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  1. This is because the encryption certificate was issued for "" not "" Note the missing dot at the beginning. This means that browsers will only consider the certificate valid for "" and not sites like "" or "". The certificate still works and your connection is still secure, it is just listed that the browser doesn't know that it's for this site. It is perfectly fine to just add an exception in your browser.
  2. I always insert links after I type to prevent this bug.
  3. Spybot search and destroy isn't a problem as long as you don't use the stupid real time protection they've recently added. You just need to do a periodic scan and use it to scan any downloads you fetch. They really need software that JUST checks if the checksums have changed (use multiple checksums it's exponentially harder to keep multiple ones the same by adding key garbage data), If they haven't there is no reason to scan them. If the checksums have changed, then it should prompt you to scan the file.
  4. Kerbal engineer works fine on probe cores. I've used MM scripts that add it to all parts with command function. There are no conflicts in leaving that function.
  5. Alshin's method is a bit excessive. It pretty much replaces the whole part's config. It will also erase the current functions of the part. I think the person just wants to add the key functions. However the necessary modules to add are: ModuleCommand ModuleDataTransmit If you want SAS functionality you will need to add: ModuleSAS For a reserve power amount you will want the resource section with ElectricCharge, but I recommend setting it to a more accurate 100 or 50 for a tiny probe. If you want kerbnet access from the part you need to add that too. You do not need to remove the kerbal engineer modules from it unless you aren't installing kerbal engineer. You can also reuse the old weight section (unless you want to add more weight for balance.)
  6. About your question on Ryzen and KSP.

    More influential is the enhancements to the SSE pipeline which is used for physics on KSP 1.2 and later.

    The DDR4 memory should also see a LOT of added performance in the GC cycles, and the cache won't hurt.   However, short of about 256MB of cache, you won't see massive improvement from the cache itself.

    Finally, I didn't want to mention this in front of the Intel fan-boys because they'd claim I was BSing (despite direct notes from the Linux kernel staff having to do the same thing) but we won't see the full performance from Ryzen cpus for about 6 months because the Operating Systems need to update their thread balancing systems to better distribute for maximum performance on desktop and maximum power saving on laptops.  This will likely give a 10-20% performance increase on desktops and an equal power saving on laptops (sacrificing some of that performance increase, of course.)

    Hopefully most motherboards will properly report the power-save data so that it runs efficiently (nothing is worse than having to run in the always-maximum "performance" mode that actually cripples the turbo feature on the CPU.)

    1. He_162


      The AMD Ryzen power plan has already been released, when my motherboard arrives, I will fill you guys in on how Ryzen performs over my i5-4590.

      I have DDR4-2400 with cas of 14-16-16-24.

      The CPU I bought was the Ryzen 5 1600 (6 core 3.2ghz base, 3.4 boost on all cores, and 3.6 boost on two cores, 3.65 boost on one core, or two depending on cooling)

      I can't wait for the motherboard to arrive tomorrow. I'm not a fanboy of either intel or amd, and I plan on getting an intel 6 core CPU when coffee lake makes i5's 6 cores, and i7's 6 cores with hyperthreading, i3s will move to being 4 cores, 8 threads. Imagine a 6 core with the same clock speeds as an i7-6700k.

    2. Ruedii


      As a note, I recommend if you do over-clocking on Ryzen processors, do it from from the motherboard.  That way you keep the power-saving mode and boost function.

      I mainly prefer AMD for cost/performance ratio.  The way I see it is that if you can't get a top of the line Intel, you should go for the AMD processors.    It makes sense.  I'm not a fanboy that fails to acknowledge that Intel's top of the line models are better.  I just know the middle and economy lines are overpriced.  

      When my dad called me about my wife's laptop having found an mid-range Intel model on sale, I told him that I had specified AMD for the tier of the i5s because the AMD equivalent was cheaper when it wasn't on sale.   The slight improvement in the graphics performance wouldn't be noticeable for what my wife was using it for.

  7. Any chance you could make improvements to the terrain hight-maps in this as well? I've been looking for a mod that would get rid of the jagged edges.
  8. First, let's not start with console wars. I don't know where you got the 0.35Tflops for the Wii U processor. I haven't seen specs anywhere that state that. The 1.2Ghz PowerPC64 in the Wii U is a 3 core, 12 execution units, 12 instructions per a cycle, and up to 48 results per a cycle. Meanwhile, the PS4 is running what is essentially an AMD A8 underclocked to the speed of a A4, and a slightly enchanced GPU. It is certainly not a powerhouse either. While it has 4 cores, it only has 8 execution units for x86_64 instructions, 4 for SSE/FP instructions, and these two sets cannon run in parallel. This provides a theoretical cap of 16 maximum results per a cycle. It is certainly not the powerhouse that Sony claims it is. The PS4 is also crippled by having only 64KB of cache. Much like you can't compare an ARM9 processor to a PC processor based on clock speed, the same is true about these two processors. Really, they are completely different machines, and honestly about equal. Furthermore, both processors are very underwhelming compared to what you would find in a PC, which is about 4 times as fast as either of these. (2 times if you are talking about a standard form-factor laptop.) So, quit with your Sony <REDACTED>and realize BOTH processors are severely underpowered, and more optimized to reduce fan noise than actual processor speed. The bigger concern is that most developers aren't familiar with the PowerPC64 SSIMD architecture extensions used in the Wii U, and thus have trouble optimizing their code for it. However, the PhysX toolkit used in KSP seems to handle this nicely. This is why Sony moved away from this instruction set in the PS4, after the abysmal problems with 3rd party game performance on the PS2 and PS3. This is why it is so important to get a good team to do console ports.
  9. I meant it's not a very demanding game by modern standards. When your baseline of comparison hoard shooters with thousands of bullets and hundreds of NPCs in physics simulation at a time, the term is relative. The Wii U is a lot more powerful than people give it credit for. It does have some limitations in video memory size, memory size and GPU parallel processing, but none of those should affect a game like KSP. It's processor in particular is particularly good for games with two threads, compared to the PS4 which really gets crippled on anything less than 5 fully active threads. Since the physics engine in KSP has a lot of world-stops and wait-stats this means the PS4's design is horribly crippled for it. Yes, but when you have a contract already and it's a done deal, you really can't make any changes unless the other side fails to hold up to their end. Otherwise you end up paying fees to break the contract, and then go through additional costs to sign a new one with someone else. That's just how business works.
  10. They are too perfect. They are likely bitter rivals. Val's probably dating Bob or Bill to make Jeb jealous.
  11. Deported B.V. is the Publisher of Kerbal Space Program and parent company of Squad. The way the Indie Gaming World works is it's divided into "Developers" such as Squad who are small teams, and Publishers who either own part or all of the developer company, or hold a contract with them. The Developer is usually placed someplace favorable for the lead developers (Mexico City in the case of Squad). Meanwhile the Publisher is usually based in some place favorable for the purposes of fiscal trade (i.e. close to a large base of investors and banking, preferably with favorable trade laws for major markets, both of which normally come hand in hand. Major locations for Publishers are U.S. (Silicon Valley, Seattle, NYC, Boston and Northern VA are the most common cities), Japan, U.K., and Netherlands. (Deported B.V. is located in the Netherlands)
  12. Why just one? The Wii U is powerful enough for the console version of KSP. It really isn't that demanding a game.
  13. He should have done "Version 1.04" instead as part of the joke. As a note, the video was likely using Kopernicus mod to add the hidden planet.
  14. I don't think so, you probably should bugrep it.
  15. I presume that's the point. You can tell if it smashes in a hole by the altitude.