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  1. Wanna read something funny? It's in Uomocapra's original announcement in this very thread
  2. Try switching to any of the previous betas and right after the game is "updated" switch back to the default "Opt out of all betas" option
  3. Please also tell us your hardware configuration. A DxDiag file would be most useful.
  4. Hi mikeshehadi, Please refer to the Stock support and bug reporting guide and provide the information pointed out there. Otherwise there's no way we can even begin to help you
  5. There's a pinned post explaining the procedure right here
  6. Hi WalnutCreekTom, You are likely being affected by the infamous Gatekeeper Path Randomization, A.K.A App Translocation. Without boring you with the details, the issue will likely be solved if you move the KSP icon ( from /Applications/KSP_osx to your Desktop, and then back to /Applications/KSP_osx. Note that in order to move a file to the Desktop and not create an Alias you may have to hold command while dragging the file. Hope it helps.
  7. Hi MissMolly, We recently updated the 1.3 installer, this new version should just work out of the box, no workarounds involve. Please try this new installer, not that it's a .pkg file instead of .dmg.
  8. Hi Sasha, You can do it the same way as you would any other Steam game:
  9. Hi r4nc0r, This is regrettably somewhat common, it seems the CU is still a bit rough around the edges. There are a couple things that could help you though. First of all, first party graphics drivers for all major manufacturers (Intel, Nvidia and AMD) started officially supporting the CU since quite recently, so try manually updating your graphics card drivers, preferably choosing a clean installation. The other thing is that the newly introduced gaming settings are known to not work for everyone, so disabling game mode and GameDVR might also help you with the crashing. Hope this helps
  10. Hey, tagging in on this issue. It's a known bug on the pre-release. Remember that new pre-release builds are published every Friday/Saturday (depending on your time zone), so if it's fixed it will most likely be reflected in that week's pre-release. For now, the only way to play KSP if you're suffering from this is to revert to 1.2.2
  11. Yes, that has happened to me as well. It did when I went back to the standard channel after having downloaded the prerelease. Looks like this is a bug in Galaxy itself. For me it went away after re-installing KSP through Galaxy.
  12. Yes, using GOG Galaxy select KSP and click the "More" button, in Settings, activate Beta channels and select the pre-release one.
  13. Thanks for you input, maybe making several tutorials is not necessary, but you break down of the mission is definitely helpful.
  14. Sorry rhidle, we haven't received any email messages in , is it the address you sent them to? Also note that there is no support on weekends.
  15. The mods subject is more of a legal problem than an implementation one, if the guys at Eucl3d can reach a legal agreement with the modders implementing mod parts wouldn't be hard at all, I guess they'll have to see how much of a demand there is and decide if it's a battle worth fighting.