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  1. I've begun to lose interest in the mystery/horror theme.

    What if I start over and do a 4x game instead?

    1. electricpants


      So something a bit like Stellaris or Civilization VI?

    2. daniel l.

      daniel l.

      Yes. Except perhaps more focused on interplanetary travel and realism rather than interstellar.

  2. Very interesting indeed, I will have to think about those, my current plan was for the DD-EB to take place in a completely different star system, but I might include a dead Kerbol system as well That will take time of course, the initial release will probably include only the most basic gameplay aspects.
  3. I have the navigation system nearly complete now. Then the inspection system will follow. :)

    What do you guys think? I doubt text based games are still very popular, would you be interested?

    1. electricpants


      I would be interested! :)

    2. daniel l.

      daniel l.

      That's great!

      I've already completed the navigation system, next I will work on the Inspection system.

      The Inspection system will allow the player to take a closer look at specific items.

      After that I hope to create a procedural crew (It's better that way, though the story remains the same, the player will not be able to immediately know who's innocent or guilty.) and a conversation system that lets the player talk to shipmates.

      It's noteworthy that this game is currently being made using QBasic 4.5, an antiquated and inferior programming software. But once I get access to QB64 which is currently unavailable to me, I will be able to set custom fonts and colors, as well as add pictures and many other graphical features.

  4. Gonna write a text adventure game in Qbasic to pass the time until all my gaming equipment is set up again, what kind of story do you guys suggest?

    I will release the game onto the Forum for all to play once completed :)

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    2. electricpants


      How long until it's released? :)

    3. daniel l.

      daniel l.

      Maybe a few days. Depends on the length of it, as well as the story.

    4. daniel l.

      daniel l.

      Laying the framework now.

  5. My theory is that Vader was always two people, Anakin, and Vader. Two different people. Anakin was the one brought back by Luke at the end of Episode VI, but when he died, both became force ghosts, Vader represented the ugly side, and Anakin represented the good. It makes sense then that Vader's force ghost would retain the injured appearance with the injuries even worse, whereas Anakin's force ghost as we saw at the end of Episode VI was fully human. It is possible that Snoke is really the force ghost of Darth Vader.
  6. Just arrived in Washington state, it'll be a few days before everything is unpacked and ready, so it'll be a while before I get back to work. But don't worry, it'll be soon :)

    1. Spaceception


      Is this vacation, or did you move?

      Also, I HIGHLY recommend going to the Olympic national park/forest, it's amazing, I used to go there all the time before my family moved from there in 2015, places I think would be cool...

      Third Beach

      There's more, but the rest are for if you stay, and have decent camping gear.

      Also, there's a restaurant on the way there called 'Fat Smitty's' it's small, and there's a big statue of 'Fat Smitty' a classic bottle of coke, and a giant hamburger, there's also the tradition of leaving a dollar bill on the wall with your name on it, and once the wall gets full, they d9jate the money, if you go it the back room, find Troop 1539 dollars, I might be on one of them if they hadn't taken them down since late 2015 :)

    2. daniel l.

      daniel l.

      Sounds good :)

      I've actually lived in Washington since I was 5 years old, however I do spend time living in other states frequently, I lived in Nampa Idaho from late 2011 (that was a hellish year, my father nearly lost his job to the recession and several beloved pets died, one of Kidney failiure, the other had to be put down because of an injury.) to late 2015 when I went back to my home in Long Beach Washington which I'm living in currently, then from late 2016 to April 2017 I've lived in California's El Dorado county.

      I can you something though, the view of Willippa bay from here is absolutely beautiful in the mornings, it never ceases to stun me. :)

  7. I wouldn't say apocalyptic, but it certainly fits the bill of a post world-end mod. Perhaps I could do a post-apocalyptic mod in the future though, imagine Kerbin as a nuclear wasteland with a toxic atmosphere.
  8. I'm going on a trip to Washington, it's gonna take a few days so please be patient. I won't be making any progress of TBG or DD-EB for the next few days.

  9. Not much, I'm currently on the road between California and Washington, You probably shouldn't expect any updates for at least two or three days.
  10. What about simply filling it with a high enough air pressure to counter gravity?
  11. If you were to take material from the core and use it to build support struts as you go. Then follow it up by using the leftover cutout core material to build the machines necessary for the function of the planet/ship. If I like rubber duckies, then what scientifically stops me from building one the size of Burj Khalifa?
  12. Perhaps, though as I've said, there is nothing more required here than simple labor. If we had a self replicating swarm of absolutely obedient drones (which we pretty much already have to ability to make.) then the creation of objects is merely a matter of time, not effort. You would only need to send one drone to a rich resource area to start the process, and soon you could have an entire dyson swarm waiting around a nearby star for human inhabitants to arrive.
  13. Now, my idea assumes that planet's have lost relevance as centers of population. And that they are only useful as massive ships. The majority of humanity lives in Dyson Sphere's/Swarms which can hold quintillions of people and be extremely difficult to destroy (Unless of course you somehow forced the explosion of the central star, which would be difficult if it was too small to go supernova naturally.) Why not? Why wouldn't a thruster that works on small scale work in big? Just scale up everything, if they are merely taking out tiny chunks piece by piece over the course of many years, than I would assume it would not be too hard.