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  1. Poke around in the GPP thread, I posted a stop-gap config that adds them, until Galileo & crew bring on official support.
  2. @Galileo AVC is telling me there's an update 1.2 out? Did I miss something??
  3. Year 3, day 178... As they have a habit of doing, the Kommissar is back! (Don't turn around...) Now that we finally have a lifter capable of lobbing a useful weight into orbit, we quickly loaded it down with every experiment we could possibly think of, for a Long Duration Expl... Excur... Exhu... Flarp. Just call it LDEF. But we forgot the ice cream. Pity about the ice cream. It ended up being just a little heavier than we estimated... In the end, it finally managed to limp into a somewhat useful orbit, but not high enough for the telescope to work. We also discovered that some fool put one of the no-tracking solar panels on backwards, so we're only getting half our required power output. Of course, everyone suspected Vlad at first, until I reminded them that he couldn't figure out how to use a screwdriver in the first place... Somehow, we also neglected to get any pictures of the deployed unit... Once we'd let the LDEF marinade for a while, we decided to send Ferdlin up to sample the science and see if he could fix the problems. The smell just isn't going away, so at least it gets him way downwind for a while. Hey, who left the dang service bay open?!? There's sensitive... stuff in there! This is probably the final form of our little Orbiter capsule, now equipped with full translation RCS, a forward docking port, and one a case of those little tree air fresheners. Without too much trouble, the engineers manage to track down the LDEF in space. Since Ferdlin is strictly forbidden from touching the controls. Which is odd, since he's also an engineer, but what do I know? I'm not an engineer, after all. Ferdlin remains in good spirits. Actually, maybe a dunk in some good spirits would do something about the smell, hmm... Closer.... clooooser...... NO NOT THAT CLOSE! Don't scratch the space paint, we've only got basic coverage on this thing! Thanks for the cut-rate insurance, Jake from State Farm. Ahem, well, anyway, with the autopilot maintaining position and pinky swears all around from Mission Control that we would let him back in again, Ferdlin steps out. Ironically enough, his first task is to attach the docking port he brought along, as the engineers forgot to put that on, too. Then he does something about that backwards solar panel. Now... what does that remind me of...? Float like an Egyptian. . . . dun nuh nuh nuh nuh, duh nuhnuhnuhnuh, duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh, everybody! Why... are you all staring at me like that? Once that was done, we successfully completed the first docking in space! And I sent the entire staff back to their rooms for rudimentary musical appreciation lessons. Ferdlin remains docked to the LDEF for a full day, collecting what experiments have finished. We might have left him up there longer, until someone pointed out that if we wanted the experiments back, we'd have to bring Ferdlin back, too. So he leaves the now fully-functional LDEF to fend for itself and begins his return. Our landing accuracy is really improving. The engineers came this close to a perfect hole-in-one from orbit into the old volcano. Ferdlin was fine, once he stopped rolling. ...and here I thought the smell couldn't possibly get any worse...
  4. Oh for flarp's sake! You just know since this is KSP someone is gonna make them fly and then they're gonna spin around in circles (since Kerbal stuff tends to do that) and then there'll be rain and wind and funnel clouds and that can't possibly lead to anything good! So... where can I download it?
  5. Welcome to the, er, club.
  6. Which one?
  7. Nuking, of course, is the only way to be sure. Preferably from orbit.
  8. Year 3, Day 128... With Ferdlin still too ripe for a proper debriefing, we just opened his cage room and threw in a box of Borax and some moist towlettes. Once they'd all run away, I had to explain to Vlad exactly what a "towlette" is, and how it does not, at all, involve juvenile strigiformes. Welp, then we sent a satellite to Rald... ...and so another piece of space junk takes its place among the angry crimson heavens... Oh, and apparently on Gael there are bugs as big as houses. Anyone got a spare room? Couch I can crash on? Dog blanket in the corner? Hellooooo?
  9. ...and here I am just struggling to reach Gael's small moons or lob anything over 10 tonnes.
  10. Question on that... do multiple Omni antennas "stack," or just it just figure for the single best one?
  11. Would totally read this.
  12. Right, but as you just said, it's laborious. A single "forget" button, if Sai Ninja wants to include one, would be much easier for all those "launch and forget" contract sats.
  13. @ShotgunNinja as my own game progresses I'm in this boat more and more, too. Perhaps some button could be added to forget retire mothball old craft, where it really doesn't matter if they break down?
  14. @IncongruousGoat beat me to it, yes. I don't think I've actually mentioned it before, actually. In my game it's about a 600km difference. Just one of the many orbital... incongruities I'm coming up against. Those tanks are an old mod that thankfully was adopted again. I don't use them nearly enough, I haven't looked into making them work properly with SSTU yet.