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  1. Like this.
  2. Welcome to the forum!
  3. The frigate hull is online guys, I'm curious to see if someone will use it and how.
  4. The most recent version is 0.5 but I've heard there are problems with it in KSP 1.2+. The last time I've updated it was during 1.0.5. When 1.1 arrived I was very disappointed with the water problems. Those have been solved but I continued work on other mods. It seems BDA has changed and I'd need to provide a transform for models to provide armor. I don't even have Unity installed at the moment. The weapons mod is NAS. WW2 Warships works best in KSP 1.0.5. All required mods work and I have them so if you still have 1.0.5 I would be happy to provide them.
  5. Depends on how you want to play the game. I've never understood why the remains of stock ships should float when the hull is partially destroyed. It's opposite of real life. That's why I designed my mods, they were the first with the ability to sink ships (and make them as real as possible in size and mass).
  6. I've never really tried stock weaponry. Made a few tanks 2 years ago. Built me a missile frigate yesterday. The hull is fine. And it has torpedoes, cruise missiles and a turret with aiming reticle and 10 rockets. But man! Using stock weapons must be the most tedious and uninspiring stuff I've ever done! Tell you what, I'll offer the basic hull with propulsion and leave the weapons out. The fun part is if you destroy the "armor", the fuel tanks on the side, it will sink. I'm too discontent with stock weaponry to continue working on it. And it really makes me want to update my mods WW2 Warships and Real Ships.
  7. Yes, it was. And *kuch* the best of them all. Hmmm ... think I'll redo that gif.
  8. ALT+ control you want to trim. ALT+X resets all trim settings to 0. Totally new to me! Sort of GIF with music right? Totally going to try this! Also, nice plane!
  9. What the?! And it's still growing ... some streamer talking about this or something?
  10. @MiffedStarfish tried those aircraft carrier planes yet? They're perfect for carriers because of their size, mass and STOL/VTOL capabilities. To give you an idea, my carrier is 75m. and my planes are able to land and T/O within that space. Search for "carrier".
  11. Haven't seen you in ages, nice to see you're still here!
  12. That made me laugh. Thank you. Decals? Maybe.
  13. Thanks mate! And yes i'm still busy with your reply :-) Wish we could grab a brew or something.
  14. Read the story in the album :-) Can be modified to be a heavy attack helicopter: Stock ZSU-23-4: Gigantic transport helicopter. Two ZSU-23-4's fit in there. If you need a BIG target, you might like this. Or use it to mine the seafloor :-) A somewhat smaller, generic platform or base. A stock dock. 183 parts, 284m.