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  1. The missiles have an minimum and maximum launch range the AI will not fire a PAC3 within 2KM or further than 15KM, Which why the AI did not respond when they were next to each other . Lets just clarify things, You have the correct versions of KSP and BDA and BDA is correctly installed You have craft A on the runway, craft B the aeries is flying at a distance of no closer than 2km . Craft A the launcher, has a available EC and 1 weapon manger set to team A and craft B has 1 weapon manager set to team B . The missile turret .craft A has missiles attached correctly and not fouling or in collision with the launcher, The exit path for the missile is unobstructed. by struts or other turrets. If all the above is true then the radar should activate and the AI fire the missile at a valid target, however if just one thing is false it will fail to work as advertised . Check the filepath for correct installation, check the version is correct, make sure the test is not being influenced by other errors (other mod problems) If all that checks out a copy of the KSP.log will be required (as per the first post) in order to diagnose your issues
  2. Hi i note that the stock capsule also uses CoPOffset = 0.0, 0.6, 0.0 which effectively moves the aerodynamic pressure up the capsule(i think I'm correct here) which looks like it gives the desirable lawn dart effect. (Are you clearing the part database too after every test?, as moved com col cos etc change the drag cube (does with ships at least) , you could be getting odd results if not)
  3. Unable to say without details of the target, though there is a built in limit to the signal strength that will trigger the system. Other things too determine use of missiles, such as guns with overly long ranges, or setting the AI to long gun range will effectively turn off missile use. Hi just tested Jernas and PAC3 and am unable to replicate your issue using KSP 122 and BDAc v0210 . Multiple Jernas turrets loaded with pac 3 intercept missiles fitted to test rig all fired and tracked to target correctly. Can you try moving the firing interval slider to the lowest setting and retry HI, there are no known incompatibilities and very few issues in general, and no way to properly diagnose your issue without further details or logs. That said before proceeding you should check the the BDA install path is correct, the only correct path is KSP/GameData/BDArmory, no other path will work and installing the mod any other way will cause it to fail . IF the filepath is correct check that you have the correct version of BDA for the version of KSP you are using.
  4. Nope, not from me, I'm still happily using your adapted velocity curves. They alone prevent the props being used for anything else so effectively ( massive amounts of power confined to a tiny speed range plus large part mass) it makes writing a bit of code superfluous really (not that I'm anywhere close to being able to do that anyway )
  5. Subs are a thing , you just have to know where to look or here and here Thing is, they aren't easy mode, ie require some intelligence to operate, but in the half dozen mods that have subs or parts for subs they seem to work in a usable manner, for most users. SO yeah you can do the sub thing if you want, without too much difficulty
  6. Hi like all things Kerbal it's all about what you can't see, namely two transforms one named seat pivot and the other Airlock, and should be in the positions below to allow for successful boardings , Airlock should be given an Airlock tag and the collider needs to be set as a trigger and it needs to be on Part Triggers layer, any of these things missing and it will not work
  7. Hi cool challenge, love the title graphic. I'm going to ask as it's not mentioned, I know as a sometime resident of Laythe that suitable areas on land for aircraft launch are limited, I also note that in the graphic ALL the craft are sitting in the water, IS this a seaplane contest? Is there a dry ;launch option? If it is a seaplane comp, that is you have to be able to take off from the water, can the floats be dropped after launch? or do they have to stay attached? I can foresee that if they can be dropped this will cause extra flight work for the host as you/they'll need to manually cycle through and drop the floats of every eligible craft, How does the AI handle wet launch take offs? I know it can cope with a dozen aircraft on land but have no experience of the AI with seaplanes.
  8. That' s it exactly and 0.0, 0.20, 00 is indeed straight up the center line of the model Something like 0.193, 0, 0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1 would place it in the position shown below, that seems more appropriate than being partly submerged in any part it is attached to.
  9. Well i've no idea how it's used of course but I'd have thought that the surface attach would be on the surface rather than on the center line of the model and offset , this being the position at which the Sonde attaches to things, rather than things attaching to it, in fact in this instance it'd work better left undefined, so I'll give that a quick try . well it works for me , and here it is
  10. Sounds more like the part is offset from it's origin, I'm just running it through unity to see if it was, the mu exported wildly off center but thats not that unusual., well it seems ok now, the surf attach pos is all wrong but that aside seems ok. Hopefully I got the right end of the stick let me know if indeed it is correct and i'll shove the changed file your way
  11. Not that simple sadly, the armor is still in development, and as such (to most users ) is an unknown quantity. For a part to act properly as armor the model has to contain a specially named and rotated transform, which in turn needs to be referenced by the armor module in the cfg. The only way to add the transform is at the unity or modelling stage , as the hierarchy is built upon it, it is not possible to add it once the part is turned into a mu and imported into a game.
  12. Hi the closest you'll get right now is a structural plate with a tweakscale module, flat procedural panels have truly horrible z fighting problems which is likely why there aren't any. There are various sizes and shapes of scalable structural and armor panels in SM Armory and SM Marine. and likely other mods too Do note that in regards to BDA and Armor normal structural plate has the armor value of wet cardboard, only properly created armor is shell resistant
  13. How do you want them implemented? smart dumb cluster?, Dont get me wrong the models look fantastic but they're a bit overdone for bombs, a disposable thing, Weapons are chosen for the function (usually) not because they look pretty That said it's fairly simple to get them BDA ready great stuff, happy booms
  14. And don't forget chaps that DDS is flipped vertically in relation to png, Which is what caused LG's weird textures above Yes you do