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  1. Could we get a variant of the Lite version that only has the parts that don't have equivilents in the other Stockalike Necro Bones family mods (basically Lithobreak, SpaceY, fuel tanks plus, and color coded canisters. Your basic Necro-Bones stock enchancement suit.)
  2. I'll keep it on the list of considerations if I go into a particular aspect of modding. My idea for doing it was to use the stock textures, but those are changing very soon according to Squad's notes and their part overhaul preview.
  3. I'm not too fond of the 2.5. Maybe Mk2-5 or Mk2C (for cargo) would be good names for it. (Come to think of it, I really like the term Mk2C). These are suppose to be like mini Mk3 parts, right?
  4. I was wanting to drop some pull requests to help updated the various open source modes mods to 1.3.0 What are the changes in "part only" mods if there are any?
  5. You could use 2 block segments, (middle, end) the two ends are just flipped after all. Repeat the middle block segement to form the longer ladders. This can be done with model behavior / part editing in the part-tools or a (very) simple geometry shader.
  6. As of the radial decoupler, there are several options. There is the autostruts added in the newer versions of KSP that should work well. You can use the ridged attachment setting as well to boost strength. For improving the separation force, you will absolutely have to go with separation sold rockets. There is simply no other choice to make it work. There are additional ones of those in Modular Rocket Systems if you need them.
  7. Just thought I'd let you know, that even though SETI probe parts are working in KSP 1.3, and listed as such in CKAN they are reporting a Mini-AVC error version on boot. I thought you might want to fix that in your next pass of 1.3 fixes.
  8. I was thinking of doing it once the current next generation parts in the preview mod are in stock. Since I want to simply texture to the stock texture atlas, and all, it would be a pain if they all changed on me.
  9. So you don't know if it is this mod in particular. Mind if I troll you a bit about that?
  10. Yeah, I would have three textures pack options. HD which provides 4K for all, SD which has 2K for large and medium planets, and 1K for small moons, and LD which drops all down to 1K. While technically many systems can now handle 8K and 16K textures, it probably isn't recommended. Performance results are mixed because it drastically increases fill rate demands, and the added memory uses can push into physical memory limits. This is especially important for people with older video chips that can have 512MB of video memory or less, or integrated chips that have poor fill rate and have to share memory bandwidth with the CPU.
  11. Is there a way to create a version with this as the primary system in KSP. The other question, is this done Kerbal Scale? (This means changes to mass and area/volume, including the universal constant between the two to make life easier for space explorers, presuming Kerbin to be earthlike in an earthlike system.)
  12. This mod has a pretty model, but seems to have a rather bad texture. Does anyone else think we need a community call to retexture it.
  13. Try installing USI Core first than MKS. I know it's a pain to do things manually, but sometimes that fixes the problems.
  14. OK, I tried running it with Mono on Linux and it won't run due to "entry point method cannot be loaded." I'll take a look at the code later to see if anything stands out but you probably need someone with more experience getting .Net programs working on Mono under OSX and Linux.
  15. Yes, the visual enhancement mods will drastically increase the amount of function done per a light source adjusting your rendered light count (in the settings) to something sane (usually 8 or 16) will often drastically improve performance.