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  1. We have our first trailer up and public!
  2. Point defense cannons are in the game now!
  3. This is your first mistake :-/
  4. Oh no, they are not connected. Looks kinda cool though!
  5. Space junk collectors?
  6. We did a lot of play testing over the last few days and here is a short clip of a skirmish over an asteroid.
  7. If you run out of Jetpack fuel and happen to have a grenade you might just have a chance at survival! We are still looking for people to help test the game at various stages, if you are interested hop on our Discord: https://discord.gg/NJHFGcc
  8. Little update today. I am happy to say multiplayer has really made some good progress and we have a pretty solid foundation to build on. The majority of inventory systems are complete and we are about to start on crafting systems and possibly re-introduce the player ship building system. Following that we will add all the necessary ship systems to supplement combat! We also have a discord server which is now open to the public, right now there is not a whole lot going on there other than development discussion and progress updates, but feel free to stop in and say hello or just lurk in the shadows. It is where we will post builds from time to time to let people test. Discord: https://discord.gg/NJHFGcc Finally enjoy a screen shot of two ships meeting up at an asteroid.
  9. Hey, everyone! It has been a really long time, but I figured I would show some of what I have been working on. Development, as you can see has taken a different focus, as I am trying to build the systems for the player and related survival/resource systems now before all of the spaceship systems. Something else you will notice is multiplayer, the game is now being built from the beginning as a multiplayer survival game.
  10. Hello all, first I would like to say I stopped posting here mainly because I saw one of the devs lock the thread of a game developer showing off a game he had made or was making, and since this is a somewhat similar thread I did not want to provoke any similar action. Progress is slow, but still continues. I may consider updating the downloads in a bit, I have been very very busy with my studies so I have not been able to put nearly as much time into developing this as I would like. I am thrilled to hear you like the look of the game though! I am inspired to work on the project more every time I see someone finding it interesting! I am sorry it was unwatchable for you, could you elaborate? I am not sure what you are referring to as glitchy, was it glitchy for anyone else? Please keep in mind this is all very early in development. Thank you! I am glad to see people are still interested in this project and as I said above, I always feel more motivated when I see more people getting excited about it. I hope I can get something new out for people to try in the near future! Cheers! -A very busy University student trying to develop games in my free time.
  11. Hey we got the game greenlit!
  12. I am not exactly sure what you mean by high visibility command modules, maybe you could explain? More parts are certainly coming, but I have been primarily working on AI, the player astronaut and controls for that, the beginnings of the resource system, and general ground work for the vehicle interiors system (no point in adding habitats until there is a system for actually walking around inside the spacecraft ) Thanks for the bug report, I have known about that one for a little while and keep forgetting to fix it. I studied game development/art/programming at university, but honestly the majority of what I know I learned on my own.
  13. Haha, yeah I was a bit concerned the first time I did some research on the name and that show popped up, but I talked to a copyright lawyer who said it should not be an issue for several reasons.
  14. So in regards to both stages of engines activating in AI. Staging was never really implemented in AI, so when you turn on the engines, it is turning on all the engines and the flames from the engines will blow up stuff that they burn, you can click engines to turn them on and off though, that might solve your problem. Planetes already has a download available, there is a link for the pc and Mac version on the first page of this thread. I do not recommend trying it just yet as it was a very early demo. I plan to put up a new download in a week or two that should be much better. Thanks for your interest in the game!
  15. Hey Just a quick post showing off some of the work in progress art for some new planets coming to Planetes! Can you imagine or take a guess at what their surfaces might be like, or what real life planets they are an analog of?