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  1. @HiThere!2 I know - note the smiley
  2. No - Who summoned me? @AmpsterMan ?
  3. @Physics StudentYeah, while the MM wasn't actively de-orbited, the orbits around the Moon tend to be so unstable that they crashed rather soon anyways. So while the procedure is not historically correct, the outcome is
  4. No, all points you can gain are mentioned in the original post
  5. Here is my design for the Fenrir Munar Lander Mk.I: It's powered by a quite large fuel cell. It has room for three kerbals (four actually, as I'm using a Mk.1 Lander Can as an airlock). The descent stages stays on the Mun with the airlock, fuel and engines for landing, landing legs and energy storage. Has rover for the whole crew. And my munar mission: Full Album Launch Vehicles: Only use replicas of the Constellation-specific launch vehicles (Ares I, Ares IV, and Ares V) for all launches from Kerbin. (+10) Ares I: Your Ares I analogue has one solid rocket motor on the first stage* and one liquid rocket engine on the second stage. *For stock entries you are allowed to use multiple first-stage solid rocket motors, so long as they all ignite at the same time and have the same burn time. (+5) Ares V: Your Ares V analogue has 5 liquid rocket engines and two solid rocket boosters on the first stage, and one liquid rocket engine on the second stage. (+5) Stage Recovery 1: The solid first stage of the Ares I can land safely in the ocean with parachutes. (+3) Stage Recovery 2: The SRBs on the Ares IV and V can land safely in the ocean with parachutes. (+4) Orion: Orion is launched on the Ares I rocket and has space for at least three kerbals for stock entries, or four kerbals for modded entries. (+6) Crew Safety: Orion includes a solid-fueled launch escape tower. (+4) Crew Mobility: All surface modules have functional ladders. (+1) Commnet: Do everything with commnet enabled at the default (normal mode) settings or more difficult. (+10) Objective: Using the Orion spacecraft and the Altair lander, send four kerbals (three for stock entries) to the surface of the Mun and return them safely to Kerbin. (+20) Kerbin Orbit Rendezvous: The Orion spacecraft and the Altair lander are launched separately and dock in Kerbin orbit before transferring to the Mun.(+8) Accurate Altair: The Altair Munar Lander includes a descent module and an ascent module, and has space for all four kerbals (three for stock entries). (+7) Fuel Cells: The Altair lander is powered by a fuel cell. (+2) Descent Module: The Altair descent module is left on the surface of the Mun, and includes: airlock, fuel and engines for landing, landing legs, power storage (at least 1000 electric charge). (+4) Kerbin Departure Stage: The Mun transfer burn is done using the upper stage of the rocket that launched the Altair lander. (+3) Altair Orbital Insertion: The orbital insertion burn at the Mun is done using the engines and fuel system of the Altair lander. You should design the lander to include enough additional fuel in the descent module to accomplish this task. (+3) Mun Rover: Bring along a rover with seats for at least half the crew. (+3) So, overall I'm claiming 98 points. Notes: The Fenrir lander needs more fuel in the descent stage. Fuel ran out 3 meters above the munar surface. But everything went well. Need some batteries on the ascend stage. Energy became sparse during the ascend. At some point during construction the Freyja Capsule lost it's RCS thrusters. Not good. Docked with the Fenrir using only the main engine ^^
  6. Well, I finally found some time to build a few rockets. I hope it's allright that I live out my pet peeve and rename everything to something Norse. I give you some hardware of the Valhalla Program: Freyja Capsule Naglfar I Naglfar V That giant faring ontop of the rocket hide two orange tanks I used as test cargo. The Maybe she's a bit overpowered....but better to big than too small.
  7. Nicely done! Thats a very neatly designed rocket Sorry, but collecting science from orbit over two diffrent biomes does not count.
  8. I welcome any entry to my challenge But as mentioned in the OP the crucial events should be documented by screenshots, so I guess you would have to fly it again. About the Stock Part Revamp: Could I load your rocket in a stock ksp installation? If yes -> you get to the stock leaderboard otherwise you can get on the modded leaderboard.
  9. yyyyyyyno. Although not clearely stated, I was thinking of some kind of landing on Kerbin. Not just crashing into it
  10. Does anyone else have problems with building a reuaseable Ares I first stage? These kickback boosters seems to dissolve on contact with water....
  11. @JacobJHC Thats a very cool mission. Please calculate you points yourself, you should find find everything you need to know in the original post.
  12. Unless I add a few more goals... You know, to keep you guys motivated.
  13. Building a functional Ares I copy is suprisingly difficult. The Kickback SRB is just lacking in power...
  14. Well, it does very much look alike, I see why you would want to use it
  15. Your welcome to participate I considered your suggestion. The Ascent Propulsion System used oxidizer and a fuel, so going with monopropellant doesn't seem quite right.