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  1. @TimothyC you know this?
  2. No bother. I might have just randomly tossed some of my plans in random releases on the roadmap last night when I was kind of rushing to re-organize the roadmap. I'll fix it today now that the P5 is off my plate. P5 got prioritized currently because I kept seeing people use the outboard trusses and clipping in the SAWs, so I figure I release P5 to stop that habit, and make it look correct. Some ETS parts were already is the process of being made and have a small amount of work to finish. Those have also been pushed several releases and Its more that I want to just finish it so its not sitting at 90% complete for weeks/months on end. ETS trusses are extremely simplistic compared to ISS, so I was using those to test some new texturing techniques without altering the looks of the ISS parts. Those use a lot of repeating textures and meshes so its extremely easy to knock some of the parts out. An example, the ETS Z1 truss has ~90% of the meshes and textures that can be reused on the P1/P2, so its mostly just duplicate/place workflow.
  3. Celestron EdgeHD 11" here. Mostly dabble in astrophotography and some planetary with a ASI120MC. With local light pollution basically in the "white zone" its hard to get much of a wow-factor with visual observing besides looking at the moon, planets or double stars like Albireo. Ive used my AP setup to show friends and neighbors some fairly decent single-exposure shots that they wouldn't be able to see with the eyepiece alone.
  4. P5 is starting to get textured as I type. It will be out soon enough. Grapple parts no, those will be included in the next release which will hopefully be posted later next week.
  5. First, I would like to agree with this comment. Also I would love to see a well done engine particle effect for a linear aerospike.
  6. Engine looks great for a First start!
  7. Pot, meet kettle. Not according to the the Former Dev:
  8. An X-20 would be pretty cool.