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  1. I'm betting he is a time traveler from Hungary in 1946
  2. No, but the ability to turn have levels of logging and to turn on and off logging for different classes would be useful. I frequently have people reporting issues that I can't diagnose without adding a bunch of logging, but releasing that logging to all users is going to be a significant slowdown. It would be nice to be able to provide a simple config change that would turn on logging for just the affected person.
  3. I haven't seen that before, I don't think it is coming from the station science code. I'm thinking it could be an error in your install or a mod conflict. Have you managed to use station science before successfully? If you start a new sandbox game and cheat just a minimum station of a lab and a plant science +electricity etc into kerbin orbit will that work?
  4. How does the only loading the latest version if multiple are present work? Is there something in the code or is it just a feature of having the version number in the name?
  5. Has anyone ever thought of creating a proper logging library for KSP? In java I am used to things like logback which give you lots of control over how your logging is written and makes it easy to configure.
  6. No, but I've uploaded 2.2.1 which removes those lines. I'll might try and do something clever later.
  7. Ok, new release is ready, see the first post for the link. It makes the requirements for the labs and cyclotron skill based, improves the logging, and removes the requirement to purchase parts before contracts will show up. MKS technicians already have the skill to help with cyclotrons Module manager can be used to allow for example, MKS biologists to work in the zoology bay. The config is below @PART[StnSciZoo]:NEEDS[MKS] { @MODULE[StationScienceModule] { @requiredSkills ^=:$:, BotanySkill } }
  8. Oh, and do you have docking ports unlocked? I've just spotted that that is a requirement too.
  9. Probably hard coded, I hope to have a new version ready by the end of the weekend which should help.
  10. If you don't pay to purchase parts then it might be interesting, try building, clicking launch and then recovering from the pad a rocket that has the parts on as a work around. It is deliberate in the code for station science but I think it is a bug that you have to pay the initial purchase price before you get missions. I don't pay to unlock a part that I'm not using, and I'm not going to do station science experiments unless I have a contract to do so.
  11. Have you paid the one off cost to allow you to use the part in the VAB? I think that is the usual reason. It should be unaffected by the bases and stations CC pack, I use it myself. I don't know why they have to be purchased first, I should probably work it out and fix it.
  12. The bangometer is re-usable, but it will only record a new result if it provides more science (i.e. was a higher energy) than any previously recorded (and returned to kerbin) impact for this body. I haven't tried transporting a single bangometer between bodies but it will probably overwrite results. When you impact there should be on screen messages saying the science results it has recorded. Did these mention the flashometer/spectrometer? If not then the answer is going to be somewhere in logs in the lines starting [IM
  13. Any contract to do an experiment that has already been done for a given body (irrespective of situation or biome) will always be significantly less (10-20x) than a contract to do the same experiment for the first time. Making the first experiment of any kind more rewarding than subsequent ones is a bit more tricky. What if your first experiment is plant growth, requiring only the lab to complete, while the second is retrograde quarks, requiring the launch of a pair of cyclotrons. In terms of mass launched and complexity of launcher and mission plan the second experiment is a lot harder to run than the first so it wouldn't make sense for it's reward to be substantially reduced. Given the fairly random balancing of contracts I'm not planning to make any changes to the current weightings. If you think they are too generous you can edit the config file. I might have a look at whether they can be changed with a module manager patch for convenience though.
  14. I once crashed a probe into Moho from a retrorgade hyperbolic Kerbol trajectory. That must have given me a relative velocity of about 35 km/s. That was with slingshots around Jool and without cheating/krakens.
  15. SCANsat will show them on it's map as anomalies. You could check to see if they show up on kerbnet too.