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  1. Was it serious? military heavy lift planes are pretty specialized in that they tend to have lots of wheels and high wings to be able to land on bad runways. Also ability to load from rear who let you air drop. Passenger planes tend to have center line wings and fewer wheels as they don't need air drop or bad runway capability. On the other hand the reason for the two decks on 747 is that they wanted front loaded cargo hold over entire length of plane, putting cocpit on top and adding space for extra crew or rest area for pilots behind made sense. On the later passanger versions the upper deck has grown as its nice for first class or other uses.
  2. No it does not detect non carbon types of life, neither life without photosynthesis and it has to run for some time too. But then we get an list of earth like planets and how many of them have oxygen we have pretty solid data.
  3. Yes, an two deck, 4 engine plane will look a lot like another, think you have some preferred lengths too. Main visual difference is the back MD-12 has an wedge end while 380 has an cone.
  4. Reusing first stage is way easier than reusing the upper. First you don't have to do reentry, second is that one ton extra weight on first stage probably only reduce cargo with 200 kg, perhaps less. Second issue is that the shuttle was so over optimized it became an hangar queen, resulting in fewer launches and driving up cost. SpaceX has an launcher with an launch date, Blue origin has not build their orbital rocket yet. No this does not imply that Blue origin will fail just that they will not be first. DC-X was an SSTO, it would fail no matter how well funded. You can not build an practical ssto with rocket engines. Skylon might work, same with beamed power, not rockets. Fully reusable two stage rockets should also work,
  5. Then we are able to search for oxygen and methane at earth sized planets we will get an good answers about how common life is
  6. Yes, heavy lift of oversize parts and lift to remote areas is the only two marked who are really interesting for airships.
  7. First was in KSP, this is about an real life solution. I would probably go single stack, Simplest would be an larger rocket, think new glen size, you land upper stage and pod independently as its safer, it also let you use upper stage for satellite launches without changes. with an disposable upper stage you have an heavy lift rocket. An integrated upper stage would be something like an smaller and more practical version of mars colonial transporter, more complex but could give you something who could do independent missions like the space shuttle did.
  8. Does the drum on central stage extend into the air stream? It looks so to me
  9. Russia cold launches icbm so if the rocket don't fire after popped it will fall down
  10. Hyperloop use low pressure, not vacuum. It need air both to hover and to keep its speed up, fan in front for this.
  11. Had fit well with my occupy mars tshirt
  12. This work for an simple ramjet like the sr-71 used, its not optimal but work. For an scramjet the geometry of the intake and engine is critical as air is supersonic trough the engine. You might be able to get an scamjet to work as an bad ramjet taking you from mach 3 to 5 as is porkjets image. Or you could go full out with an skylon engine followed by an scramjet at mach 5, you are likely to have to run the scram on hydrogen anyway. at mach 20 you switch back to skylon in rocket mode you can use the liquid hydrogen to cool the edges during ramjet mode too. Want it for KSP, you do the Jool intercept burn in the atmosphere
  13. In space you can go single loop I agree, its lighter, you don't have environmental issues and will not do much service. For an large installation I would still run the cooling loop separate.
  14. True, any chaotic system can not be determined long term. This is not as much quantum mechanic as complex feedback. Weather is an good example, Using lots of data and improved models has improved weather forecasts a lot but its still limited. Another example is harley's comet we can not predict its orbit more than 4-500 year into the future, Small changes then its close to the sun affect Pe a lot, this changes the orbital time who again changes how close it get to Jupiter mostly, who changes the next Pe, Same with an probe in orbit around Jupiter or Saturn, the moons will change its orbit over time.
  15. Yes, benefit of double loop is that your turbine and don't get radioactive, you will have to do service on it from time to time. You are also more free to select how your condenser work. And you can keep all the radioactive water inside the containment structure with short pipes making an leak less likely and less of an problem.