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  1. This does not work anymore ? of the intel one that should work on CC
  2. The MM cache file in gamedata has all the patched config, and the "dump" button of the UI (ALT F11 in the main menu or spacecentrer) will write patched cfg files in <KSP>/_MMCfgOutput
  3. hum. I don't see where you create an empty GameObject. You search for a transform in a model, add a Camera component to it. Then search for the Camera Component you just added (???) and change the parent to itself. The last part, as many years of SF about time travel taught us, will not end well. What you want may be closer to this. But know that you need more than 1 camera to show the scene so you would have to create one for each of FlightCamera.fetch.cameras[x] (2 in currently). See JPLRepo post for the details displayTexture = new RenderTexture(dPixelWidth, dPixelHeight, 24, RenderTextureFormat.ARGB32); displayTexture.Create(); // not sure if mandatory displayMaterial = internalProp.FindModelTransform(dTransform).GetComponent<Renderer>().material; cameraParentTransform = internalProp.internalModel.FindModelTransform(cameraName); GameObject cameraGameObject = new GameObject("MyNewCamera"); cameraGameObject.transform.parent = cameraParentTransform; cameraGameObject.transform.localPosition =; cameraGameObject.transform.localRotation = Quaternion.identity; Camera cameraFeed = cameraGameObject.AddComponent<Camera>(); cameraFeed.CopyFrom(FlightCamera.fetch.mainCamera); cameraFeed.fieldOfView = 110; UtilisTools.Log(this, "Camera created"); displayMaterial.mainTexture = displayTexture;
  4. I will just add for other who stumble here that if you call GetComponents often then you dhould use the call that take a list as an argument, and reuse that list.
  5. Can you please not spread misinformation Edit: uh the pod. Sorry, it is indeed deprecated but the problem lies with the feet/wheel hierarchy, not the coliders. It should not show up in the techtree however...
  6. Was looking for the Debug tool think the name was you made can you look link it please and thanks.

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  7. I am quite certain that the problem is in RCS BA. A long time ago an other mod had the same problem. It modified the stock GUI skin without cloning it first, so it changed the UI of other mods.
  8. While I know you mean it and that some of the drama in this thread is a bit overboard I would rather have a quote from T2 than Squad. R* blog is full of post about modding and yet T2 shot down GTA modding.
  9. It seems I am far more than redacted :wink:


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  10. Knock yourself out :
  11. Sorry about that. The release came at the worst time for me IRL and I left things half done.
  12. And you still have ";" at the end of your lines. It is not a C# file.
  13. Did you have a look at lingoona help ? It seems the strings definitions can handle those
  14. I would not make de call static bu I would add a singleton to access the object.