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  1. HI in the case of the two parts mentioned there is no difference in performance between the parts, so i doubt very much if that's the cause It's worth mentioning that recent testing is starting to highlight some issues with the Lase/IR targeting, Investigations of the causes are ongoing. Users of BDA are more than welcome to assist , and we'd be delighted to hear from anyone who has discerned a foolproof, reproducible way to trigger the IR/Laser targeting troubles, preferably with a pure stock and BDA game environment, and fairly obvious but worth mentioning with craft built only from stock and BDA parts. Cheers
  2. If you are using the weapons manually the behavior you describe is perfectly normal and has been part of BDA since the very beginning. There are currently no window or cfg settings that can change this behavior . However all is not lost, if you hate the feature enough to care. pop along to the BDAc issue page and make an enhancement request, I know your dislike of that little feature is not heard in isolation many others have expressed similar sentiments, So perhaps with luck one of the coding genius types will take pity on your plea. Cheers
  3. Real BDA RBDA for use by serious enthusiasts only, Enables full scale 1:1 combat possibilities, but requires a fairly decent machine to run it due to the 200km physics range and the number of active vessels that can be in one scene
  4. @Ger_space That definitely works... But adjusting the settings has no perceivable changes to volume or range of effect . Using stock, as per delivered settings (copy pasted from thread) , and the addition of my file path, the sound was audible at full volume over 10km distant, and reducing volume by half and reducing range to 500 (presumably meters? ) the track was still audible at 8.5km (another launch point) . That little snag aside, it's a great addition and certainly starts to bring the place to life,... Cheers PS checked the logs, nothing there apart from normal "we are here logs" from the statics etc
  5. Thats absolutely brilliant, rushes off to try immediately , thanks so much
  6. I think the placement of that first city has always been a subject of controversy , so you're not alone
  7. Hi try this one, been using if for ages to set up IVA's and cameras , for reference the seat transform needs to go level with the Kerbals heels not the actual seat base. Here
  8. Hi, from that very same page Note: Each Custom group is used by each stage. Custom01 = Stage 1, Custom02 = Stage 2... The next stage will be automatically triggered when all engines are flame-out. SO even though you need to set them initially the modular missile controller actually fires and detaches as required
  10. Hi, where is your game installed? The install location can affect the game and on occasion stop it loading, by causing issues with file permissions etc. Try for example dragging the whole ksp folder into the desk top and see how it behaves then A completely stock ksp loads on my system in about two -four minutes , depending on background load
  11. Hi, simply open the KerbalKonstructs editor window Ctrl K then select local instances, then at the bottom of the gui window reduce the range to minimum, and the city will appear in the list, click on the city name , another gui will open , this is the actual tool used to place an remove objects and at the bottom of that window simply select delete. and the city will disappear. Now on the main window click the save button to save your changes and close the gui either by mouse click or ctrl K again.
  12. Hi, just a quick two cents, don't forget when you are modelling that sometime in the near future you will have to make colliders for your parts, the current cockpit shape means that you will need to make 3 colliders, as a convex collider applied in unity would effectively lose the part of the hull in front of the intakes, and anything attached in that area would appear to be detached from the surface. As i see it now you have a single large collider for the main hull back to the core part of the rear bulkhead and then two smaller ones for the inlet areas back to the remaining sections of bulkhead. If the how to eludes you do drop me a pm and i can run through the whole process of making it work in game But more or less like this, each colour being a separate collider
  13. Main culprits seem to be real chute [ERR 16:29:10.607] [RealChute]: Could not find the transform "canopy" in the library [LOG 16:29:10.608] 6/25/2017 4:29:10 PM,ExtensiveEngineerReport,Run Tests [ERR 16:29:10.623] [RealChute]: Could not find the transform "canopy" in the library [LOG 16:29:10.624] 6/25/2017 4:29:10 PM,ExtensiveEngineerReport,Run Tests [ERR 16:29:10.640] [RealChute]: Could not find the transform "canopy" in the library And RT [EXC 17:10:10.247] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object JSI.RPMVesselComputer.onVesselWasModified (.Vessel who) EventData`1[Vessel].Fire (.Vessel data) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) EventData`1:Fire(Vessel) RemoteTech.Modules.ModuleRTAntenna:AddTransmitter() RemoteTech.Modules.ModuleRTAntenna:SetState(Boolean) RemoteTech.Modules.ModuleRTAntenna:OnStart(StartState) Part:ModulesOnStart() <Start>c__Iterator3A:MoveNext() UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr) [ERR 17:10:10.251] Exception handling event onVesselWasModified in class RPMVesselComputer:System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at JSI.RPMVesselComputer.onVesselWasModified (.Vessel who) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at EventData`1[Vessel].Fire (.Vessel data) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 The Clamped error is produced by FAR and possibly KWFin is a MM patch? at KWFin [WRN 16:59:33.919] FAR Error: Aerodynamic force = NaN AC Loc = 78.8767027669673 AoA = 0 MAC = 1.2 B_2 = 1.311 sweepAngle = 0 MidChordSweep = 29.375 MidChordSweepSideways = 0.076627568537602 at KWFin [LOG 16:59:33.921] Trajectories: WARNING: FAR totalForce is NAN (altitude=9032.25806451613, airVelocity=0, angleOfAttack=0.196349540849362 [LOG 16:59:33.975] clampinedInc: 45.9202364761145 incDegrees: 45.92 lat: 45.9202787893433 inc: 45.9202364761145 [LOG 16:59:33.986] clampinedInc: 45.9202364761145 incDegrees: 45.92 lat: 45.9202787893433 inc: 45.9202364761145 [LOG 16:59:34.104] clampinedInc: 45.9202365363233 incDegrees: 45.92 lat: 45.9202787893433 inc: 45.9202365363233 [LOG 16:59:34.117] clampinedInc: 45.9202365363233 incDegrees: 45.92 lat: 45.9202787893433 inc: 45.9202365363233 As for whats up with them you have an extensive mod list very few i have any experience with aside from RT and I've not seen it produce similar errors , so perhaps someone more familiar will be able to offer more help
  14. NO MOD should ever be installed into the Squad folder ALL mods are placed ONLY in GameData Move BDArmory AND any other mod folder out of Squad folder You have indeed installed incorrectly
  15. Hi, Re the group saving error i'm experiencing, I'm just coming to the end of my post localization testing so by necessity am running far fewer mods than normal. Place object, in this case it's more water launch points, make launch site, click save deselect , then , on main KK gui set group name and click save, at this point the gui screen blanks out and ALL placed statics disappear. Gui can be closed via ctrlK, scene change does not restore missing statics , reload restores all missing statics,, This log from game that I closed immediately after static disappearance and gui being closed KK glitch Edit as long as i don't save as a group all is good. Edit edit Re sound clip although something happens as the mu file gets huge and takes half an hour to write there was no audible sound track from the static, I also tried all available clip settings to no avail