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  1. Glad to hear that! Yeah, they fit a Mk3 bay, but only if you twist them 45º, to use the bigger diagonal for the wings. Anyhow, the docking bay is pretty cool... tiny quip, I would have tried to use the Hub-Max Multi-point connector (the six-way connector that has almost no use). But that's because I like to RP that the kerbals only move through kerbal-sized parts. And as for the cuppola tug, I wouldn't dream of calling dibs on something that simple. Convergent design with the same parts and all that. Give me a bit of credit in the thread if you really think I inspired it (I noticed the mention in the Kentipede's thread, BTW, thx), but I think it is very fair to say that particular pod, that's one you built. Rune. I like the looks of that Nuclear Fury, BTW.
  2. Those are mostly accurate points. I should totally update the Lackluster, plenty of minor revisions since the one on KerbalX. As to how to evacuate a VB... Don't have an emergency in the first place! But seriously, I rarely have anything more than a standard crew of three, two at the most, the extra space is purely for RP purposes. I would like to see that docking bay when you finish it, tough! And the Drive Pod thing is very weird indeed. I have actually launched that very same file, and I've never had that happening... with any of my pods, on this file or any other. I might have to investigate further, details appreciated. Rune. AFK right now, tough, until sunday at least.
  3. That's actually the Heinlein, a Kerbin-capable SSTO... you can grab it here if you want to take a closer look. My "Dwagon" is quite smaller: Rune. I love the new "fore by throttle" function.
  4. Good luck on the assembly! As to the DLC, well, I won't have to purchase it, since I'm one of those that bought KSP soon enough. I might throw someone a gift coupon or something to show Squad my support, tough. But as to what parts I'll use or won't use, well, as you say, it's way too early to tell. I can guarantee you one thing, tough, I will always post ships that everybody can use on RSUV. Not that I won't post ships with DLC content, but RSUV is for everyone, so just like with mods, I will keep this thread for what it's for, and mayhaps post elsewhere whatever isn't appropiate here. Who knows, I might bring back the skunkworks if the DLC parts are really cool, but behind a paywall. Rune. And if that encourages Squad to make the parts stock in a future update, well, even better.
  5. Considering that LM seems to need a 2.5m fairing, and that would make the S-IVb 3.75m... yeah, I'd say 5m parts are also kind of implied, if the proportions are to be kept. Then again, if we need three stages to lift off from kerbin, the F-1's are going to be crap, or the tankage is going to be made of lead. Rune. I'm quite interested to see what they did there.
  6. Yup, you caught the mistake I made while I was obsessing with the thing I had written right. Well, as long as I learn something, right? Rune. And I'll stop the OT now.
  7. I don't think that is the past form of pay... That sounds a bit weird... "I would move it so it went my way, and be both paying". Yeah, more than a bit weird, I still think some form of past would be better. I'm pretty sure "I would move it so it went my way, and be both had to pay" would be correct, but with paid somehow it sounds a bit funny. Rune. Yeah, that's my grammatical rule, wether something "sounds funny" or not.
  8. Whoa. That LM looks sick! And the fact that it heralds 1,875m parts is a big reveal indeed. Well, you got me hyped, that's for sure. Rune. Now excuse me, I have a magazine to read.
  9. Well, we are on different sides of a pretty arbitrary line... how would you feel if our places were reversed, and I was saying I didn't mind to pay for it? Would you argue that even though you get it free, I shouldn't pay either? Where does Squad draw the line between early adopters and others? Because form this side, if the line was moved, I'd move it so that it went my way, and we both paid*, but you clearly see things the opposite way. Not that any of us is impartial, so yeah, I suppose we will end up agreeing to disagree. *Non-english speaker note: in what tense should that "to pay" be? I took by best guess, but it's nagging me, so if I can use this opportunity to learn, thx in advance! Rune. And a good thing you don't have to buy the optional DLC, then.
  10. Well, they made me a promise that I had pretty much forgotten, and then they went and kept it. You see, back when I bought the game (2012), I really didn't expect KSP to still be a thing by now, or squad be so successful with it, or the game ever getting to where I would call it finished... andas much as I want more things in KSP, if Squad called it quits tomorrow, I wouldn't feel cheated in any way. Besides, as I'm saying, I'm kind of feeling obliged to buy this for somebody else, because I've enjoyed the game way too much for the ...15$ I paid for it? Do you also think I paid too little, BTW, because I bought 0.17? Rune. I kind of do.
  11. Wait, a DLC that I get for free because I have been here for like forever? And here I was thinking getting yet another update this week was already something very cool, considering I bought this game so freaking long ago! Congrats @SQUAD on going the extra mile to be the bestest game company I've ever been a customer to. Totally understand your necessity to create new revenue streams for KSP, and amazed at your generosity with your early backers. Rune. Heck, I'm thinking I'll buy the DLC for somebody else, just to show my appreciation.
  12. Congrats on the release! Rune. Will have to check it tomorrow, 2:16 here.
  13. Mmmm... it's been ages since I built a lander. Why do so, if I can use a kerbin SSTO that launches itself, and has huge tankage space by definition? Plus, I get to recover and/or reuse everything, so it's the most efficient way, fund-wise. Besides, with a proper fuel depot network, a Kerbin-capable SSTO can get itself almost anywhere, so there's hardly a need for a mothership. Maybe some help for the really difficult ejections, like Moho, but that's about it. You must watch a lot of challenges, where the design priority is usually mass, not cost, and it's usually done in a single launch. Rune. And even then, I would use a SSTA, because I hate throwing stuff away.
  14. It's not a bad SSTO. I gave the first one a try, and the main mistake was indeed the front wheel. But apart from that, and taking out the very excessive intake are (which I solved by just taking out all the precoolers and associated intakes, gaining much drag reduction in the process), it's just a little overpowered for its weight class. Then again, perfect for adding cargo on top. I would add a bit extra liquid fuel (I 'only' got 2.2km/s out of it empty of cargo in LKO), probably by changing the wings into BigS sections to reduce part count (and frankly, ugliness), and mayhaps lengthening the NERVA pods if it'll still handle the weight, and call it a pretty decent bird for its stated purpose. Rune. Oh, and the tail plane was not tweaked to yaw only, hence the yaw when rolling.
  15. I never stopped! I may have slowed down a bit, but that's because I am more or less happy with what I've got, and instead of spending all the time in the VAB and the testing save, I've been advancing my career save like, a lot. You should see it, it's glorious. Moho is pretty much all tamed, and I've got stuff outgoing to everywhere but Eve, with a sizeable Dunian flotilla only a few weeks from orbital insertion. Plus, I've decided Kerbin didn't have enough moons, so there's a standing order of capturing all Class E's that happen to come close by, and an kerbolnaut corp that's frankly crowding the KSC (61, and I still pick up everybody that shows with a special name). So far I've got six rocks with two more incoming, and still no magic boulder. One of these days! Rune. Still in the first in-game year, tough.