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  1. Not if you're already supposed to learn the future. It's like that scene from spaceballs!
  2. You could predict the future. If you've read Asimov's Foundation trilogy, then you've heard of 'psychohistory' the concept that you could predict the future through the understanding of mathematics and advanced psychology. If we understood what the universe was like at the beginning. Then we could model it, and produce a complete simulation of our universe with 90-100% accuracy. The advantages gained from this would be astronomical, we could identify every galaxy in the universe, know every star, the location of every habitable planet. We could extend the accuracy even further too, we could predict the locations of Alien civilizations and even study them from afar. We could also predict it into the future as well, we could potentially predict every event that will ever happen. This would be both a blessing and a curse. Because while we could gain an epic new understanding of the universe. We could also predict our own future, and that opens up a whole new can of worms.
  3. My apologies. But I can't tell heads or tails from your spelling. Please clarify?
  4. For something to act without influence would be comparable to a perpetual motion machine. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." there cannot be such a thing as chaos in our universe. Everything answers to a source, once that source is discovered, then all future actions pertaining to that source, can be reliably predicted.
  5. In my opinion, there is no such thing as chaos. Everything is the result of prior stimuli from a source. We simply lack the ability to detect that source as of yet, so it appears random.
  6. Any idea what this new 'days won' thing is?
  7. '94 Kelvins' Chapter #3 is out!


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    2. Spaceception


      I have to read  it later, WiFi has been krap for the past couple days :P

    3. daniel l.

      daniel l.

      Okay. By the way... I too have the 'Days Won' thing... What the hell is it?

    4. Spaceception



      It seems to be a new IPS feature, it has a tooltip when you mouse over the number.

      From sal_vager

  8. Chapter #3 is out!
  9. Also can you add XYZ coordinates to this? So we can make our objects hold different locations relative to the central body if we wish.
  10. Now THIS!!! This is what I'm talking about! You've just made modding history here @Artyomka15! Now... I would like to make a suggestion, I noticed that the Instantiator effects tend to unload with the parent body. Can you fix this so we can makes these effects work at massive distances?
  11. How do you plan on dealing with Kerbol? KSP can only render the light of one sun at a time. So Jool being a star would mess up the realism of lighting.
  12. Pics for clicks?
  13. Start screen? As in the main menu? You see. Kopernicus generates cache files for every object, the more there are, the more cache files are needed. Usually this would take a mere matter of minutes or even seconds. But TBG generates hundreds of objects. With each cache file being about 0.6 megabytes, this can total into hundreds of megabytes of data. As you can see, this would take a long long time to generate. Just have patience, from my experience, sometimes it's taken nearly half an hour.
  14. Yes. QB64 has been used in development of TBG since nearly the beginning. I actually started writing TBG in Quickbasic 4.5 on an old laptop running Windows 98. It was easy to port though.