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  1. I'll have to take a look at the issues, I've found a number of issues myself (never take good note of them, though :/)
  2. As I still use AFBW, I expect I will do an update, but I can't make any promises as to when.
  3. KIS has updated too, and KAS might get at least a pre-release soon, so at least pad builds will be possible.
  4. For one, no point in updating EL until MM updates (builds won't work without it), and since survey builds are pretty popular and require KIS (and survey builds without KAS are no fun), best to wait until those update too.
  5. @marshingo: wild guess: KSP 1.3? EL hasn't been updated.
  6. Nah, leave your posts so others can see the "problem" and its "solution" (quotes because both words are a bit strong here).
  7. Are some fairing shapes better than others? I would expect shape would matter, but one thing I've learned from you is my intuition about aerodynamics is generally wrong.
  8. That is odd, the cameras are there in my test export. As for analyzing the file, take a look at dump.py in the io_object_mu, it's a tool I created to help me debug various issues.
  9. Not only does the stock model generate too much lift when going slow, it generates too little lift when going fast (high subsonic speeds) preventing super cruising. So not only does FAR allow planes to go faster, it allows them to go higher and farther.
  10. Actually, I found the change that fixed the bug you're encountering: Tue May 10 18:06:50 2016 +0900. Update by cloning from github (rather than downloading any zips). That way, in the future you can update just by doing a "git pull".
  11. This may or may not be the cause of the errors, but I was able to export the internal (unmodified) just fine: you need to select the root object of the heirarchy. This is the empty named "MK3_CrewCabin_Int", and is at the root of the tree in the scene view (currently hidden under your error panel). If you select only that empty, it should work.
  12. @Das_Sheep: Get in touch with @riocrokite, he's doing some BIG mining equipment that does look the part.
  13. It's quite possible to make the stock drills extract MetalOre, but there are a couple of problems with it: I prefer to work with mass rather than volume, so that's how EL's augers are set up (custom extractor module derived from the stock one, but with custom recipe handling). This means doing a balanced config for stock drills will take some skull-sweat. Stock drills are suited only to gaseous and liquid resources: how are you supposed to get rock, even powdered, up that pipe? Yeah, the auger is not the nicest thing to look at, and it doesn't fold away, but it does at least look right for the job. As an aside: I don't use the stock system at all (minus the fact that the auger will automatically pull MetalOre from the stock system). I much prefer Kethane's mechanics (part of why I took it over) and I'm quite happy with using multiple drills: kethane drills for Kethane, augers for MetalOre. I really need to get around to doing a tutorial series, but of all the bases I've made (8 now, I think), I have flown augers (or even smelters) out to only one: the very first one. At all other bases, I built everything on-site. I even usually build better workshops on-site. I have launched exactly two workshops (the big blue thing) into LKO, but built many stations. When I fly a good workshop out to a base, usually it was built in LKO (my current Jool mission is an exception: didn't have time before the launch window to build the engire ship, so I flew up a workshop to build the Jool ship. In summary: all you need to start a base is a survey station, some survey stakes, and sufficient RocketParts to build a tiny auger (0.5328t), tiny smelter (1.5t), and a rocket workbench (1.5t), plus a few extras (batteries, solar panels, legs, KAS connectors). The smelter has built-in storage for MetalOre, Metal and ScrapMetal, you already have storage for RocketParts (though you will want to build more), and with the above, you will have everything you need to get a fully functional base up and running.
  14. It certainly rang a bell, but I had to follow the link. Yes, indeed, it is thanks to de Laval that we have KSP (no nozzle -> no rockets -> no KSP).
  15. FAR does not touch the aero-effects: they're purely cosmetic with little meaning when it comes to anything accurate.