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  1. the hubble replica does not appear to have proper integration with commnet, or a probe core.
  2. Can I get some more eyes on this? Its a config of the LR-87-AJ9, based off of the config model and texture of the LR-87-AJ7. It loads and runs, but doesnt load the AJ7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lihrqfmmpwpes4n/bluedog_LR87_mod3.cfg?dl=0
  3. I'd like to request the LR-87-AJ5 and LR-87-AJ9. Keys to the full family of titan vehicles. Also, i activated the RL-10B2 despite all the warnings not to in the config, slapped together a delta III and it worked perfectly on the first flight, no spinning at all, RL-10B2 worked as expected.
  4. I dont do a career career, but I do follow a few realism rules. 1. No shutting down coasting then restarting first stages 2. Abort action must be configured on all manned craft 3. All flights from KSC must drop all their suborbital stages in the ocean. To this end, I restrict myself to flying within the lines of the below map, and even then there is some land over flight.
  5. Is this latest release backwards compatible with 1.22? I don't want to get 1.3 for a few small features I'll never use.
  6. BDB, the latest master with no other mods is crashing 1.2.2. previous versions of the master didnt, and I removed all other mods but BDB and its included dependencies. last line in the log before it ends: [LOG 12:33:00.470] PartLoader: Part 'Bluedog_DB/Parts/Saturn/bluedog_Saturn_S4_Tankage/bluedog_Saturn_S4_Tankage' has no database record. Creating
  7. Will the forums be moved to a T2 server?
  8. Go to the South Gate of CCAFS, dope space museum and SpaceX LCC. Port canaveral has the ASDS dock.
  9. It uses the stock "Advanced Tweakables" to toggle in flight. Need to have it enabled
  10. Constellation program, but with a liquid first stage for ares 1. They had good thinking with the Ares 5, not man rating the heavy lifter
  11. the blue streak engine looks like a atlas 3 pants'ed RD-180
  12. that almost looks like an atlas 3 first stage too... suggestion.