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  1. Go to the South Gate of CCAFS, dope space museum and SpaceX LCC. Port canaveral has the ASDS dock.
  2. It uses the stock "Advanced Tweakables" to toggle in flight. Need to have it enabled
  3. Constellation program, but with a liquid first stage for ares 1. They had good thinking with the Ares 5, not man rating the heavy lifter
  4. the blue streak engine looks like a atlas 3 pants'ed RD-180
  5. that almost looks like an atlas 3 first stage too... suggestion.
  6. Dang, so many manned spacecrafts
  7. Live view of F9-34 as today's the static fire http://original.livestream.com/spaceflightnow
  8. Inmarsat 5 F4 is being mated to the payload adapter/fairings. Static fire tomorrow, window unknown
  9. Real life docking takes 6-48 hours. Chill
  10. State department controls BLEO commercial? Thought commercial space was all FAA
  11. Yes, they will test the SuperDraco's at just above parachute altitude, if they work then dragon will proceed with a powered landing. If there is a problem, pop the chutes.