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  1. I've run into a bug. It seems if you recover a science container with no probe core, that contains the science, it doesn't properly register as recovered by this mod. This issue may be upstream in contract configuration. If you are having trouble replicated the bug or need a detailed report, just ask.
  2. I'd recommend adding the whole debug menu on console. That means of course adding controller options to navigate it, but it would be quite useful.
  3. The development team has also been jam-packed with localization bug busting, too. For example, JPLrepo finished refactoring Biomes (did you know there are over 140 planet biomes in KSP and over 40 KSC biomes?), Celestial Bodies, Science System. The devs have had to do a lot of refactoring, this week included messages, PartModules and Contracts, too. Refactoring is the process of changing the code to separate UI display strings from strings used internally in functional code. This is what happens when a piece of software is developed without Localization and then Localization is retro-fitted at a later date. Developers also did amendments to lots of UI screens and elements to make all the Russian and Spanish fit! As well as fixing some linux bugs, some KSPedia adjustments and the creation of an automated script in python to populate the language prefixes. Finally we just want to remind you that the Localization Pre-release will take place on March 16th and that to celebrate that launch we are doing a cool contest with some of the best prizes we have given, yet. Learn more here. That’s it for this week. Be sure to join us on our official forums, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Happy launchings! Good work. Moving everything to proper internationalization files, even for English, should make future string bugfixes a LOT easier. It's a huge task, so I understand why you waited to do it! Congrats on having it almost done!
  4. Bonding KSC to itself would work well as well. However a virtual "foundation object" under KSC would work even better. This is similar to using a mounting block to improve precision in engineering. It is a simple way to reduces rounding errors and makes everything snap together nicely. The way I would actually mount them is each section (e.g. Runway, SPH, VAB, Lauchpad, etc) get it's "foundation model" mounted to the main foundation plane. Then other models are attached on top of that foundation model. The foundation models used for each section, which handle the leveled ground, should have very slight slopes at the end to reduce problems with any smaller seams that still do occur. Every ground or foundation mounted object should have a base of some sort that runs below the ground to prevent visible seams. They should be mounted quite a ways below the surface of the object they are tied to, much like real life construction. This isn't a graphics performance concern like it was in the past. Modern graphics drivers handle culling fully occluded objects nicely, often a lot better than game engines.
  5. I say the level 1 runway should be not as good as the other two, but still OK. It should be shorter and narrower as well, and it's overrun area and side areas should be bumpy. The lv 2 and 3 runways should have reduced rolling friction on the wheels compared to the Lv 1 runway and grass. If you can add materials logic for it, the pavement areas of KSC and the runway should have very low rolling friction, while the dirt and well groomed grass should have moderate rolling friction. The non-groomed grass everywhere on kerbin should have high rolling friction. If this logic isn't already sitting there from Unity unused, don't bother, it's not worth the time at this point. You can always add it later. The same should go with the level 2 runway if you can further modify it.
  6. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but this mod brings in it's parts too early making it balanced a bit too much on the easy side. It might be good to move a lot of the stuff down the tech tree further. Also, it's very easy to add a single tech node at the end of the tree to extend this purpose. While Community Tech Tree isn't required to do this, I recommend using the generally accepted node names they use for obvious reasons of inter-mod compatibility, since most mods do this.
  7. Actually the texturing the outside is easier. You can use a reference set in the CFG to reference various regions of stock textures. I know it's possible. It's also possible to add ladders this way skipping out the PartTools, but it is more work, as you have to make the measurements yourself in a modeling program. One of the mod threads where someone added a door to one of the stock crew cabins using just a module manager cfg pach says how they did it easily.
  8. Shouldn't the fuel tank version of the RoveMate have LOX and Battery (just less battery than the normal RoveMax)? Generally, I'd actually use a lot less fuel, because the primary use for this would be for fuel cell powered rovers.
  9. Actually, I've seen mods that attach doors and ladders to existing parts. It's not actually too hard. Making the IVA will be difficult, but not impossible. Again, one can use the stock props and just recombine them in a new manner.
  10. Pretty much switching out the textures and window arrangements on these parts so they don't look like regular crew cabins. No modeling necessary, just use Unity Part-Tools to re-select textures and shaders from the stock ones.
  11. On my suggestion about Intersteller mesh switch, I'd like to note that this is probably the function this mod would benefit most from. This could drastically reduce part count, allow disabling of unnecessary features of the craft to save weight/cost and allow to select between IVA and Open Cockpit designs. (The IVA is created from a model of the standard equip open cockpit, of course.) The biggest feature toggles I want are the ones to toggle the installation of the active cooling and toggling the installation of "Heavy heat shielding" to trade off weight and heat protection when making deep space models and reentry safe models. Of course, some other people might want to be able to toggle things like integrated batteries and switch out fuel types.
  12. A few things I noticed. First, the bulkhead attachment method is sloppy at best. It might be a good idea to find some sort of node based system that will work with them. Second, would you consider using interstellar mesh-switch for the nose intakes instead of having a separate part. Also using intersteller mesh-switch for other parts could reduce part count. Third the models are incredible, but the shader choice for glossiness and such needs work. You should be able to change it and tune it with the Unity parttools. Finally, could you create some stylized fuel tanks that go in the cargo bay?
  13. OK, in that case I'd like to put a shout out. I don't think it needs modeling per-say. It needs mapping of exiting materials like several mods use. Still a little bit of model editing work in the Unity parttools, but no custom modeling per-say. The resulting files would just be cfgs that reference existing models in the stock assets.
  14. Have you considered making versions of the capsule parts that are each reentry safe and not reentry safe (and/or radially attached conformal heat shields to make the parts re-entry safe without requiring the added weight.) The use of conformal heat shields could allow for upgrades to different types of heat shielding as the player advances in the tech tree. (Of course Abalator heat-shields will always be the most effective, but also non-reusable. Titanium-alloy on ceramic composite mounts is most cost-effective, but has a lower maximum capacity. Active cooling system would be a good top-tech method, along with active cryogenic cooling for handling more intense reentry.) You may be able to use the part upgrade function to improve base shell heat tolerance with tech nodes. (This provides advanced alloy shells for basic heat management without added weight.) Another feature to add is splash-down pads for water as well as balast systems for underwater use.
  15. Yeah, also you probably should downscale the navball anyway, after you upscale everything else. There is an individual option for it. I think it glitches out if you set it above 200% (i.e. 2.0 scale in the settings.) For example you could set the scale of the UI to 400% (i.e. 4.0) and the scale of the Navball, and anything else that glitches above 200% to 50% (i.e. 0.5) since these two values are multipled, it would set all the items that don't glitch at 400% to 400% and the ones that do to 200%.