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  1. What is this new avatar AND WHY IS IT NOT A LOAF!? Who kidnapped our daily bread?!
  2. I'm sorry if I missed this... You know - Polyus - mouth-open & all that jazz! Machst 'nen prima Job, wäre wirklich 'ne Schande wenn so ein schönes 3D-Modell nicht seinen Weg in dieses Spiel finden würde
  3. I can chuck you the .cfgs in RL size if you want. They should work just fine with the new patch, I think.
  4. @NeoFatalis @Rory Yammamoto In the meantime, I would suggest downloading the OLDD N-I parts pack for this purpose. The parts are nearly in line with Beale's, and in the years I've used them these 20 or so parts were more than capable to simulate everything from a 200kg to 400ton LV, completely fulfilling my needs for Soviet-style launchers.
  5. Can't comment on the engine parts unification as I use something else entirely... But I think white suits the rocket parts best, while outer-space parts look just fine in their shade of gray.
  6. Beautiful little part! I feel old when I think about how Tantares has grown and developed Remember these, old sport?
  7. Is... is that Polyus? (You see, kind comrade Bealski, it appears as if you have just made me rise from the forum-dead with this post)
  8. Dir auch 'nen guten Rutsch What I'd really look forward to, and one of the rare things I've got the audacity to request... I'd really LOVE to see some frequently-launched satellite buses "contarized". Like the KAUR-1 (https://i.ytimg.com/vi/qpzfNOyr45g/hqdefault.jpg) and Meteor-1 (http://www.satflare.com/news/n3835/meteor-1-1.jpg). Those were launched rather frequently on lots of different missions, and I assume that they would add a lot of flavour to playing with Tantares+Contares.
  9. Nice! Now it looks a lot more like a true capsule! (And not flat like out of some Japanese cartoon ) Since when does Comrade Chief Constructor have access to our surveillance methods, Dmitry?
  10. I've got to say, the latest developments here have me on the very verge of moving to a semi-recent KSP build! But remember, Comrade Belykhlebovich, we always have an eye on you.
  11. @curtquarquesso What about the big 2.5m(3.75m?) almaz engine? You know, with the sharp taper and Soyuz-Service-Module-like engine?
  12. As a vital component of the Sodruzhetstvo II mission was a bit past schedule, we decided to use the new methalox 1st stage of the N-IIU for something that was on the shelves for quite a while... Zvezda 1! [imgur]aCHa8[/imgur] EDIT:Weee, page 1000!
  13. What a treat, 2 'tares updates in a single day... Seid ihr etwa aufeinander abgestimmt?
  14. @Beale,I was here all the time, I just didn't have anything to post, really. You on the other hand... should be expelled to some island to take some rest... Seriously, you might be spending a bit too much time around here. (Just kidding, 24/7 Beale!!!) @Niemand, yeah this is RSS with a *lot* of time and effort spent into designing realistic methane/methalox NTR/LANTR stages for the Soviets... I've spent a good couple o' pages of paper and RPA tests to get the YaRD-AF just right (I think that the LANTR version is 25+-s accurate, which is, IMO, a neat accomplishment I've built a 3rd stage methalox LANTR in fact with those fancy r/squareroot(2) bulges for maximum realism, proper ratio of oxidizer to fuel volumes... and now I can finnaly launch the same mass into orbit the Americans could with the Saturn V... and 20 tons more It isn't RO-ified, mostly because life support of a rather big space-station for 2 people isn't exactly challenging, methane is barely cryogenic and won't boil-off in 4 days in any significant amount (and the stage had 300m/s extra, for a total of... 4700-800m/s, so there was plenty of reserve left, anyway)... The loss in lifting capacity for a big booster like the N-I due to lower thrust at liftoff is trivial, too, and again, I had 300m/s to play with...
  15. So, as Beale is less active than usual (how dare he?! I want 24/7 coverage of my unintelligent posts by you Beale, 24/7!) it's time... TO CLOG THE THREAD UP WITH MISSION REPORTS! I present you, Zarya-I! If anyone cares, this was done with 0.90, with some Voskhod parts from... either raidernick or MrTheBull, OLDD, a heavily modified Kosmos RD-0440, procedural parts, and most importantly... Tantares.