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  1. Airplane Plus Powerful stockalike parts for aircraft enthusiasts. Feedbacks would be helpful. And if you have time, please take the Poll: Click here to vote on what part do you want to be added Download at: Spacedock · Curseforge Optional: User Patches: Tweakscale Compatibility RPM Compatibility AJE Compatibility F-16 Cockpit RPM Remotetech Config Sound Issue Workaround is under "Issues" Below If you want assist in hovering, I recommend this mod I'm using -- Album disappeared because of forum issues, here's the link - -- Revised Rotorwing Demo video (with the new IVA) Extra: Video of the Rotary Engine, Demo of Helicopter, and Landing with Flaps Latest Changelog: Installation: Remove old folder if there's an old installation. Copy the GameData folder into your root folder. -Included in the pack are AirplanePlus and Firespitter folders. It also packs ModuleManager* *I do not own these mods, I merely packed them in for Airplane Plus to be functional and avoid linking downloads for dependencies. Big thanks to their Authors. FAQ: Is Tweakscale/RPM/BDArmory/AJE compatibility possible? Yes, but I'm not too keen in doing that over what I want to do with the mod itself. There are user patches here in the OP, below the downloads. The blades aren't moving/the blurs are visible/some parts look weird. How do I fix this? Very likely caused by a broken firespitter.dll, generally, the Plugins folder is necessary, but the resources folder is very important as well. My VTOL/Helicopter pitches up/is uncontrollable despite the CoT being right above the CoM! What am I doing wrong? Too much power from the engines cause it to pitch up, this is avoidable by throttling down, lower your thrust limited or adjust the RPM lower for helicopter rotors. My engines are stopping at a certain speed/sometimes the engine says that it can't combust in Kerbin's atmoshphere. How do I fix this issue/Is this intended? This is caused by going too fast for the propeller. Mostly happens for early engines in career mode. Still possible for others but those have higher speed limits. I don't want all the parts/I only want certain parts of the mod. I know, it's not a question, but there's a part deleter's guide in the zip itself, you can check it out and see which parts you want and it says there where it is. License: *I only take credit on my parts. Firespitter and Modulemanager which are included in the pack are made by different authors with their own licenses. Most performance configs powered by @Tanner Rawlings Shout out and big thanks to @acc for doing a test run back then. @kiwinanday helped a lot on producing important info in reconfiguring performance, thanks a lot!
  2. @tjotimmy I'll try to upload when I see the chance @kevwedsd It's available still on 1.2.2. You just have to have the right Firespitter version, or there's an outdated old versions download in the download site links.
  3. @theonegalen I think you're right. I probably could dedicate some more time doing some spring cleaning with the configs first before adding more parts. I want to improve the IVAs even, once I'm back again, I'm certainly up for improvements this time around. Just wanna get some more inspiration and taking my time off for now playing some other games, doing some R&R (no worries, just like before). Important thing is it's at least compatible with 1.3 right now with all its flaws. By the way, I read a complaint back there about tweakscale not changing the power of the rotors, that might be a problem of tweakscale not recognizing FSEngine. Also, the complaint for the tail rotors not producing any actual thrust, I will look into as well once I'm back.
  4. DOWNLOAD SPACEDOCK -- Thank your sponsors by placing their logo on your craft! These stickers are highly customizable and can be placed almost anywhere! It doesn't depend on your mission flag so you can have as many sponsors as you like. It also comes on different sizes but compressed into one part thanks to Firespitter: Sticker Mini is 0.625 sized with both vertical and horizontal versions as well as a flat one. Sticker Type A has a bigger flat version as well as 1.25, 2.50 and 3.75 and is strictly attached to a horizontal tank. *It needs to be rotated as the orientation is wrong in order to preserve correct mirror in sph Sticker Type B has size 1.25, 2.50, and 3.75 and is strictly attached to a vertical tank Sizes 1.25, 2.50 and 3.75 meant how wide the sticker is, they all come in same sizes but the bigger the tank is, the wider it's needed to be so it's adjusted by you in right click menu. This idea suddenly came to mind when I made the Cargo Bay for my Airplane Plus mod. In fact, the Sticker Type A mesh is derived from it. -- How to use (you probably won't look at this anyway because you think you know already, and you're probably right): Current Variant shows the size you chose for the Sticker. Flat is flat, Size 1 sticks perfectly to 1.25, Size 2 to 2.50, Size 3 for 3.75. Type A means Horizontal and Type B means Vertical. The "Current" Below it is the sticker's name. Note that the pic is 1.1.3 but this is tested on 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 -- Limitations: You have to make some changes for custom decals to be ingame but there are instructions in the configs now as well as a custom folder to put files on. No need to start from scratch. License: GPL It's just a few simple mesh. Firespitter and Module Manager have their own license and isn't covered by mine. Additional: I just added a few mesh parts, the textures I used are 1pixel placeholders. All textures are referred to squad's folder so there shouldn't be significant performance hits. Just a lightweight add-on.
  5. @StevenRS11 It works exactly as you say. It's how FS implemented it and as far as I know, there's no limiting the collective pitch when in hover mode. @TMasterson5 They are powerful. Some parts are just faulty as it was very experimental. But the Beluga is very powerful. The Gemini is alright but I might buff it even more. Only the Hippo is probably the most faulty of them all. @theonegalen I'm hyping myself up for now, I'm running out of easy ideas cause I'm lazy at the moment. But there's a big chance that the guppy's cargo bay "cockpit" is impossible due to the fact that the IVA is most likely not movable when the cockpit moves, as well as you can't attach anything such as gears on that part, else it would not move. Anyway, I want to move on to one or a few Mk3 parts and Size 3 as well, but I'm trying to find more motivation right now. Still lazy like I said. I also want to keep on improving the IVAs.
  6. @Sebforce116 Isn't there a stock part similar to what you're talking about? There's a 3.75 to 2.5m fuel tank in... well, fuel tanks.
  7. Whether hovering or not is not the matter, when the blades are deployed, it encounters resistance as opposed to when it's not angled (zero throttle). It produces lift, but it reduces RPM. It's precisely because it's 15 or -15 is why it's limited in RPM but it's also the fastest response time. If you want to get full RPM, you should throttle 15 to 0 collective pitch instead of 15 to -15. This will make descent slower, slightly less responsive hovering, but you get full RPM, and it's possible by doing the hover method before this patch. (Diazo's vertical control plugin)
  8. @WereCat It's a side effect of what @RuBisCO wants, I haven't perfected it, nor am I hopeful that it's completely possible to be flawless, but cheesing out the tandem rotor look (aka, when switching out the engine meshes, the rotors' spin are opposite direction), technically, the hover does work, just unpredictably, most often it's just continually up or down. I may remove the opposite direction spinning direction when mesh switching due to this.
  9. @Inacio I think the github of firespitter had released a 1.2.2 with sounds fixed. Not sure if it's available still now.
  10. @TedwinKnockman66 I can confirm, the released rotor can't hold that much. Thanks for reporting, I'll fix it on my next release. I recommend using the Beluga, it's capable of 11.5t like I said, it should fly your craft. @WereCat I've tested the Gemini Rotors while I'm at it, and with tandem rotor configuration, it's capable of taking off with a recommended weight of at most 20t. You have to increase the rotor's RPM so that you can carry more. It's configured to be lower RPM as too much might flip the craft upside down. Anyway, I found out that I may have released it with a very long delay on the starting sounds due to changes on my startups. If people want the fix, I can upload a config here.
  11. @TedwinKnockman66 How heavy is your craft/is a screenshot here possible?
  12. And Tweakscale compatibility has been a thing that's discussed over and over, I do not prioritize external mods over the mod itself, that's why there are user patches on the OP. Which probably has what you need. Edit: I updated the OP to contain compatibility FAQs so that people need not to browse around to see if such questions are asked already. Anyway, if the Gemini Rotor indeed couldn't lift 7t, then I'll try fixing it soon. I didn't test it that much after all, there's a probability that it doesn't work as expected. @TedwinKnockman66 The default RPM is 200 for that rotor, try dragging it up to 600, not that it would reach it. But during the tests, it should be able to lift a bit more than 11.5t which is pretty heavy in my opinion. @RuBisCO I'd like to, but trust me, there's a lot of mesh copies involved and there's also some cheesing on the way FSengineBladed works. I only did it on the Gemini because it's supposed to be a tandem rotor and the top of the coaxial because it should be spinning in reverse, I wouldn't dare do it on the regular rotors.
  13. It doesn't produce 'thrust', the blades are spinning wings that generate lift. If you look at it, it will have 0 thrust but it will be able to lift a craft as long as it's light enough for the rotor.
  14. Just replace the Airplane Plus folder, don't replace Firespitter or Module Manager. It should work.
  15. Now updated for KSP 1.3!
  16. Release 16 So it's here, mostly experimental but works quite well. I'd like to know what people who like to use the rotorwings think. Expect the performance to be not very categorized or balanced. It's hard to operate with a different module, but this one's better when use in the game. Together with the new IVAs, it should improve how aircrafts handle even just a little bit. By the way, this is supposedly kind of half update to 1.3 and half an actual update. So the contents are quite small. Formal changelog which is also on the OP: Revised the way all helicopter rotors work, now with hovering (not for use with tandem rotors)* Revised most of the IVAs other than Size 2 cockpits that isn't Viewer's as well as Mk3 (includes click-able IVA props, working instrument display) Added Mk1 Inline Stabilizer for use with stabilizing VTOL aircrafts *Revision will likely break the way it worked before, thrust reversals are removed, the functions are changed, etc. -- Updated Firespitter to fix the sound only playing in one channel (working on lowering the volume of parts if I remember) Updated Firespitter also fixed the missing CoT when using rotorwings ---- I've also updated the OP, since the FS sounds are fixed, I've changed it into FAQs. Questions I encounter the most in this tried or important info. I'll update it if I remember more. I'm skipping the logos yet again as I plan to revise them suddenly ( @kiwinanday ) Anyway, I hope the new update's fun. --- A look at the new rotors. Also on OP @argentrolf The helicopter rotors are now revised, see if your woes get fixed. I don't know why your craft rolls, presumably a flight control plug-in misjudging the FSEngine. But if you're talking about pitching upward, it's likely because of having too much thrust, known problem of VTOLs for me, I put it in the FAQs just now. Edit: @TMasterson5
  17. Alright, small update. After testing the parts, I realized just how important SAS is. Not wanting to put it on the rotor itself, I made an Mk1 Stabilizer. It's weaker than the stock Advanced Stabilizer, lighter, and more expensive. Something that you don't really want to use unless you want the control and the aesthetics. Yes, it's a drone core with the drone removed and yes, the new engines can hover upside down.
  18. Also, there can never be too much. @theonegalen Actually, remember FSEngine used for my rotors right now before the next patch? That's supposed to be used for the piston props to have proper RPMs. I'm tempted but I won't since it's harder to use the curves with FSEngine.
  19. @theonegalen No need to code, it's possible. I'm just lazy. I ninja'd by editing the earlier post
  20. @theonegalen The bell cockpit's internalcamera collider is also sized down. Since that view is kinda useless anyway. Just to see the center. But anyway, as you can probably see in the video, there are clickables on it too, I put some without needing action groups, it can be just clicked on the cockpit. Of course, nowhere as good as your cockpits. But I try to improve em. The RPM is shown on the part info if right click, when trying to shutdown or activate an engine. It has kind of like the Thrust Limiter but RPM to 1000 instead of that. The whole idea is still largely experimental, might be unbalanced but that's where we are going to start. I'm really proud of how stable using helicopters has become. Edit: I wanted to make my own, stockalike tachometer but I got lazy. Maybe next time I will, who knows.
  21. Hovering steadily while lifting 8.3 tons! (+Beta KAS winches x4)
  22. @SkyKaptn Mostly the open bladed engines, texture/mesh switchable parts will be affected if FS isn't updated. But Airplane Plus will most likely not make a game crash/freeze. --- Anyway, just to share how amazing for me this coming rotor patch is, one of the most powerful engines, the K73 Beluga, is capable of taking off with up to 11.5 tons under it at ~450RPM (Maximum it can have). But that's pushing it. It can swing around things that are lower than that, hover and land it gently. Do note that the smoothness of the performance is largely affected by how much magical torque you have (Too much thrust unbalances a VTOL craft). Here's a test craft I made myself: Sadly, landing in a docking port is unstable so it eventually tipped off. But that (stock) station core is ~8.3t (with the wire attachment points from KAS) while the helicopter itself is ~3.0t. I picked it up from the launch pad. By hovering above it and attaching the wires one by one. From ~3.0t to ~11.3t in total. It was able to pick it up, hover over the VAB Building, land it in the helipad. The touchdown was less than 1m/s! It's so stable that I could take my time taking pictures! The KV2-117A Hippo is a little bit more powerful than the Beluga since it's for Size 2. L K55 Gemini is an MK3 monster, though if used like a chinook, the hovering will be messed up due to not being synchronized.
  23. @geralddarden Yup. If you update firespitter. Very important. (Also, I think you should just mention me instead of quoting the whole thing. It was kinda a long post @kiwinanday Such a shame. As I am playing around right now with Beta KAS with non-rigid connections. Edit: I should try this on the new helicopters
  24. @kiwinanday @Gregory TheGamer I've tested on my version. Works with 1.3. Thanks to FS. Had to strip half of my mods from the game. Including KSP Wheels (Which is still not updated, Firespitter is, look it up on github [precisely why I only use one plug-in. Just update FS, everything's good]) @dragonsmate17 You have a faulty firespitter.dll. I'm 90% sure. 10% room for error. But I am sure. a little bit --- So anyway, not as promised since it's over 24 hours but here's the video. And this is KSP 1.3. This will be how rotorwings work in the next release. There's also the slightly revised IVAs. I've added a few props. Definitely not great at it but it's slightly more useful now. Notice that FS also has stereo sounds now. --- More on IVA, I put a distinct difference on old and newer fighter-like cockpits. They have different attitude indicators. One is the white and black, the other is blue and orange. Left: Old / Right: Modern Edit: @theonegalen I've also moved the collider for the P-40 cockpit internal cam w/o moving the cam itself.
  25. Is it not fine with just updating FS to 1.3? I was positive it was available for 1.3. Not sure though.