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  1. It's a mainly parts mod so it should work, but there are some parts like the canadarm that depend on lazor or lionhead aerospace.
  2. Well, the Community ISS was made a couple years ago. And it's dependencies such as LAZOR system and Lionhead Aerospace are also out of date. @BobCat, @Romfarer, and @Yogui87 all have long since disappeared, their last visits were in 2016.
  3. Give Aircraft a Purpose doesn't work with Galileo Planet Pack. When GPP is installed, GAP doesn't show up at all in mission control, but the flags still do. Is there any way to make GAP work with GPP? such as with a MM patch? http://imgur.com/a/QMd71 The two screenshots are from the same install of KSP 1.2.2, one with GPP and the other without. GAP and all dependencies were installed through CKAN, GPP and all dependencies were manually installed.
  4. The closest thing I can think of off the top of my head is NavHud, which projects the nav ball onto the world.
  5. Even better than a mod like Infernal Robotics, here's Infernal Robotics itself. It's a dev/beta version and isn't on CKAN for this reason. It has worked fine for me, but keep in mind it's beta and don't yell at the modders for fixes.
  6. Dude, just scroll up a bit. The mod creator regex has stopped modding, so someone else made an updated version, which is two posts above yours.
  7. I know that BD armory lets you increase the size of the physics bubble, but I don't think making it load all of kerbin is a good idea.
  8. I have a question/suggestion: Is there a way to install a mod through CKAN that doesn't officially support the version of KSP that is installed? Like for example I want to install the Near Future mods which are marked as 1.2.1 compatible on KSP 1.2.2. If there isn't can that be added? With warning about the potential bugs and kraken caused by having a mod that is not compatible. Thanks
  9. Please read this. Your post doesn't give any useful information, except for that KSP crashed.
  10. There is a setting within BD armory to change physics load range. Should be in the settings menu of the weapon manager.
  11. Action groups are not available in level 1 SPH/VAB, but I don't know why the crew tab would be missing. Can you provide screenshots?
  12. If this is the mod you are referring to, it was last updated for 1.1.1, and it most likely doesn't function correctly in 1.2.
  13. you have to extract the folders inside the zip file. If there's a GameData folder then drag that into the ksp folder. If there isn't a gamedata folder then drag the contents into the gamedata folder.
  14. I don't think there's a way to have different profiles. As for what files differ, everything in Game Data except for the squad folder are different. And the CKAN folder is also different. There is a way to have profiles in ckan, so that you can access all your installations and managed the mods installed through only one copy of CKAN.