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  1. Nope, not from me, I'm still happily using your adapted velocity curves. They alone prevent the props being used for anything else so effectively ( massive amounts of power confined to a tiny speed range plus large part mass) it makes writing a bit of code superfluous really (not that I'm anywhere close to being able to do that anyway )
  2. Subs are a thing , you just have to know where to look or here and here Thing is, they aren't easy mode, ie require some intelligence to operate, but in the half dozen mods that have subs or parts for subs they seem to work in a usable manner, for most users. SO yeah you can do the sub thing if you want, without too much difficulty
  3. Hi like all things Kerbal it's all about what you can't see, namely two transforms one named seat pivot and the other Airlock, and should be in the positions below to allow for successful boardings , Airlock should be given an Airlock tag and the collider needs to be set as a trigger and it needs to be on Part Triggers layer, any of these things missing and it will not work
  4. Hi cool challenge, love the title graphic. I'm going to ask as it's not mentioned, I know as a sometime resident of Laythe that suitable areas on land for aircraft launch are limited, I also note that in the graphic ALL the craft are sitting in the water, IS this a seaplane contest? Is there a dry ;launch option? If it is a seaplane comp, that is you have to be able to take off from the water, can the floats be dropped after launch? or do they have to stay attached? I can foresee that if they can be dropped this will cause extra flight work for the host as you/they'll need to manually cycle through and drop the floats of every eligible craft, How does the AI handle wet launch take offs? I know it can cope with a dozen aircraft on land but have no experience of the AI with seaplanes.
  5. That' s it exactly and 0.0, 0.20, 00 is indeed straight up the center line of the model Something like 0.193, 0, 0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1 would place it in the position shown below, that seems more appropriate than being partly submerged in any part it is attached to.
  6. Well i've no idea how it's used of course but I'd have thought that the surface attach would be on the surface rather than on the center line of the model and offset , this being the position at which the Sonde attaches to things, rather than things attaching to it, in fact in this instance it'd work better left undefined, so I'll give that a quick try . well it works for me , and here it is
  7. Sounds more like the part is offset from it's origin, I'm just running it through unity to see if it was, the mu exported wildly off center but thats not that unusual., well it seems ok now, the surf attach pos is all wrong but that aside seems ok. Hopefully I got the right end of the stick let me know if indeed it is correct and i'll shove the changed file your way
  8. Not that simple sadly, the armor is still in development, and as such (to most users ) is an unknown quantity. For a part to act properly as armor the model has to contain a specially named and rotated transform, which in turn needs to be referenced by the armor module in the cfg. The only way to add the transform is at the unity or modelling stage , as the hierarchy is built upon it, it is not possible to add it once the part is turned into a mu and imported into a game.
  9. Hi the closest you'll get right now is a structural plate with a tweakscale module, flat procedural panels have truly horrible z fighting problems which is likely why there aren't any. There are various sizes and shapes of scalable structural and armor panels in SM Armory and SM Marine. and likely other mods too Do note that in regards to BDA and Armor normal structural plate has the armor value of wet cardboard, only properly created armor is shell resistant
  10. How do you want them implemented? smart dumb cluster?, Dont get me wrong the models look fantastic but they're a bit overdone for bombs, a disposable thing, Weapons are chosen for the function (usually) not because they look pretty That said it's fairly simple to get them BDA ready great stuff, happy booms
  11. And don't forget chaps that DDS is flipped vertically in relation to png, Which is what caused LG's weird textures above Yes you do
  12. Hi this is due to either an incorrect installation of BDA or you are using and incompatible version of NKD for the BD version currently available. Every new version of BDA requires that the NKD plugin be updated also, I'm not aware of any recent updates to NKD (apart from the 122 recompile i did for a previous version of BDA ) and it is this that is likely to be a cause of your problem,
  13. The APU requires liquid fuel and intake air OR LFO for orbital use, it's not magic power I'm so happy with the way it works that the next mod collection of mine features vehicles powered exclusively ( less a starter battery or course) by the APU code as it can be used by many types of engines, so before you can even move the vehicle you have to start the engine/APU
  14. It has an auxiliary power supply that can be used to supply EC for the wheels, but no there is nothing currently that replicates the functions of ICE (the mod with the engines) and MMW after all it wasn't anything you now can't do with a module manager cfg, all ICE did was create a resource call it torque and have the wheels use that instead of EC
  15. Sorry to report that as far as I'm aware it's very dead now and has been for quite a while. I also recall the license being fairly restrictive which is likely why it didn't get adopted TTMW wouldn't work even if you found an old copy as the wheel collider system has changed so much since their creation that all they'd be likely to do is explode on contact with any surface That said KerbalFoundries are providers of the best wheels available for KSP,
  16. Hi really doesn't matter where the supporting code ends up, expansion, 1.3, or whatever I'll convert them just the same. Makes no difference to me.
  17. Hi, of course module manager is the way to go especially in the beginning, a nice easy to follow example has just been released that does pretty much the same as you'd like to do, but in decidedly un stockalike paint scheme. In fact it'd be pretty much replace the included textures with your updated ones change a texture name or 244 and off you go
  18. Kerbal Konstructs was and is updated by GerSpace, there is a thread for it. It is being looked after by another developer as the original creator (AlphaAsh) is currently engaged in making mods for other games and a game of his own. Any version other than the official version is unlikely to function as well as the current release does Which runways and launch sites you end up with is determined by which packs you downloaded and installed, not all packs feature all parts, to get all the runways and launch sites you need to have the main bases pack installed If you do have the main bases ( and there are no other undisclosed issues) and it still does not work, a copy of the KSP.log will be required to diagnose the problem
  19. Hi this may be a cause of some of your issues, as they should work, KK is very sensitive to the game environment and running with faulty mods can seriously cause you and KK some problems. If a mod doesn't work either find out why or remove it from your game. Even if it doesn't appear to be affecting your game it will be, either directly with messed up functions or by simply constantly writing errors to the log I've been using KK for ages and never noticed this artifact button Also while KK is not that memory hungry Kerbinside is, and form your crash log it looks like the cause of the crash was simply running out of memory You seem to have just over 4gb? Thats well below what I'd recommend for a modded install and must admit to some suprise that you even managed to load KK and kerbinside and still have decent performance The ideal log in order to further diagnose what happened is the KSP.log Your log simply shows the environment not the game as such, a point about that, Overwolf is pretty hungry by the looks of it and I'd consider not using it while running KSP through steam with such low memory reserves
  20. The mod as it is is only dependent on BDA in order to work in any version of KSP, IF there is a BDA version available for the KSP version you wish to play then this mod and all similar expansions will perform as normal. There are some minor exceptions but there are no version related problems with this mod that I know of.
  21. That is because technically there is no native ICBM capable weapons within BDArmory. and until very recently it wasn't possible however certain talented mod makers have been able to bully the code in such a way that an accurate ish representation of high altitude long range ICBM flight can be obtained, you will need to look to other weapon mods for those The best viable alternative if you want to stick with purely BDA is to check out the modular missiles that have just been created by @jrodriguez, they allow for the creation of any type of missile you can imagine from simple air to air to long range strike missiles Check these links to see if it's for you
  22. Large Boat Parts Pack KSP 1.2.2 Lizzy Update This mod gives you a vast assortment of pre made parts you can use to build ships. Mods like VesselMover and WASD Editor camera or Hangar extender are recommended as your ships can get very big. LBP has a new home, nothing else has changed, the management is the same the ships are the same. A new thread was needed in order to be able to update the first post, in order to notify of updates etc. I would also very much like to see some contenders for a featured ships gallery, ships considered should be well built and balanced in construction not just a gun fest please. EMERGENCY DOWNLOAD Ships Gallery very pic heavy Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Companion mods Thanks as always to @gomker @V8jester @XOC2008 and occasionally @colmo for testing bug hunting and sanity preservation
  23. SM Solutions Presents What is SM Marine? primarily its is a selection of parts and equipment to make your ships look more like ships, including better looking bridges with limited IVA, working radars, propeller drive systems, masts and antennas, I even found the time to add a few one part hulls As you may know I've been developing weapon mods forever and even as long ago as 0.16 I had working boats and submarines. upon my return I noticed a proliferation of boat mods and thought cool I like boats and ships a lot, i tried them and non of them fitted what I wanted, they were either too big, too complex or just not Spanner. So i started making a small selection of parts to make them more to my taste, along the way i dipped into my many years of experience in the marine industry and way too many hours spent on sea trials and made some hulls, that according to those who have tested them are some of the best behaved hulls in the game, naturally I'm biased. None of the parts are huge but they are all tweakscale prepared, so should you desire they can be huge . Changelog Notes on functionality All radar units included in this mod require BD Armory in order to function. ALL drive units require a recent copy of the Firespitter DLL to be installed, without firespitter there will be no engine sounds. Would very much like a standalone version of the engine sounds functionality Propeller effects are provided by stock modules as is engine reversing. Extending Radar and small Radome the unit is telescopic and also includes a targeting camera, The fwd or neutral position is marked on the shell by use of a yellow line There are 3 types of anchor included all types work as anchors when attached to a KAS winch mount, in addition anchor 4 will activate the AirAnchor functionality of the HL airships airpark modules ( working on a standalone version for this mod) All structural parts will and should sink, please let me know if you find something floaty that should not be. Drive Units and rudders have 0 buoyancy. Each hull carries a small amount of ballast space, each Bridge unit has a pump for filling and emptying the ballast space. The drive units power scales with size so it is possible to overpower all the hulls should an overly large drive size be chosen, for best results keep scales in parity. The Rudder. do not be tempted to add several rudders in order to quicken steering, due to lift in certain circumstances now providing speed it is possible with multiple rudders to induce uncontrollable handling characteristics. The hulls steer at an acceptable rate for the size and mass All of the hulls has RCS thrusters acting as fine position and maneuvering thrusters, these are powered from ballast stored in the onboard tanks, To activate RCS you will need to pump some ballast into the tanks then activate RCS as normal, no ballast = no thrust All drives are intended to run on Intake Air and liquid fuel, the included intake mast will provide enough air for fairly large scales of engine, this part is also scale able For ease and simplicity of use the bridge units carry small generators for LF IA and EC And as a bonus all parts work well with other ship mods especially the Large Boat Parts pack that i am now maintaining while Laythe is otherwise occupied The new small hulls are not currently balanced for HullBreach, they are a lot more delicate than the LBP parts and balancing is a time consuming process, As soon as the balancing is properly achieved the cfg's wil be added to HullBreach. The larger hulls are almost there and will sink with cfg's included in HullBreach The Tug can attach to any other vessel using the included grab parts, styled as a push bar and truck tire these function exactly the same way as the stock Klaw. To use mount the chosen type on your craft, once launched, select arm, this will raise the visible contact pads. To attach to another vessel approach should be around 1m/s any slower and it will not trigger, any faster and you may bounce off before the module can grab the other vessel. To release select release from the gui. Most ships in LBP can be moved by two tugs 1 at the stern of the vessel to be moved and one attached via the Truck Tire klaw to the side of the vessel to be moved just forward of midpoint. this forward tug provides steerage Craft Files Tugs complete Special thanks go to @gomker @XOC2008 @V8jester without whom the mod would not be as neat as it is , and thanks to all the others who've presented ideas, random thoughts which have become a reality Download from SpaceDock other downloads available shortly Emergency Download for when SpaceDock is not available Now available stand alone airpark works with the NEW ship main anchor Github dl and source Other Ship and Boat related useful mods and addons see below Hi all A Note concerning issues. There is now a git repository for SMM in order to access and provide a hard record of any issues that occur, as the mod list grows the more i find I'm forgetting and things that should be dealt with are slipping between the cracks. Therefore it makes sense to do something properly for a change . You can find the issues reporting page at this link NOTICE SM Marine is published under license type All Rights Reserved please do not relist or distribute this mod in any form, via any medium or service without my express permission. Hi all yes the button is new, i don't ever expect anyone to bother, you are certainly not obliged in any way, I was asked by several people this week, if there was a donation button in order to show their appreciation, the wife saw the requests, and after a some discussion i have given in and added a donation facility
  24. If you have the latest version of BDA then it is likely that the no explosions are due to the NKD not being updated to match the BDA version, (something I've done as a user service in the past due to PEW using the nuke FX , however my time with PEW is ending and I'm reluctant to spend anymore time in that direction) NKD is coded in a way that means every BDA update does (in order to remain fully functional) require a recompile of the NKD code and plugin to match the latest version. The problem of no explosions is an NKD problem not a BDA problem. The missing textures is likely an installation problem as all textures are present in the version i currently have.