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  1. Which part is giving you trouble ? Accessing MJ Accessing MJ modules Controlling the vessel with MJ All of the above
  2. It would not be hard to write but I really do not have the time ATM. If you want some nice graph with scale (and no doubt somewhere export) : + )
  3. Please no. Those 2 are far from being the same. By your comparaison a high range phone has the power of a PC...
  4. Great, I ll add the range check I forgot for the next version
  5. Ok, I guess you changed some mod and you have less landing site than before. In your GameData\MechJeb2\Plugins\PluginData\MechJeb2\mechjeb_settings_global.cfg you should find a "landingSiteIdx = x". Before launching the game edit the file and set the x to 0. Your save game should have a couple of those too, you can change them too (make a copy before editing). I hope this is it
  6. Hum, interesting one. Do you have "Replace drop down menu with arrow selector" active in the settings window ? If yes uncheck it and it should solve the problem and I ll fix the code for the next version.
  7. No, can you ping me again in week or so ? I am quite busy at work ATM and I don't really have the will to look at code at home
  8. Mere mods can't stop the power of the Nyan bringer !
  9. What you suggest is not using trim. It is (and you even wrote it) adding the user input to MJ input. The fact that MJ does not do it is a choice, not a omission. I could add an option however.
  10. Since MJ does not uses the stock SAS I don't see how this would help.
  11. The new build should fix it. It was a stupid copy/paste error. I will think about the profile thing. It's not that easy to disable without any impact. You want your config to be only on the gobal settings, or to be saved in the ship themselves ?
  12. It s in the changelog. (I know, the doc is a mess...) Version 2.6.14/15/16 @key,* = xxx applies to all presents key value @key[1] += 1 will apply the math to the 2nd component in a comma separated vector. "key = 0,1,0,1" will be " key = 0,2,0,1" @key[*] += 1 will add 1 to all elements of the vector. "key = 1,2,3,4" will be changed to "key = 2,3,4,5" @key,*[1, ] += 1 will do it on all the key
  13. So many objective comments in this thread. It's Overwhelming.
  14. That's something that should be fixed in the current dev release. I did not get much feedback however (and I would love some because this will be the base of MJ for KSP 1.3)
  15. While I agree with the sentiment of "no scale is terrible" I have to deal with the mess that is Unity old UI. There will be a scale when I am done rewriting the UI to the the new modern UI.