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  1. "Windy, marginal conditions". And they still nailed it without a hitch
  2. YASSS!!! Stage 1 has landed
  3. Dang, thise hiccups are very annoying.
  4. I think it's a new one.
  5. So. It's still June, and SpaceX already launched almost as many rockets as through entire 2016. Nice. Of course it have much to do with accidents occuring last year, which caused delays.
  6. I vote for Tough Love.
  7. Stream is starting!
  8. I think it's the latter. Bulgariasat isn't so heavy to be a big strain on Falcon 9.
  9. KSP music at the beginning of the stream Let's hope it will be a good omen - not a sign of impending explosions.
  10. 1 hour 6 minutes to launch. Hype intensifies
  11. Heh. Another one? Planet 9,5 or Planet 10 this time?
  12. Go watch Stargate TV series. And Stargate Atlantis. They are rare breed - sci-fi shows centered on adventure, exploration, friendship and hope that humans can actually do some good given the chance. With very little doom, gloom and grittiness chocking the fun out of other similiar shows *coughBattlestarGalactica2003cough*.
  13. Three guys. And a woman, who is probably smarter than three of them put together. Though i will freely admit they could be a bit... goofy at times. But always in good cause
  14. Will Space Corps have 4 people exploration and combat teams? And operate from under Cheyenne Mountain?
  15. Interesting. What are expected orbital parameters of this sat?