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  1. No worries. Really, I should take that old drill out entirely, but I worry that someone might return from a very long break and have trouble loading old designs (but then again, are .craft files that old loadable?)
  2. It is a bit rough, but at least the licensing on all the relevant code (both Kethane itself and the geodesic grid) are under a useful license. Kethane has been around for a very long time, longer even than explicit licenses have been required for posting mods on the forums. When the requirement came in, ARR licenses were the norm rather than the exception (and having no license means ARR). I am rather curious about why you want the old radial drill. I looked, but I don't have the texture (oldest Kethane zip I have is 0.8.1).
  3. They are All Rights Reserved, and yes, that's why they're not on github. Check LICENSE.md in GameData/Kethane for details.
  4. @SparkyFox: No. First, I'm not sure I can (I don't own the files), and second, when I looked at the model in blender, the nightmares returned (to be fair, I was still struggling with ship editing when the models were switched).
  5. Yeah, it could be. I've heard reports of IFS not cooperating. However, I have found a problem in EL where it was unable to get at KIS container contents. I've fixed that (yesterday), but the two issues might be related (same idea, different places and slightly different solutions).
  6. @nat: Then make sure you have sufficient of the relevant resources on your station: EL does not create stuff out of nothing (SolidFuel and Ablator are created from RocketParts). If you have the resources, then my guess is some fuel-switcher mod is interfering (shouldn't be MFT as I use that).
  7. @nat: First, the transfer does not happen until you hit Release. Second, you need to have those resources on-hand. Oh, and if you're building via a survey site, you cannot transfer resources. (you need to use KAS pipes or similar).
  8. It's hard coded, but I'm thinking of making something in there configurable: KSP's RNG does seem to be unfairly biased against engineers.
  9. Oh, haha. I see your problem. You're testing with Bill Kerman. If you do the math by hand, his productivity is exactly 0. 32-bit floating-point math gives -1.490116E-08. A few choices to fix: get him more experience (2 stars is enough for your purposes), test in sandbox, or find a better engineer. BTW, that 0 productivity for Bill was a complete fluke: I designed the curves just to "feel ok" to me, and found that poor Bill wound up with 0 (Bob about 0.8, Jeb about 0.4 or 0.5, don't remember, Val somewhat higher, but she came along long after even experience handling).
  10. Do you have any crew in there? Do they have the ExConstructionSkill trait? What's your vessel productivity?
  11. It is "ExConstructionSkill", not just "ConstructionSkill".
  12. @Angel-125: I'm glad I was able to help. Also, the offer in the PM still stands, so any time. The pad looks really nice. I've been actually playing KSP again lately (shock! horror!) and I've been finding various little niggles in EL, so there should be some QOL updates soonish.
  13. This is the block I mentioned: [LOG 16:14:13.080] [EL Workshop] Kerbal: Gerra Kerman 0.7843105 0.4629743 False 0() 0 False 5 False False [LOG 16:14:13.081] [EL Workshop] Kerbal: Jonney Kerman 0.002155515 0.8210124 False 0() 0 False 5 False False [LOG 16:14:13.082] [EL Workshop] Kerbal: Kirwig Kerman 0.3146765 0.5834651 False 0() 0 False 5 False False [LOG 16:14:13.083] [EL Workshop] Kerbal: Maxenna Kerman 0.5610824 0.05136281 False 0() 0 False 5 False False And this is the code generating it: Debug.LogFormat ("[EL Workshop] Kerbal: " + "{0} {1} {2} {3} {4}({5}) {6} {7} {8} {9} {10}", crew.name, crew.stupidity, crew.courage, crew.isBadass, experience, expstr, contribution, hasConstructionSkill, crew.experienceLevel, enableSkilled, SupportInexperienced); So, for whatever reason, none of your crew has the construction skill. It the logs you gave me, Gusfry (your engineer going by your screenshot) is in the GondoLab, while the Gerra and co (in the log block) are in the Bison Command Cab. EL adds the workshop to all parts that have ModuleCommand, thus the cab has the workshop module. It appears the GondoLab does not. As a reminder (you have it for the stockyard) you will need NEEDS[Launchpad] for your MM patch. As for your screenshot: I don't know what's up there. However, I did just check that things work as expected in sandbox, and they do here.
  14. Don't get me wrong: there's nothing wrong with lots of mods (part of the joy of KSP!). It's just that mods having problems with EL and throwing exceptions (or just throwing exceptions normally anyway and EL suffering) has been a problem in the past.