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  1. @GonDragon: Just this morning I pushed a commit that makes the addon recognize version 5 .mu files, so I suspect that's your problem. Also committed changes such that attach nodes are exported as NODE{} allowing access to the other attach node options.
  2. Yeah, that's the main (or even the) reason multiple stakes of the same setting are supported, with the average of their positions being used.
  3. MFT never really understood "cryogenic", only RF did (and does). Some tanks were mistakenly marked as cryogenic in earlier versions, but that was fixed a while back (KSP 0.23.5).
  4. @Horus: egad, combination of a merge failure and a build-script failure such that I failed to notice the error. Thank you. I have released version 5.8.2 of EL. Changes from 5.8.1: Fix an accidental reversion to KSP 1.2 api due to a merge error. Oops. Check for errors in my release script. Double oops. * taniwha dons a brown paper bag.
  5. I found the cause of that particular bug and things seem to be ok now, just doing a little more testing before doing another release.
  6. It turns out I broke things in 5.9.1, but nothing /too/ serious: MFT tanks start out with no resources at all, but once filled, they work. Until I get it fixed (hopefully soon), you can use the auto-fill buttons in the PAW (right-click menu).
  7. Actually, it's pretty much ready. Just need to put some polish onto a new feature (kerbnet access).
  8. I have released MFT version 5.9.1, fixing the error reported by @Flow. Many thanks.
  9. @snkiz: all configuration information is in the Data directory (in the source code) or in GameData/AdvancedInput/Plugins/PluginData/AdvancedInput. The deviceconfig.cfg file is meant to hold all the bindings and axis configs (balanced (-1..1) vs unbalanced (0..1), inverted, etc). the saitek_x52.cfg file is what I use to name the axes and buttons. If you edit those appropriately for your controller(you will need to put in the correct device name (shown in the test window), I will include your changes in the repo. I very much do plan on adding in-game config like what AFBW has (probably AFBW's main selling point, really). Oh, also, not many button bindings exist yet. However, thank you for your feedback!
  10. @Flow: I have reproduced the problem even with my fix for the app launcher. I'll see what I can do.
  11. @snkiz: If you want, you can take a look at my work so far. It talks directly to Linux's evdev system (I need help for Windows and Mac support) and uses cfg files for joystick configuration (death to XLM). Currently hand-coded configs because I've been concentrating on functionality rather than user interface.
  12. @snkiz: I compiled it for 1.2, but it seems to work in 1.3, so try this zip. If things continue to not work, please get me your log files (generally KSP.log is best). Note that KSP crashing is not worth a log, just a report on when it crashed (eg, during loading, after pressing a high-numbered button, etc). As a note to all: I don't know i this is Unity in general, or just on Linux, but there seems to be a bug in Unity's joystick support where joysticks with more than twenty buttons (Unity's limit) can cause Unity to crash when some of the excess buttons are pressed. I discovered this because I am writing a new joystick mod (taking many ideas from AFBW), and wasted a day debugging my code only to find that unity with neither my mod nor AFBW installed would still crash with a segfault when I sufficiently played with the hat on my throttle.
  13. @Flow: thanks, I'll look into it. @Gordon Dry: Already fixed locally as I noticed it in flow's logs. flow: I doubt they're related, though it is possible.
  14. Yeah, depending on your workshop, level 2 or 3 is sufficient to guarantee productivity. Aanything with a productivity factor >= 1, or with the fully equipped flag set, needs only level-2, otherwise level-3. Oh, and the productivity shown in the build window is for the entire vessel (Vessel Productivity in PAWs). For the productivity of individual workshops, you still need to click around. I'd like to add such a display, but I need to rework EL's gui first.
  15. @charliepryor: I may have misread your logs, but it certainly looked like a productivity issue. However, your problem was the impetus for me to finally put in that display (it has been requested a few times, but I kept forgetting).