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  1. I 've just recalled some polaris tubes in Master Tech weapons also
  2. VLS tubes currently there are only the the MalFunc weaponrys MK41 and 42's, those are the correct tubes for the LBP parts also, Otherwise there are none that i know of as there are very few parts that can fit them and still function properly without either destroying your own ship first press of the button, or having turned collision detection off proceed to try and shoot through your own ship
  3. Yes you'll need to set up the pivots so that it pivots in the right place, I strongly suggest getting the blender mu importer and checking out a stock airbrake, will answer a lot of questions, and i know as a max user, you like me probably have little love for blender, but in this instance it is indispensable, and is the only thing I use blender for, there being no max alternative for mu import
  4. I know they're pretty damn cool, feel free to splash the pics
  5. AND as I've been sitting on this for weeks I can show you a little gif illustrating another feature of the new BDA , titled 25km gunfight, between two LBP Lizzy class ships 1 just off KSC and the other in KSC Island harbor 22KM away , so well over the game horizon, both ships are using WW2 spec guns so the shell spread is range accurate. I defy anyone to stand as a kerbal on the deck of a ship and watch the approaching shells and not feel slightly nervous
  6. Yes you need to add any object you want to appear in space center view to the KSCUpgrades group, you do this in the main gui window select, do not spell it wrong or they'll all disappear
  7. The intakes are indeed broken and i've been apparently been lax in pushing the update that fixes them, I honestly thought I had .. I'll sort that asap Hi, yes all very nice but i can't see what they actually look like, all those fancy details will be mostly invisible = not there
  8. Or you could just wait a bit for the queue to move along a little bit
  9. HI re this I'd advise caution, real world shell values do not work too well when applied to KSP and BDA. @TheDog and i spent a month or so beating the numbers around and more or less decided that the real numbers are pretty irrelevant, and seriously considered proposing a fixed range of values for every shell /bullet type, that way it could be assured that mod X's 30mm will perform like mod A's 30 and so on down the line. It is still something I'm very much in favor of and 90% of SM weapons were tweaked accordingly . AS a point of reference we looked at ALL the popular weapon packs and the values differed wildly in some cases, and fell way outside what i and others consider "keeping it real for KSP" . Everything was looked at from range and dispersion to firing rate and heat output both on firing and on target impact, some of the values there are hilarious, in only how far away from any reality be it this one or the 65% world of Kerbs, TLDR real is not balanced!
  10. Hi at this point in time there's no major development taking place. I will be adding some more surface mount cockpits when time allows. As for your engine suggestions if they are relevant to the current pack then by all means feel free to suggest, especially if you've some references (pics etc) as examples. That's not to say I'll be adding them just that I'd consider appropriate additions.
  11. The ship itself is more than fine , nothing out of order there, quite pretty in it's own way, BUT the drives and rudders are way too large and the rudders especially that type are a serious Kraken invite at that size remove one of them and reduce the size by half . The drives are speed limited, scaling them up just makes you get there faster, they should be half the size they are now and further forward. Try that and see what happens,
  12. Yes the rudders can bite you especially if scaled large or have many fitted, there is a runaway effect caused by the lift the rudder is producing being converted into speed,. this is as a result of the aero changes and we just have to live with it, There is no way to tell a rudder that it is in water and should behave differently than an aerodynamic surface on an aircraft. I usually recommend 1 large or two small rudders at most and either choose gimbal steering or rudder steering not BOTH, if you chose rudders ,lock the engine gimbals, and if you chose gimbals reduce the effectiveness of the rudder/s to zero, Avoid hard turns on large vessels, as large vessels suffer the results far worse than small ones, or rather it is easier to recover a small runaway than a large one. Another thing that can help prevent runaways and help in general maneuvering is to use the bow thruster modules from SM Marine. AS for FAR effects i have no clue as I have not used FAR in a long time, but i recall that the water is changed as a result of the changes that far makes, so maybe, I recall fengist (maritime pack) being quite disparaging about what FAR does to the sea Can i see some images of the ship? there may be something obvious in it's design
  13. Hi have to say that is a new one to me, I thought i'd seen all the ways for the kraken strikes on our ships. It's also the first time i recall it being reported, . The only thing that strikes me is the few ammo packs, depending on what they are they can be extremely heavy , and it is possible to roll a ship from weight of ammo alone. All onboard ammo I carry is usually offset to just above the waterline as this is the most neutral position for the mass. I'm not saying that is your problem, just a guess, as I say i've never had it happen even in testing when things can be very sketchy indeed.
  14. @Murican_Jeb@Skyer Bullet and shell mass is described in metric tonnes . The value in the resource definition is the weight of shell case projectile and charge, so considerably heavier than the actual bullet mass . The value used in the weapon config for bullet mass is supposed to be a percentage of the resource value. The reason most of us use 4.25e-6 for example is that it's a lot tidier and more bug resistant than writing 0.00000425 missing a zero can have a dramatic effect on how a weapons system behaves,
  15. HIya if you use module FX you can actually have negative (engines that suck instead of blow) or tiny values with no ill effects, I use similar methods for the ship smoke stacks with thrust values as low as 0.01, admittedly removing the thrust and heat is my main goal, @Azimech in particular has a good handle on the abuse you can heap on module engine FX