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  1. I, for one, would love to see this.
  2. Awake! O Sleeper(Kirk/Wilkerson)Oh Abraham would raise his handsAnd mourn this very dayFor his children left the promised landIn search of their own wayThey kick and scream like wayward sonsAlways wanting to sleepAnd dream away these evil daysIn hopes that God cant see
  3. Awww, fer me? Thanks, this is so unexpected!
  4. Also, I see CRS-12 has been bumped to TBD. Anyone know why?
  5. Easy answer: launch from Boca Chica? Or maybe go full Buck Rogers and fly the dang thing to the Cape. yeah, right
  6. Now all you need is some yellow paint, four proto-hippies, and some dark azure... bullies.
  7. psst.... psst... pssssst... nudgenudge nod...
  8. I thought the "old dragon" was going to live on for a while as the cargo ship? D2 was only for crew?
  9. No, it's me, but I'll page @Just Jim anyway. Although it appears there is also a @JustJim. That's confusing.
  10. So would others, who have a lot more money than you to throw at it (I'm assuming ). Others' Questionable ethics aside, I think it would be far more wise for SpaceX to release it soon, on their own terms, vs the inevitable leak. Not that they listen to me.
  11. Given the recent announcements about the D2 landing legs, nixing Red Dragon, and downscaling ITS, I can see why they might not want to make that release right now. Maybe in the future, when they have some better news to mix it with, like after a fully successful FH flight. That, or someone is eventually going to end up leaking it.
  12. Year 6, Day 131... After numerous delays, the big day has finally come! CETI-DUMMY 1 TRITI - FERDIN - HADALD That Triti is certainly, er, well-traveled... Need to be careful how I phrase that. Vlad said she gets around and, well, I guess he didn't need those anyway. But once again a Big Dummy lights up the night sky! Er, wait, this is the first time we've launched one at night. Moving on... After a nominal launch, once again the last fuel in the second stage is burned off before hot-staging the transfer stage. with 57% less explosions! Although I fear we may be creating a debris problem in low Gael orbit. But I'm sure that will never come back to haunt us. The NewShip transposes and docks to the assembly, and the crew settles in for their harrowing journey through the radiation belts. Turns out it wasn't that harrowing. All the toilets in the facility have been stopped up for the last few days, and, well, packing it against the walls was starting to work on the IotaStation, so... With an entire centimeter of Genuine Lead Equivalent, and lots of air fresheners, the crew make an uneventful trip through deep space with only nominal growth of extra limbs. Ironically, they never actually see Ceti until they're right on top of it. Note to the design team: send sunglasses, next time. Using the transfer stage, they brake into a high orbit over the oddly colored outer moon for a final checkout. Hadald takes a quick walk. Already running low on air fresheners, it's oddly enough not to get away from Triti. With everything in good working order after the eight-day trip, they lower their orbit to only a few dozen kilometers and begin preparations for landing. I think the cabin lights might just be a teesny bit over powered... Hadald and Ferdin board the lander, while Triti settles in for an entire day alone in a foul smelling cabin I can't even imagine. Or maybe I just don't want to. The mission target is an anomalous signal emanating from the surface. The last fuel in the transfer stage is used for the initial braking burn. The spent stage should make a spectacular impact no one will ever see. Actually, the real mission target was on the other side of the moon in much better territory, but hey, anomaly! Which, of course, means that the crew completely missed the target, ended up in even worse territory, and despite starting with a huge landing fuel surplus thanks to using the transfer stage, is now running on fumes and have to consider aborting the whole landing attempt. But, Ferdin proves competent enough at convincing the landing computer it's all good despite overshooting the anomaly by a good 40 kilometers, and the crew safely touch down on the surface of Ceti! There are still absolutely no couches to be seen, anywhere. Solar sail successfully deployed. Quick mugshot of the lander for the folks back home. But wait, who's behind the camera? No, it's not a sound stage, geeze! Hadald is the first to make his way down the ladder... ...and plants the glorious Crimson Banner in the unclaimed soil regolith of another world! Why do I have the uncomfortable feeling our comrades back on Kerbin will never do the same? Hadald leaves some inspiring words behind. Ferdin is, ahem, not quite so eloquent... After flags, footprints, and graffiti, the first order of business is establishing firm communications with Gael. They've brought along a surface-mountable high-gain antenna... ...which won't actually surface mount anywhere, despite judicious application of blunt force. So Ferdin has to... improvise. I'm sure the middle of the landing engine is a fine plane to stick an antenna... and why can I see through the ground right there? Ferdin and Hadald now set about the boring sciencey stuff, while the rest of us break for snacks and libations! I'm sure they'll be just fine... Ooooohh, borscht onna stick!
  13. In metric, that's one kiloclick.
  14. Sigh. I become ever more convinced that I will gain an inhuman mastery of advanced quantum mechanics long before I have even an inkling of understanding of stock... spinnny-bendy things.
  15. That's gonna put it up against NROL-42 and ULA. Which means someone is getting bumped and delayed further. guess which one. Man, and just a little while ago everything seemed to be going so well.