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  1. Upload the output_log.txt to a site like dropbox and share it here. Also, your problem is most likely caused by steam updating KSP to 1.3 and breaking all the mods.
  2. The inventory is part of a separate mod called kerbal inventory system (KIS) Found here:
  3. In my experience, I've had problems with mods loading when it doesn't run in admin mode. but i don't know if that's still a problem.
  4. That pic shows in space with full tanks.
  5. Try this. also no one likes when you necro an old thread.
  6. Please help (I'm the guy with the nuke problem), the link you posted is deactivated. Please reactivate it.

    1. Jas0n


      That link isn't mine, I just found it in the mod thread. At this point, I think you should ask on the mod thread. From what I could tell, the op isn't actively maintaining the mod anymore. Spannermonkey made a fix for it but the dropbox link died. Someone else already pointed that out on the thread so Spannermonkey should fix it once he sees. 

      Also, I advice you to stop making new threads on the same problem, because others with less patience might get annoyed.

  7. That mod is now defunct. It worked by compressing the textures to a different format, which is now the default texture format in 1.2.2, so there's no need for it anymore.
  8. From what I've heard other people say, you need real chutes if you are using FAR.
  9. Logs? Mod list? I'm guessing that you modded ksp and broke it.
  10. Maybe try make a non-transferable resource (like solid fuel) that you can convert to electric charge? That's kinda cheaty but should work.
  11. I feel like this sounds like a different game, where the focus is more on the economy and society aspects rather than rocket science.
  12. Ah I didn't that was an issue with large ships in general, I thought it was caused by the clipping.
  13. Welding mod didn't work as well? as in unsatisfactory results, or the mod doesn't work?
  14. I'm assuming it would, from my experience on the forums and youtube. You could always test it, maybe not with full-size ship but with small test crafts.