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  1. I'd like the two wheels to rotate around their socket joint in mirror directions rather than as here both rotate in the positive direction.
  2. I have just built a Crane thing with 4 adjustable wheels. In the servo giu I have grouped them in pairs, front and back so I can nicely raise and lower the crane by adjusting the wheels. The only problem is that when I try to use the socket control both wheels rotate anti clockwise, one forward and one backwards. Is it possible to tell the servos that one should be a mirror of the other instead of identical?
  3. Hmm, I got it to recompile but I couldn't get it to do anything in the game. ObiVanDamme hasn't posted anything in a while and I would certainly be grateful if you could post a release, with no warranty that is actually works or obligation to provide support.
  4. You could play on contract mode but use the debug menu to give yourself lots of money and science. That would allow you the freedom of building whatever you want but still have the guidance of the contracts.
  5. I think you may be remembering this Which is saying that we have enough power in our arms to sustain flight if we attached suitable wings to them, not that unaided arms will be enough. Also in general for flying outside earth see this If it won't work for the interplanetary Cessna then it is unlikely to work for a drone.
  6. That seems odd. Just to be clear what should be happening is when you are in front of the hatch you should be being prompted to press f to grab the ladder. You can then move up and down if necessary using the arrow keys. When you are holding on in front of the hatch you should then be prompted to hit b to board. If you EVA the existing pilot can he get straight back in before he lets go of his hatch?
  7. I keep getting the comm-net connection lines drawn in flight mode. About half the time when I switch from map to flight view I see a fat green line stretching off into the distance. Is it some kind of bug or is there an option somewhere that will disable it?
  8. They provide torque to turn a vehicle in space (or elsewhere) with out having to use reaction mass like RCS. Many probe cores and IIRC all pods include built in reaction wheels but if you use one that doesn't or the built in one isn't enough to turn your vehicle fast enough then you can add additional wheels.
  9. Except for on Gilly where landing from an orbit is so painfully slow that I usually prefer to aim for the center of the planet and brake at the last possible moment. It might cost a few 10s of m/s but saves sanity
  10. I have two active installs of KSP, a 1.2.2 and a 1.3, both of which I manage with the same installation of CKAN 1.22.3. CKAN wont show me several mods in the 1.3 instance. For example, with the filter set to all, and filter by mod name containing mks my a.2.2 version includes RoverDude's MKS colonization. With the same filters the 1.3 version doesn't show it. It does appear in the database .json file, just not in the gui.
  11. I've updated station science to support KSP 1.3
  12. Ok, the github link is updated to 1.3. The curse link will be in the next few days.
  13. Two related questions My current contracts have english strings in the source code to which I append the names of bodies for the which the contract applies e.g. "Crash a probe into " +body.GetDisplayName(); As of 1.3 that code is appending the gender to the end of the string as ^N I want the simplest way to replicate the functionality of the previous theName property so it at least makes gramatical sense in English Second question Is there a guide anywhere on how to localize mods properly? Generating contracts, science experiment definitions etc.
  14. Just uploaded the API for version 1.3. The official docs are getting more complete but there are still plenty of classes where modders could provide useful documentation.
  15. I normally build a rocket with a starting vacuum TWR of 1.7ish and 3500m/s of delta-v. That will get to orbit if flown well unless you have made very bad engine choices. If you use a vacuum engine as a first stage it's performance will be different enough from predicted that you might not make it. If you click the atmosphere button on KER it will show you the TWR and delta-v for the current body and altitude that you have selected.