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  1. There you go: Gas under the water. Though it's more like wax than free-floating bubbles
  2. Tianzhou is not much smaller than the station itself But hey, Saluts, Mir and ISS started small too.
  3. Aaaannnndddd...Done Soyuz is in orbit, solar panels and antennas are deployed. Beautiful, textbook launch. Good old Soyuz delivered again Too bad we couldn't see Korolev Cross.
  4. Internal shot of crew module. It always get me how cramped Soyuz capsules are. Spam in the can indeed.
  5. Just imagine it: heavy world, where everything that lives hugs the ground - because even a small fall can be fatal. No trees as we know it - tall trunks would have to be ridiculosly strong to withstand this level of gravitation. Forests on this planet would probably look like kurghan fields - full of flat mounds made of foliage supported by short, robust branches. World where animals (or their analogues) move only when strictly necessary, if at all - because every "step" is a huge energy expenditure. Only aquatic creatures would retain any degree of mobility we are accustomed too. No birds of course - but maybe some organisms would evolve gasbags allowing them to float majestically in the dense souposphere
  6. I wonder if Dream Chaser or old-style European Hermes shuttle wouldn't be a good idea for a reuseable second stage? Instead of standard stage put on top of a Falcon Heavy,use a winged\body lifting spaceplane that will deliver the payload to orbit Space Shuttle style. Then it will return to landing site via gliding, land on a runway and be towed to hangar for refurbishing. Something like a downscaled ITS. Falcon Heavy can lift what - 50+ tons to LEO? Plenty of power even for not-so-small shuttle.
  7. It's quite possible that people forced to live in each others pockets due to space limitations, will value "me time" a lot more than we do. So, maybe reading in a nice, comfy and most of all quiet sleeping pod will be best way to relax?
  8. What does she feed them? If it's fermented corn or other form of silage you might be in for a rude surprise. Couple of years ago i went to my cousin's dairy farm. I like fresh milk, so i asked for some, straight from a cow. My cousin warned me that i won't like it - he made milk for a big food company, not for consumption on the spot. But i was insistent, and... well - i regretted my stubborness after the first mouthful. Danged thing had a sour taste and a nasty, chemical smell - i shudder to think what needed to be done to make it palatable again before bottling it for customer's consumption.
  9. Exactly. It might be RNA life for example. Some scientists theorise something like that existed on very young Earth, before DNA organisms evolved and took over. That would be so facinating find!
  10. Commercially processed milk is very much this. Especially low - fat products. Because with removed fats milk and dairy products lose a lot of their taste. Solution? Add sugar until it tastes fine again
  11. You presume correctly. Sweet and fatty are attractive to us, because usually they mean "Hey! Calories! Get them." to our body. Sour taste is also a pretty good indicator that food is unripe... or very much 'ripe' and spoiling. Bitter taste, which most people find repugnant, is a defence measure hammered into us by millions of years of evolution - many toxins have bitter taste. Now for umami...i got nothing
  12. 200 km\s? That's way above solar escape velocity from about Mercury's orbit. This probe should go interstellar with no problems.
  13. Honestly? If we would follow advices of all dietetitians, experts on healthy living etc. - we would have to survive on stale bread and water. And some of them would undoubtlessly argue that bread is unhealthy too. I agree that too much sugar is bad - but in everyday living it's also very hard to avoid its consumption completely. Not to mention we would have to consume more fats then, to obtain enough calories to function
  14. Your idea has been done. Kinda. And here. Warning: TVTropes ahead. Proceed at your own peril
  15. When was the last time Roscosmos released a scientifically significant announcement? Seriously - second biggest space agency on the planet, and they are satisfied with the position of taxi service? Get your act together Russia.