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  1. No. MJ only controls loaded vessel and I have no plans to change that.
  2. Make sure to test with other scenario than EVA with a hatch (like ejected from a command seat ? Forgot how that one works) so be sure your code is not dependent on event created by UI code..
  3. The module name is KerbalEVA so I don't see how it would work with v.rootPart.Modules.Contains("Kerbal") and the fastest would be v.rootPart.Modules.Contains<KerbalEVA>()
  4. The KSP way is TimeWarp.fixedDeltaTime (and some other in TimeWarp). You can also check Unity native method since KSP use them outside of high time warp : Time
  5. Most likely a commit before but it is broken anyway A minimal craft I can use to test ? pod + Engine + Tank (fuels?) ? Hopefully it s easy to duplicate because I don't see anything obviously wrong.
  6. Your will experience decay of the orbit for the vessel you control then. You should not deactivate core option for to make a mod working...
  7. It was not directed at you
  8. So you use a mod that already does 90% of your needs and instead of asking "Hey, can you add a 'retract panels when moving' option to MJ" (MJ already has all the panels deployments code since it does it for the ascent AP & scripting module) you ask for a brand new mods ?
  9. There is no complex process. If I know you and you usually provide decent code then your merge is accepted. If I don't know you I ll try to read up and test the code, if I have the time. The dev branch should not be expected to be stable. Sure that's where you will find the last new goodies but it does not get the same testing as the official release. For official I try to make sure most stuff works (but with the size of MJ and the possibilities of KSP building testing has its limits).
  10. I guess the new code make some over problems with the RCS controls more obvious. I ll see if I can have a look and/or add a switch that make the new code optional. Your vessel is heavy or light ?
  11. In the mean time switching to GL.Quads should not be hard. You would have to give 4 points per line segments.
  12. I ll try to unearth some code I have to use it, but I think it had some large problems. That s why I don't use it in MJ (I own the asset so I have all the nedeed doc and still did not manage to make it work as I wanted). My advice would be to wait for the next KSP to redo it. It should use a new Unity and version avec 5.4 have a improved lineRenderer that does as well as vectosity and is much easier tu use.
  13. This is exactly what it says it is. A build for KSP 1.2, mainly targeted at the RO/RSS users. I will try to keep it up to date with the dev branch. The main problem with that is that the build number are currently different... For now it has all the last ascent AP improvement from Lamont. That should please all RSS users.
  14. At work so I don't have code around to check but from memory I think it is related to the camera used by Vectrosity. It is setup to draw in ScaledSpace.