this neat piece of tech could finally be utilized?
  6. I'm not against this.
  7. Am I the only one who's just watched each of his videos 4-5 times?
  8. So it looks like the robot will drive up to the landed stage and grab it from below? Why don't they add telescopic poles with wires to secure it? I'm pretty sure I saw a gif presenting the concept. Let me find it. E: I couldn't find it. I know I saw it in Messenger gifs somewhere. BTW do we know the cost of the reused stage launch?
  9. Boo-hoo! Sob story alert! What a shame I don't care about it. Maybe they should've finished the game sooner and moved onto the next game/project/DLCs instead of implementing stupid things nobody appreciates anyway.
  10. Well, when it comes to what I would do my answer would be: I simply don't know. I never was in such a situation. But I think making a DLC probably is the cheaper way. Working on a sequel vs DLC would seem like a no-brainer, but since I have no idea how to make a game I shouldn't say which one is the best way to go. However, I can say what I would like to see and buy as a customer. That is: an aeronautics prequel. What makes KSP special and so successful is the fact that it's a one of its kind. It's not perfect yet there's something to it that draws people in. Now, I think SQUAD could easily achieve a similar success releasing a game of a still fresh genre, which would be the aeronautics game I'm talking about. The only thing like this is SimplePlanes right now. It's still fresh enough for SQUAD to jump in and compete against it. SimplePlanes started as a mobile game so it has its disadvantages even on PC. If this KSP prequel was released straight to the PC platform SQUAD wouldn't have to care about all the limitations SimplePlanes devs have to consider and easily surpass its success. If they played their cards right they could easily have another bestseller, which I would gladly support. Oh man, this post is messy because I've already had a few odd ones but let's continue: When it comes to the audience: Everyone seems to like these sandbox games. Now why shouldn't SQUAD try something new-ish? We have a game about space exploration, but the atmospheric part is ommited on the purpose (and I'm not against it because it's just the theme this game is set in). So why not focus on atmospheric stuff a little bit more? Do that and I guarantee you that not only the current community but also most of the WarThunder/World of Warplanes players will happilly join in. We already have a few of them here on the forums and they seem to be posting in the BDA/FAR threads a lot of their creations. It's just a really good opportunity and I think SQUAD should go for it instead of DLCs (actual new content versus paid mods).
  11. Ok, so I will assume that this Mission Builder thing is a scenario creator in which you can create scenarios (like the ones already in the game) and set landing spots, time limits, checkpoints, initial orbits and such. If that's it then it's actually something new and cool I can get behind. If it's just a Contract Configurator with intuitive UI then it's still "meh".
  12. Then it would be a suggestion for the ones who do and post in the FAR/BDA threads their creations. And this community wouldn't be the only one to buy it. I'm sure such game would bring the WarThunder playerbase in large numbers. Plushies, mugs and such won't enhance the game. I guess you could say that the money goes to the devs which keeps the development going. Fair enpugh, but I'd rather pay for a product (not a plushie) not send the money and pray for more updates.
  13. OK, I think I need a clarification. Is the mission builder a proper scenario editor or just contract creator? Because if it's the first one then I will hang my head in shame and apologize.