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  1. Latest Update removes 88's SM Armory 122 beta The original BDA expansion contains 100 items to enhance your military might from 7.7mm WW1 machine guns to modern CIWS systems , WW2 field guns to 152mmAGS turrets there's a weapon for every eventuality With SMA now containing 100 parts it's time to go for V1 and full release, Boomsticks as was will be frozen at v1.1.3 and no further updates will be done. SM Armory is also to my mind complete and as such very little will be added, however my intention is to make extra packs to add on if the user wishes, rather than forcing and increasingly large download This version includes the impossibles, things that were thought impossible to create with BDA. These turrets ALL designed for CIWS use feature rapid fire cannons and AA missile rails. Also as usual are loads of normal turrets some based on fantasy , some on reality, but wherever the inspiration came from I've attempted to make them relevant to the Kerbal world. With notable and deliberate exceptions everything here is appropriately powered for Kerbal Kombat. I've also spent a good amount of time making sure that they work with SM Marine and The Large Boat Parts as i find that's the situation in which most of these will be used Some of the latest additions Current Items that made release, constantly subject to testing and response Notes DO NOT INSTALL BOTH THIS AND BOOMSTICKS On installation you will notice that the mod contains an extras folder. In this folder you will find the Secubots security robot turrets, A weapon probe for connecting to turrets for standalone use, meant for use with the field guns, the pirate ship cannon and the 88. Also included is a filter extensions addition simply unzip and merge with filter extensions to get advanced sorting of SMM products IMPORTANT The Flak 88 is broken, and for a reason I don't understand it causes serious errors in game. Please do not use it or build craft that use it, As I've been unable to fix the problem the next update will remove the Flak88 Emergency download Links to original Boomsticks post -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here now SM AFVs Tanks and trucks Beta Gives you parts to build Tanks and trucks 081 BETA TEST AFV Utility arm assembly ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SM Old School Turrets and Tanks A relaunch and update of OST now with Tiger hull and ShermanM4 turret and Hull BoomsticksLegacy Boomsticks is currently under License: All Rights Reserved Old School Turrets and Never Enough Dakka With the uploading to SpaceDock or NED and OST I have decided to roll all the support and development into one thread, this should enable me to hear of and fix any issues ASAP. Although there will be little further development on these two packs( unless requested) I will continue to improve both function and appearance on all items, and of course I'll keep them working I have received some interesting other items in the assets i received from the original author PrototypeTheta and this will also make an appearance shortly THE NED REDUX RELEASE Works in 1.22 Old School Turrets Redux release Works in 122 Album link Note concerning issues. There is now a git repository for SMA in order to access and provide a hard record of any issues that occur, as the modlist grows the more i find i'm forgetting and it makes sense to do something proper for a change . You can find the issues reporting page at the following location Thanks as always to @gomker @V8jester @XOC2008 and occasionally @colmo for testing bug hunting and sanity preservation Hi all yes the button is new, i don't ever expect anyone to bother, you are certainly not obliged in any way, I was asked by several people this week, if there was a donation button in order to show their appreciation, the wife saw the requests, and after a some discussion i have given in and added a donation facility
  2. Hi, well there is an air wing, sort of , helis drones etc but... it's all very dev toy, I really have no idea if I'll ever release them, as they are not lego they have little appeal for many, but I enjoy the crap out them as does the dev team, and they do work well with the AFVs and SMM . Some of, in my opinion the coolest things, have never been seen in public. I think the guys would agree that the Havok is pretty awesome , and possibly one of the first unibody helis capable of being flown and able to dogfight under the BDAI
  3. HI, i very much appreciate your enthusiasm, given the amount of behind the scenes effort that's going on right now. With luck, and some semblance of sanity remaining the team and I will be releasing almost everything sometime very soon. I hope it's soon i really do, can't do anything else till 8 updates are done, so just like buses they'll all turn up around the same time Random militaristic image
  4. which is where you'd be wrong, awesome
  5. Hi, well technically they are here, as if you have any issues this is where you'd need to report them. My statics don't have and will not be having a thread of their own.
  6. SM Solutions Presents What is SM Marine? primarily its is a selection of parts and equipment to make your ships look more like ships, including better looking bridges with limited IVA, working radars, propeller drive systems, masts and antennas, I even found the time to add a few one part hulls As you may know I've been developing weapon mods forever and even as long ago as 0.16 I had working boats and submarines. upon my return I noticed a proliferation of boat mods and thought cool I like boats and ships a lot, i tried them and non of them fitted what I wanted, they were either too big, too complex or just not Spanner. So i started making a small selection of parts to make them more to my taste, along the way i dipped into my many years of experience in the marine industry and way too many hours spent on sea trials and made some hulls, that according to those who have tested them are some of the best behaved hulls in the game, naturally I'm biased. None of the parts are huge but they are all tweakscale prepared, so should you desire they can be huge . Changelog Notes on functionality All radar units included in this mod require BD Armory in order to function. ALL drive units require a recent copy of the Firespitter DLL to be installed, without firespitter there will be no engine sounds. Would very much like a standalone version of the engine sounds functionality Propeller effects are provided by stock modules as is engine reversing. Extending Radar and small Radome the unit is telescopic and also includes a targeting camera, The fwd or neutral position is marked on the shell by use of a yellow line There are 3 types of anchor included all types work as anchors when attached to a KAS winch mount, in addition anchor 4 will activate the AirAnchor functionality of the HL airships airpark modules ( working on a standalone version for this mod) All structural parts will and should sink, please let me know if you find something floaty that should not be. Drive Units and rudders have 0 buoyancy. Each hull carries a small amount of ballast space, each Bridge unit has a pump for filling and emptying the ballast space. The drive units power scales with size so it is possible to overpower all the hulls should an overly large drive size be chosen, for best results keep scales in parity. The Rudder. do not be tempted to add several rudders in order to quicken steering, due to lift in certain circumstances now providing speed it is possible with multiple rudders to induce uncontrollable handling characteristics. The hulls steer at an acceptable rate for the size and mass All of the hulls has RCS thrusters acting as fine position and maneuvering thrusters, these are powered from ballast stored in the onboard tanks, To activate RCS you will need to pump some ballast into the tanks then activate RCS as normal, no ballast = no thrust All drives are intended to run on Intake Air and liquid fuel, the included intake mast will provide enough air for fairly large scales of engine, this part is also scale able For ease and simplicity of use the bridge units carry small generators for LF IA and EC And as a bonus all parts work well with other ship mods especially the Large Boat Parts pack that i am now maintaining while Laythe is otherwise occupied The new small hulls are not currently balanced for HullBreach, they are a lot more delicate than the LBP parts and balancing is a time consuming process, As soon as the balancing is properly achieved the cfg's wil be added to HullBreach. The larger hulls are almost there and will sink with cfg's included in HullBreach The Tug can attach to any other vessel using the included grab parts, styled as a push bar and truck tire these function exactly the same way as the stock Klaw. To use mount the chosen type on your craft, once launched, select arm, this will raise the visible contact pads. To attach to another vessel approach should be around 1m/s any slower and it will not trigger, any faster and you may bounce off before the module can grab the other vessel. To release select release from the gui. Most ships in LBP can be moved by two tugs 1 at the stern of the vessel to be moved and one attached via the Truck Tire klaw to the side of the vessel to be moved just forward of midpoint. this forward tug provides steerage Craft Files Tugs complete Special thanks go to @gomker @XOC2008 @V8jester without whom the mod would not be as neat as it is , and thanks to all the others who've presented ideas, random thoughts which have become a reality Download from SpaceDock other downloads available shortly Emergency Download for when SpaceDock is not available Now available stand alone airpark works with the NEW ship main anchor Github dl and source Other Ship and Boat related useful mods and addons see below @TMasterson5 has generously taken the time to create a tweakscale compatibility patch for SMM , and offered to keep it current , this covers all the parts that i chose not to add scale modules for . (also available for LBP) Further details can be found in the post linked below ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all A Note concerning issues. There is now a git repository for SMM in order to access and provide a hard record of any issues that occur, as the mod list grows the more i find I'm forgetting and things that should be dealt with are slipping between the cracks. Therefore it makes sense to do something properly for a change . You can find the issues reporting page at this link NOTICE SM Marine is published under license type All Rights Reserved please do not relist or distribute this mod in any form, via any medium or service without my express permission. Hi all yes the button is new, i don't ever expect anyone to bother, you are certainly not obliged in any way, I was asked by several people this week, if there was a donation button in order to show their appreciation, the wife saw the requests, and after a some discussion i have given in and added a donation facility
  7. Hi, Those docks are part of a separate pack of statics, and not in SM Marine, there is a link for them in the first post. Although I really need to update the download with the new KK methods so that they don't throw unnecessary errors. I'll post and make a new link as soon as theyre checked
  8. Never stopped working, or I've not been made aware of any issues that need addressing. Any update update at this point will be to change the version number only.. Still stuck localizing over 1000 parts..
  9. SM Stryker Armory and Aerospace combined Continued from the fine start by @strykersm This update brings hatches, improved textures and other tweaks Current parts: Cockpits: BF-109 ; Mig ; Hyperion (P-80 lookalike) ; Razor ; Jetfire (SR-71/F-106 lookalike) Intakes: Early and Late variants of Mig-21 intake ; Engines: Reaper AB Jet Engine (based on Su-9 engine); Kiril AB Jet Engine (based on Mig-21) AT this point I intend not to add anything new, but will continue to update overhaul and enhance as time goes on and my texturing skills improve . All included parts are based on the originals by @strykersm. who has kindly given permission for this continuation changelog emergency download CC BY-SA 2.0
  10. Nice one, I'll be nicer about NAS turrets in conjunction with LBP in future. You must admit though that it makes simulations a little more interesting, the uncertainty of it all I love, and am constantly surprised by the charmed life some craft have, and the desperate misfortune of others As an aside and related to the above, as i think you should try it out, especially as a lot of your guns can easily out range normal BDA limits. Have you tried RBDA? that being fullscale BDA , over the horizon combat for big guns, and much more, it is still experimental, but i have to own up to not running anything else. You can find the required here
  11. I have to totally agree here, all of the MP threads have all the same arguments, and I find it rather amusing that all the reasons why it'd be no good are exactly the reasons that makes MP Space Engineers have small but enthusiastic following . Players doing different things sometimes not seeing each other for days , but all working toward a common goal. We all had our own space, own base, own ships, but all contributed to supplies and pitched in on large building projects . The occasional pirate hunt, a racing league, a dogfight league. Plus when you get a group working well together the ideas that are generated and things that become possible are usually greater than any one solo player could ever achieve in a lifetime. I somehow managed to rack up over 3000 hrs on one server ( and before anyone says it I know only too well how buggy it can be)
  12. Hi all , nearly there now, we've just got to finish the localization, an epic task in itself, a couple of runs to make sure it's all good, transfer in all the now standardised modules and I should be able to push an update. In the meantime I'll leave you with a little picture. There's a lot going on in the image and most has never been seen before, so spot the new stuff, and or old stuff doing very new stuff. Worth noting that the sonar contact visible is not coming from a normal type radar. ps some of it is so new it wont make this update but a lot of it will. Along with six complete new craft
  13. There is a 1.22 version of BDA on the releases page lower down
  14. Large Boat Parts Pack KSP 1.2.2 Lizzy Update This mod gives you a vast assortment of pre made parts you can use to build ships. Mods like VesselMover and WASD Editor camera or Hangar extender are recommended as your ships can get very big. LBP has a new home, nothing else has changed, the management is the same the ships are the same. A new thread was needed in order to be able to update the first post, in order to notify of updates etc. I would also very much like to see some contenders for a featured ships gallery, ships considered should be well built and balanced in construction not just a gun fest please. EMERGENCY DOWNLOAD Ships Gallery very pic heavy Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Companion mods Thanks as always to @gomker @V8jester @XOC2008 and occasionally @colmo for testing bug hunting and sanity preservation
  15. Sounds like you have some issues that have long ago been dealt with This is the BDA releases page And this is the latest version for ksp 1.3
  16. Usually kick off is at around 20km for the ships and 30 for the aircraft. The latest BDA allows for a lot higher ranges and RBDA allows for full scale combat, it's not unusual after 30 mins or so for things to be spread across the entire bay between the islands , ksc and the far point so easily 300sqkm i'd say in total broken hangar extender, unless you are not using hangar extender and are using some other tool to build outside of the hangar. the hangar view was removed in 1.2 because the building could no longer be scaled , now when you click the extend button the craft is simply out in the open as below
  17. @PmThay HI been through your log and most of your difficulties are due to less than awesome attention to detail on my behalf. Mixed and missing resources, not enough NEEDS addition to all the patches, causing module not found spam etc etc etc. the list goes on. Those being the original hulls from the mod they've had little if any attention since i started in on the more technical interesting parts I am pleased to say that things are a little different now, which is one of the reasons it's taking so long, It's either right or it doesn't go. So my apologies for the hassles and those and a million other little issues will be rectified in the next update, which should be any day now.
  18. That is not a valid comparison as differently shaped hulls behave in different ways. In your two examples you have ship 1 double ended. ship 2 traditional fig box hull. The buoyancy affects both hulls in different ways. The double ended hull has very high buoyancy amidships with buoyancy and force applied being greatly reduced as you move away from the center, this leads to a ship with a a tendency to pitch around maximum buoyancy. Add to that ,you have the turrets mounted outside of the area of maximum buoyancy so this adds to the pitching As you have provided no way to counteract this force it can continue and once the hull starts pushing beyond half a meter below its designed float depth, the game physics start pushing back at maximum force, sending the other less buoyant end downwards, and so it goes on If you let it it will continue until something breaks or the Kraken taps you on the shoulder. simply changing course slightly can sometimes break the cycle, Bad design =bad performance The second hull has high buoyancy for over 5/5 of it's length and all of the turrets are mounted within the area of maximum buoyancy , leading to a very stable hull. good design = good performance As for guard mode on ships and targeting , I regularly run large scenarios with ships and aircraft combined, and aside from making more ship parts and creative ways to destroy other craft , that's pretty much all i do these days in KSP and never have I had a hull behave so badly that it could not use guard mode successfully , not even in the horror that was 1.13, when two ships couldn't be in the same scene without getting slung into orbit
  19. Its a very heavy ship, it is floating they ALL do similar things depending on setup, find me a ship that does not display ANY movement up down What do have you driving the vessel? excessive gimbal movement is the most likely cause, but i still say there is nothing evident in that video that causes me concern. Why is the RCS on and what is it doing if not feeding the oscillation? BUT if you are trying to manually aim turrets from a moving ship i can say with some confidence that it's not going to be a great success, there is no stabilization of manually aimed turrets , Simply firing the guns causes the ship to roll enough to throw the shot off target , turning causes pitching and rolling , all these things are normal behavior for an object that is floating. As the ship accelerates the bow lifts slightly. especially if you have the drives mounted in proper ship like positions,, and then drops again. firing the guns also pushes the hull down in the water, because thats the way it works. IF you want a stable platform for manually aimed turrets ships are not it. You want to fight ships start to use guard mode and set up some decent competition (mind you using OP NAS turrets sort of rules out guard mode unless you want a one shot battle)
  20. There is nothing in that whole video that i can perceive as being amiss, wrong, or undesirable . Although as you are running a broken FS hangar extender i wonder what else you are running that is also dubious. For problems with welded vessels you are on your own, the parts are made and balanced weighted individually and welding them destroys all of that by writing a whole new cfg that may or may not be correct for the vessel and as such it's been taken out of my hands .
  21. Hi I ( and the team) run advanced tweakables permanently on, and have done since it's inception, invaluable for sub,marines etc . SO sadly once again can't confirm the oddness. Perhaps it's time fro you to send me a zipped copy of the KSP .log so i can see how things are behaving
  22. If so you will not be using any SM mods as the license for both of those listed disallows redistribution , derivatives ( meaning the mod being hacked about ) or unapproved use in a mod pack. Thanks for clearly illustrating why i do not support mod packs. If players would like packs of my mods ( if you fancy 500MB downloads of course) then I will create them myself with full knowledge of all that's involved.
  23. Hi all I'm seeing some discussion elsewhere regarding Armor it's definition and what is in fact considered as Armor. Having spent a good while getting it all working , and somewhat in the tradition of the BDA thread I'll clear up some of the details . This info is also available here A stock unmodified part has virtually zero armor value . For Armor to function is has to be created as a unique part. There is only one way to make a part armor and that for the part to have a ArmorRootTransform within the part and located at the top of the part hierarchy , A single part can only have 1 (one) ArmorRootTransform . The thickness or dimension of the part/s have no relevance or bearing on armor value, Armor value is set by a part module within the cfg. example below BDARMOR { EquivalentThickness = 350 //350mm outerArmorThickness = 350 ExplodeMode = Never } It should be noted that without an ArmorRootTransform the above module will spam the logs with x not found errors The ArmorRootTransform should face in the direction of expected shellfire. Armor works from both sides , so symmetrically mounted parts are effective Individual edge mounted armor panels are less effective than panels surface attached to a larger structure, this is due to the inability of a standalone panel to transfer heat. whereas a mounted panel loses heat to any part it is attached to. Heat is part of the BDA damage mechanic and anything struck by shellfire experiences heating For further info see the wiki link Here's a simple demo tank ready to use built mainly from the supplied armor panels, BDA and stock parts ( and of course just a touch of tweakscale) List of currently supported ammo and bullet types, If anyone can help fill in the missing values or missing types, must be based off real data not supposition please get in touch.
  24. Hi some pictures of the craft are needed before i can even guess whats going on, and some details, such as mass, method of propulsion (if you're using anything other than the supplied drives) Note if you are using anything other than supplied propeller drives I will be unable to offer any resolution , the use of rocket or jet engines with these parts is not supported and actively discouraged