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  1. Hi, great little report and matches pretty much my findings too. The odd thing is how much variance there is over stock parts of the same size and similar mass. As you say there appears no logic, which has lead me to believe that a lot of the oddness is being generated by the one thing we cannot (very) easily change, the drag cubes. One thing to account for is that unless the part Database is refreshed after every change ( or you have an altered drag cube in your part cfg) then it appears that cfg changes are ignored, so it's possible to completely change the cfg and have the part behave exactly as before ( something created by @Fengist and very useful for experimenting is an online drag cube modifier LINK) In my testing an approximate rule of thumb has developed, that being, 0 buoyancy will on most things give the part neutral buoyancy, what this means in reality is that the part will sink to X depth and stop sinking, I'm sure by now we've all seen the parts dancing lazily in the water column by now. To reliably make something (stock parts btw) sink I've found that negative values are needed sometimes large ones and a mass increase, to an amount commensurate with dimensions and nature of the part.
  2. Hi , something many mod devs do is to use you tube but select the unlisted option instead of public, this allows you to present your work to the chosen audience without spilling the beans to other perhaps interested parties or the world at large. Good luck with your project.
  3. You will need to use KSPWheel to do that, but it can be done fairly easily . Though your design appears to have no suspension, both KSP/Squad stock wheel collider and the shadowmage KSPWheel type require at least a minimal suspension movement in order to function
  4. . I have provided a link which clearly states the information required in order to diagnose any issue. LINK
  5. Very likely although unable to tell you more as Chrystal ball, hasn't come back form calibrating yet, But perhaps if you read the info contained in the How to get support link in my signature below, you may be able to remove the need for it to be returned at all. Cheers
  6. Hi , as you may be aware my custodianship is pretty much over for PEW as per LP wishes, I'm just carrying on with support for a short while, which looks like it'll end at 1.3
  7. The answer to your question is given several times in the last few pages of the mods thread....
  8. Same here, and can also pop you an example or two that are not in circulation.
  9. As used in all the top gun TKOL KOH challenges and those 99% of BDAc videos
  10. Yup that ones mine, and uses KSPWheel not ksp wheels HI currently the most basic setup you can have for a working wheel is a derivative of the TR2L , You have to suspension, even if it's just a tiny bit otherwise you can run into trouble with collider behaviour, The rest of the options, steering etc you need to include it in the hierarchy but can, effectively disable it using the cfg values And Re your van, YOU cannot sadly have multiple squad/ksp wheels on a one part vehicle, it simply will not work, spent about a month trying ( as I could do it in 1.05) before switching to KSPwheel in which multiple wheels are easy. (with the down side of massive PAWS) , below 8x8 with 4x4 trailers Super simple wheel below BUT completely useless for your special project
  11. If your game is crashing at the end of the load cycle you have bigger issues than just loading time. With 89 mods you need to be running 64 bit. Make sure you have no other open network connections, hamachi etc, . If you've done or are doing those things, then it's possible that you have a problem with something you have placed into the GameData folder. Unfortunately my Chrystal ball is currently being re calibrated, so I'm unable to offer any further assistance, though there's a rumor that a zipped copy of your KSP.log will aid in fault finding. See the how to get support link in my sig, for pro active steps you can take to rectify your issue.
  12. Nope, they don't you are failing to understand the arrangement of cfg modules, B61 blastRadius = 4910, B83 blastRadius = 7470, Castle Bravo blastRadius = 11300, so that seems considerably more than zero.
  13. Nukes are after all dangerous, how far away is very far away? it matters . As for steps toward not getting toasted again, check the cfg for the weapons blast radius and be a good deal further away than that when it goes off. One of the nukes has a blast radius of over 7KM so local is not going to cut it