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  1. As far as I know, there is no list. Seeing that you clip the parts into the command module, a way to check is to clip the camera inside the command module and see if there anything else there.
  2. Please don't put the log in the post itself, it messes up the forum for mobile users. Please follow the directions in the How to get support post and upload the logs mentioned to something like dropbox and link it here.
  3. The last thread about multiplayer is still on the first page... Personally i think if they do it right it would be nice, but it probably won't happen at this point.
  4. Can't you connect a mouse and a keyboard to it? Also if no one has made a touchscreen mod, you can probably get away with having Mechjeb control most things.
  5. I can see this easily becoming a cluttered UI with buttons all over the place that detracts from the gameplay value.
  6. i'm pretty sure that's a problem with scatterer. You can try uninstalling it or asking on the mod thread.
  7. Follow the directions here. the output log is much more helpful than the error log. and also please provide a list of mods.
  8. The picture tells me nothing more than that your game crashed and a log was created. The cause of the crash could any of 10000000 different reasons. You need to provide more information and details by following the directions in the How To Get Support thread so people can actually help you.
  9. The public can't do anything unless you follow the directions here. You didn't even describe your problems other than it's crashing.
  10. Took me about a minute to find that in the thread.
  11. Can you post a list of your mods? the lift vector isn't supposed to be like that. As for poor ship design you can post in the gameplay questions subforum and post pics/craft file and other can give you advice.
  12. The pictures you posted are not visible. Try to upload them to imgur instead. Also, a center of lift indicator should appear for any craft due to bodylift being added. On a side note, lift vector shouldn't matter for a Mun lander because the Mun has no atmosphere.
  13. What you are talking about reminds of the way engines are done in RO. Like each engine family is a part in the VAB part selection list and if you right click on it you can get different variants.
  14. I have not heard of it, probably because roleplaying in any form has been banned on the forums by Community Rule 2.2j: Roleplay, e.g. acting as a Kerbal, creating fictional organizational hierarchy amongst users and/or interactions of fictitious entities of an oppositional nature; I believe the reason for this ban was roleplaying leading to conflict between users.
  15. There are mods that increase the physics loading range. I believe its either built into BDarmory or part of a recommended mod