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  1. What I've done in the past is I used quantum struts to hold the moving parts in place when they aren't moving.
  2. The post says that it's a test bed for a proposed feature for RT. That type of contracts would be interesting. Maybe require a specific type of antenna and a geosynchronous orbit.
  3. I'm pretty sure I saw a mod that does that not too long ago. Can't remember what it's called, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with Remote Tech. Found it:
  4. Screenshots would be really helpful. I remember a problem similar to this not too long ago and that was caused by the horizontal stabilizers blocking thrust
  5. After looking through the thread, I get the impression that the governments value certain types of crafts/missions and that all contracts are removed. I think what I'm thinking of is State Funding with contracts mixed in. Maybe in the form of contracts that are urgent and have a large impact on SC/PO such as (for a military oriented government): x country just launched a spy satellite in low Kerbin orbit. destroy it before they reveal our secrets. Deadline 3 days. and has large (maybe temporary) impact on state confidence. That's just a suggestion though, I know you have a lot on your hands, with more mods under your belt than years I've been alive.
  6. I have an idea for a mod. Basically, there are different governments. At the start of a career game, the player chooses a government from a selection of a few. Each one would offer a different contract tree with different focuses (military/science/tourist/colonize/reuse). There would also be competition against other agencies of other governments, such as getting milestones before others or deorbit/capture satellite/kerbal of another agency. A player would also be able to switch governments. This would change the contract tree, reset reputation, but have to watch out for attacks by your previous government on your spacecraft. But the last bit could be annoying. Another cool concept is that as time progresses, or as tech tree progresses, new governments are unlocked. Example: beginning govt have emphasis on military or science, then later focus more on tourism or colonization.
  7. That might have came from the old community ISS Project. It's really old though so I'm not sure.
  8. well, I think you should ask moderator to sticky it, because its a helpful post, but if not stickied it would just be buried in all the questions.
  9. @sal_vager fly safe!!
  10. I don't think this is the right sub forum for this post. Technical support is for asking questions about bugs/problems.
  11. The mod filter is a feature of Janitor's Closet. Can you post a screenshot of your GameData Folder?
  12. Did you accidentally delete the folder? In your GameData folder there should be a folder called Squad. If it is gone, you can simply copy paste it from your un-modded version.
  13. Can you send a picture of your plane? My guess is that the horizontal stabilizer is blocking the thrust from the engines, and once it exploded from overheating, the thrust is no longer blocked, resulting in the sudden acceleration. I would suggest off setting the horizontal stabilizers so that they're not right behind the engine
  14. It's a mainly parts mod so it should work, but there are some parts like the canadarm that depend on lazor or lionhead aerospace.
  15. Well, the Community ISS was made a couple years ago. And it's dependencies such as LAZOR system and Lionhead Aerospace are also out of date. @BobCat, @Romfarer, and @Yogui87 all have long since disappeared, their last visits were in 2016.