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  1. Yes, that has happened to me as well. It did when I went back to the standard channel after having downloaded the prerelease. Looks like this is a bug in Galaxy itself. For me it went away after re-installing KSP through Galaxy.
  2. Yes, using GOG Galaxy select KSP and click the "More" button, in Settings, activate Beta channels and select the pre-release one.
  3. Thanks for you input, maybe making several tutorials is not necessary, but you break down of the mission is definitely helpful.
  4. Sorry rhidle, we haven't received any email messages in , is it the address you sent them to? Also note that there is no support on weekends.
  5. The mods subject is more of a legal problem than an implementation one, if the guys at Eucl3d can reach a legal agreement with the modders implementing mod parts wouldn't be hard at all, I guess they'll have to see how much of a demand there is and decide if it's a battle worth fighting.
  6. It will most likely already be $15.
  7. It\'s kind of an old model, I got it like two years ago and even then it wasn\'t that recent. If memory serves me right it was like $400-$500.
  8. Yes it is a leap year, besides, haven\'t you heard, we\'re putting 0.14.X1 out tonight:
  9. I just saw this, it\'s a shame not a lot of people posted, I would like to know the average KSP player\'s hardware specs, mainly out of morbid curiosity, but also to know how hard is it safe to push the graphics hardware. Anyway, I\'ll give you my computer specs: Intel Core i7 980x @stock freq 8GB RAM DDR3 @1600Mhz (Patriot Viper) 120GB Kingston HyperX SSD nVidia Quadro FX 1800, 768MB GDD3 Seasonic 750W PSU Cooler Master Centurion 534 case
  10. We\'re evaluating the possibility to have more payment options, and yes, paysafecard is being considered. Cheers.
  11. Yeah, it would most likely be more profitable, but we just wouldn\'t feel comfortable doing that, we would feel as sneaky and evil as *cough* big *cough* software *cough* companies. Anyway, thank you all for your pre-orders and your support.
  12. J\'ai trouvé une tres bonne guide sur Youtube,
  13. Je suis désolé, je n\'avais pas eu le temps de répondre. Le point est qu\'il faut suivre Mun un peut, au moins jusqu\'a-ce que sa force gravitationelle attire ton vaisseau, si tu est sur l\'influence de sa force tu y atteriras forcement, mais le probleme donc est de ne pas s\'écrasser, il faut se servir un peut des motors la aussi, pour un bon atterissage.
  14. Don\'t worry about it, go ahead and use it as your signature, in this case, we don\'t mind.
  15. Ce n\'est pas du tout une question de débutant. Il faut entrer en orbite autour de Kerbin, toujours avec de l\'essence, et des que tu vois Mun, il faut y accélér. Cet un sujet de physique qui s\'appele Vitesse de libération. J\'espere avoir été utile.