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  1. THANK YOU. Ugh, I was wondering why my engines would explode on decouple.
  2. Oh, didnt realize that was a seperate mod. One other question. Im playing with a different tech tree than stock (engineers) and the longer fuel tanks arnt unlocking yet I have access to long 1.25m tanks. How do i go about removing the tech requirements
  3. The payload and stage fairings. They appear to form to parts but there is no stage icon.
  4. For some reason the fairings arnt working in 1.2.2 even with the fix. Any way to resolve this?
  5. why in the world would you NOT want to play with the new areo model.... things actually fly like they should in the new model.
  6. Nope... just no.. A synthetic benchmark DOES NOT equate gaming performance. And my GPU comparison is very relavant as the OP wants a 3D based game, something thats going to be VERY DIFFICULT to do on a GPU that has half the processing power of a R7 240, a card that even Linus from LTT thinks is garbage. Also, you trying to tell me that a phone (the 6S in this case) with a quarter of the power, can play a 3D game just like an AMD A10 that pushes 770GFLOPS, I call utter nonesense. Could we have a 2D version of KSP with CPU performance... maybe, I'm still questionable. But thats not what the OP is wanting, is it.
  7. As @Red Iron Crown mentioned, there are 64bit versions currently, but unless you know what you are doing in Linux and have a powerful GPU (something better than a GTX460 BTW), don't bother. OpenGL isnt near as fast as DirectX for some unknown reason, and I could never KSP to start under Ubuntu anyway. The community workaround has several drawbacks, there are some bugs (like the Stragegia mod being unuseable in late game), mouse button issues, building issues and all around unstable (but more stable than an install full of mods). If you want to play stock or with a few mods, 32 bit works just fine.
  8. OPM is already supported.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but editing the minlevel of the strategies should allow you to bypass this requirement, correct? I play with an upgraded KSC anyway because even with the facility reset, its STILL bugged (KSC)
  10. Use Kerbal Construction Time... if you want to play without the time delay, you can disable that in the settings.
  11. Yeah, obviously you can't make the change in only one area.. the Mun's orbit would have to change to allow for a window. Thats what HSS does, it changes the Mun's orbit to a similar 26 degree or so orbital inclination... I forget what Minmus is though. And yeah, Axial tilt is a thing I wish they could easily impliment into KSP, but it requires massive rework.
  12. Nope... no physics warp and roll was pretty good with SAS with multiple engines.. You could even get the bug when you ran a simulation under KCT when you placed the craft in orbit. I tried ALT X the first time this showed up, Nothing.
  13. Can't see how though, considering I have all the same mods...
  14. So I'm a tad addicted to mods, and my GPU/CPU just isn't capable of dealing with OpenGL (not to mention the whole host of glitches that brings) and used the X64 Community Workaround. So far the only real bug is the buildings, but I found I lost little to nothing when I simply started with a fully upgraded space complex and just bought all my parts anyway. But there was one really REALLY nasty bug. It was if I had a phantom joystick or seperate SAS mode activated when I didn't (neither MechJeb or RemoteTech) that kept wanting to induce an extreme left or right roll. Things would be fine if you turn SAS on, but any attempt at a roll command with fine controls enabled issued an immediate reversal of your command as soon as you stopped the roll command and would often go past that, making you only able to roll in one direction.Now normally, this wouldnt be a problem, however with SETI Rebalance and the pretty much universal removal of reaction wheels and needing RCS... this proved to be a major fuel waster. So after being fed up with a glitch in my save that caused Kerbal Alarm Clock to freeze the game at timewarp anytime I was flying a ship (but only at 1000x and above), and my wanting of alarms for Transfer Windows, and being overall fed up with the phantom roll commands, I decided to do a complete new install and downloaded all my mods Via GitHub, KerbalStuff and Curse (where applicable).... I am pleased to report that at least the roll command bug seems squashed (YAY)... Therefore, I'm done with CKAN... For all I know there were folders that I didn't need... not sure though.
  15. A better method is to move KSC to more northern/southern location like in Harder Solar System, this would offer more of a challenge, and 3 degrees is nothing considering its size and mass.