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  1. No, it was using the prior dll. I'll test yours if I get a chance this evening.
  2. The only problems I had with docking port nodes was in the VAB. I could not place the Gemini nose cap or the Apollo LES without a lot of jiggery-pokery. Otherwise they worked as normal.
  3. Binning TweakableEverything cleaned up a lot of the weird behaviours I've encountered. Nice to have confirmation TE is the problem.
  4. Groovy. Upload your logs if you want an actual answer to the problem. There's a reason you're seeing a problem where others aren't, but that can't be determined until you provide more information as requested.
  5. Here's the dev libs. They're ever so hard to track down. http://developer.razerzone.com/works-with-chroma/download/
  6. That doesn't give you license to disregard the 55% who don't. Never mind that it's rubbish data and not at all representative of the actual user base, just those who happened upon this sorry show. It's a moot point anyway. You've made up your mind what you intend to do, wishes of the content creators and reality in general be damned.
  7. OK, it's pretty obvious that being told no doesn't sit well with you. And if you consider restrictive licenses to be "dodgy tactics", you really should take the time to understand licensing and the reasons for it.
  8. If you're judicious about it. Then the Vostok is most certainly alive and well.
  9. But not something that interests me if I have to install and keep track of another mod just to animate one part exactly once on one vessel. I'm good with the docking strategy.
  10. Thank you! I missed that statement somewhere along the line. It's a practical, logical solution.
  11. I knew I should have dropped a meme or two in my last post. Out of curiosity, then; if the Skylab ATM is not to be deployed in an animated fashion mimicking the real McCoy, what is the vision for it? I'm currently launching the M.O.L.E. ATM docked to the forward Skylab APAS port, then once in orbit I move it to a dorsal APAS port and re-dock. The procedure works well, even if it is a bit Mir-ish in nature.
  12. You have my sincerest sympathies. I've been stuck with StinkPads at my place of work for ages. They're not good for much else than running Bloat-us Notes and a lot of corporate spyware.
  13. 3) Clara and Ashildr made this look so easy. Where's that Type 40 TARDIS manual again?
  14. I don't know if my rig is a "proper" gaming system, but it's ridiculously overbuilt for a machine used primarily by a writer. AMD FX-8300 processor, 32GB RAM, 4.5 TB disk space, and an nVidia GTX 1050 Ti SC video card. I think my lowest frame rate, with SVE and SVT, has been 40-some FPS during a Saturn V launch. It's nice not having to wait for Google Earth to render in 3D as I zoom in for a tree-level look at Hadrian's Wall.
  15. Ouch! It would almost be faster to hand-draw each frame. Atmospheric flight must be like watching a lethargic flip book.
  16. I've been a Trekkie since 1966. And "The Inner Light" is one of the best Trek episodes of all time.
  17. Feeling nostalgic. I dunno, does it have a Ressikan flute stowed somewhere aboard?
  18. Right-click, select "Build Fairing". Nothing out of the ordinary.
  19. A lovely evening for a launch...
  20. It's a Skylabby kind of day... Getting the ATM into position once in orbit was a bit of a trick, but worth it.
  21. Well, the real Skylab didn't have a smooth go of things either.
  22. The Kvant might have had a purpose-built tug, but it seems a waste to bother with making one when it's a simple thing to improvise a tug from existing parts.
  23. I'd have to say flying an aeroplane as well. I can fly a plane about as well as a jellyfish can tapdance.