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  1. To be honest though, I would prefer a form of non-cheatsy Hyperedit, where player's can teleport their ships from SOI to SOI, the jump costs power and is multiplied by distance.
  2. Perhaps, though I doubt it would be hard to install.
  3. Simple, install @RoverDude's Alcubierre drive mod, then modify the part to be vastly more powerful.
  4. -Icarus Aetheria- Winged spaceflight Coming soon.
  5. ^This!
  6. Ah, okay. I'll end that little experiment now and get back to the relevant work.
  7. It's Perseus, Kerbol is long dead. though, I'm disputing at to whether I should go ahead with giving Perseus a Nebula. Wouldn't the nebula have dissipated by this time?
  8. It's currently a billboard texture, but I intend for greater complexity in the future.
  9. I should inform you... that it was not a skybox.
  10. Do some extent, I agree. However I have made the decision to put gameplay ahead of realism. I think player's would much better enjoy playing in pitch-black.
  11. Can I have your opinions please?
  12. Me and Spaceception are working on a collaborative project. It is still in the very early stages currently.

    Expect more updates in the future. :) We're gonna stay vague until we've made more progress.

    1. electricpants


      Is gonna be some sort of story?

      (I know @Spaceception, it's probably a story. :wink:)

    2. Spaceception


      Neither confirming nor denying. 

  13. Seems good. Definitely will be challenging for players. Imagine having to build giant SSTO's capable of the trip. Perhaps electric propellers could be used to cross the distance.
  14. That's really odd. I'll look into it, I'm not really much of a force in TBG development anymore, so feel free to ask @seanth for anything you need to know about TBG, I'm currently dedicating myself to DD-EB for now, then I have another mod planned. One that need I say... will be even more unique. (Physics will be defied, just warning you.) Need a hint?
  15. There will be more. And I plan on adding more invisible awes as well And yes, there will hopefully be clues.