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  1. @TheEpicSquared here you go: https://mobile.twitter.com/SpaceX/status/846428353435332608
  2. $15.40 or $154. name your price. Kappa.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/NASASpaceflight/status/846332671554961410
  4. Taking requests? I'd like a offshore supply ship like Go Quest/Searcher.
  5. @Beale will the new Proton include a fairing for Blok D if it doesn't already?
  6. HIF doors opened, but they scrubbed 24 hours. Launch date as yet unaffected
  7. Rotating the vehicle so that the PSLV steering engine vernier were facing the direction of travel fixed it. Works fine. Now i need to cram more stuff on my satellites so that they weigh more than 1.7 tons.
  8. GSLV MKIII wants to flip a lot
  9. Contares has a stockalike Ariane V...
  10. One of the first AFTS flights was on F1 F2, over a decade ago. Long time coming.
  11. Per @EJ_SA the new SpaceX robot is called FRED (Falcon REcovery Drone).