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  1. But what process or anomaly would change star's brighness so radically, without changing underlying properties of the star itself? And for all i found, aside from unexplained changes in luminosity Tabby's Star register as typical F - class obiect. It is not a young, dynamic star - nor a dying giant on the verge of collapse like Betelgeuse.
  2. What if we are looking at the remains of planetary collision event? Similiar to pre-Earth\Theia collision that created the Moon? Maybe there are two or more big remnants of a shattered world, surrounded by a dense cloud of dust and rocks? And all of this is in the process of coalescing back into something akin to Earth - Moon pair. More and less dense clumps in this cloud could explain weird light curve and differences between current and earlier transfer.
  3. Curiouser and curiouser. Debris cloud would be mostly oval in shape, no? Unless it is being perturbed by sufficiently big mass nearby. It might be remains of a planet torn apart by a close encounter with a gas giant. But a debris cloud big and dense enough to significantly occlude almost 1\4 of a parent star? That's a sight to behold
  4. Arianespace will be launching SES - 15 communication satellite on one of their Soyuz rockets. Enjoy
  5. Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin will have to work very hard to grab a slice of space pie for themselves BO will have to either offer even lower prices than SpaceX, or grab flights SpaceX can't do due to the lack of available hardware. Interesting times ahead
  6. Stream is starting! Go SpaceX!!!
  7. I'm switching to official too. At least weather is beautiful - i'm ready for awesomeness that is Falcon in flight
  8. I'm watching it there:
  9. As usual - comment section on YT channel is full of eye-watering stupidity, ignorance and immaturity. Why rocket launches always bring kooks out of the woods?
  10. Welp, at least they used proper terms. Although i wouldn't call this mission more complicated than the mission including landing
  11. Sooo... SpaceX is interested in nuclear engines. I wondered when it will pop up It does make a lot of sense in context of ITS. Less thrust than a bunch of LFO engined clustered at the tail, but more efficiency, less hassle with fuel ( you only need to take methane along, skipping on the troublesome cryo'ed oxygen). And if you manage to develop dual-mode engine you will get power out of it - which would be handy during long - range missions beyond Mars orbit. Well, in perfect world it would be the moment when NASA would step forward, be pioneers again and finally finish developing this darned thing. Alas, it's not going to happen. *le sigh*
  12. Boring launches are best launches. It means everything is working as intended Thrill might be gone, but we all know here how much every fireball costs and how it hurts space exploration. So - here's for boring, 100 % succesfull routine
  13. Fun (not) fact: In some countries or cities homeowners were taxed by number of windows. So more unscrupulous landlords walled up all or almost all windows in their houses, creating literally man - made caves. And dreadful living conditions for tenants of course. Cue widespread tuberculosis, arthritis and rickets in poorer classes. Man, and people today are complaining when their neighbours play music too loud.
  14. That is true. There are original medieval\early Renaissance plate armours in museal collections. Modern man wouldn't be able to wear them, because they're too small (especially helmets ). There are also very old homes across the Europe - i've been inside one almost 300 years old. Doorframes and ceilings were uncomfortably close to the top of my head
  15. Oh, believe me - i know At mere 176 cm i'm certainly not a giant - and yet some people i work with (mostly women, granted) reach only about to my shoulder And i know for a fact most of them came from normal, middle-class families that certainly didn't starve them in childhood. Genes are a big factor in how we'll turn out.