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  1. Saw that yeah, just felt I had to clarify the assumptins in that one. BTW, you havent ripped squad off, you've got enjoyment and value for money - me too
  2. @Jeef does make a few good points, but also skipped over (or assumed) some points that cant be known unless you work for Squad. I'll leave most of it alone, but the one that bugs me is this "To take something already developed by the community with hard work, incorporate back into your product and sell back to the community is just cheap". There are items in there that cant be achieved through modding, and also items that can be, but are improved (I think) through implementation closer to the core code, being made available to all without needing mods installed (yes not all people use mods) or additional components. Actually I do have a second one ""If they had worked harder..." is something you can only know from inside; and I do know how much work people have spent on the expansion, how much thought and planning has gone in to make it a worthwhile effort for people who play with mods, as well as without mods, and discussing value for money. If people don't see the value then they wont purchase it - and that's their right. Lets keep the assumptions to a minimum and we should all get through this fine. On modding, the expansion is optional, and being developed that way. As a modder I know I'll keep making/maintaining my mods for stock game, and add expansion pieces where it makes sense, but not exclusively. That said its my choice as a modder to do that, and each modder gets to make that choice, and the people who play their mods will prompt, ask, cajole, demand, beg, etc for the features.they want in the availability scope they want - as has been going on for years. I have faith in the community, the modders and the discussions we have here that people will work together to keep modding on.
  3. Sure, so one of the things that is likely to change is the class name (so Localization.Format) - which means we don't have a fixed in stone function that can be used. Thus the advice to wait. We aren't sprinting to a release date, and we want to share as much as we can so you dont waste time, your and ours patience my friend
  4. ah - good call - yeah I misread that one Let me look when I get back home
  5. I know this is a little old, but forgot to press post - sorry C = Toggle IVA Mode , then V to change seats in IVA mode, or change external views in flight mode
  6. I'd highly recommend waiting till we have nailed down all the pieces here. We have a doc to share, but wont be till we have stopped making changes and wouldnt want anyone to feel theyve wasted time unravelling stuff that could change and then feel theyve wasted time because of it
  7. Kerbal Alarm Clock - v3.8.4.0 Built this plugin to prevent those moments where Jeb looks at you in the little window and thinks "There goes that manuever node, Looks like you didn't press ',' enough Boss" The Kerbal Alarm Clock is a plugin that allows you to create reminder alarms at future periods to help you manage your flights and not warp past important times. With the Kerbal Alarm Clock you can create alarms for the following situations: Raw Time Alarm Created for either a specific date/time or a specific period in the future Maneuver Node Create an alarm based on the next maneuver node on the current ships flight path. This node will be stored and can be restored when you come back to the ship Apoapsis / Periapsis create an alarm for nearest and furthest part of the orbit from the planet Ascending Node / Descending Node Ascending/Descending Node for the targeted object, or equatorial Ascending/Descending Node Closest Approach Create an alarm based on the closest Approach of this Vessel to the targetted Vessel. Select how many orbits into the future to look for the closest approach Target Distance Create an alarm based on distance to a target vessel or altitude from the orbited (or next patch) planet Launch Rendezvous Alarm that can be set to fire as your landed craft passes under the orbit of your target Sphere of Influence Create an alarm manually based on when the next SOI point is on the flight path, or set the alarm clock to continually monitor the active flight path and add alarms as it detects SOI changes Planetary Transfer Create an alarm based on Interplanetary Transfer Phase Angles ie. When should I launch to planet X Based on Kosmo Not's post and used in Olex's Calculator Earth Time Create an alarm based on the time in the "Earth" alternative Universe (aka the Real World) Contracts Create an alarm based on the Expiry or deadline of contracts in career modes For all alarms you can give them : A short name to show in the list; Some more detailed message information; An action to take when the alarm is reached - message only, cancel time warp or pause the game; Play distinct sounds for each type of alarm; For Event alarms, eg Maneuever's, SOI events, etc. you can also set a margin - ie. How long before the event should the alarm fire;Set the alarms to kill the warp rate in the game so you don't go flying past them, or to pause the game so you can be AFK; Other useful features/notes are: Some Alarms can be repeated; Edit the details of the alarm up until the point when it fires; Jump back to the ship that the alarm is related to when it fires; In map view you can "Warp To" nodes on the flight path; Save and Restore Maneuver Node Lists and Targets associated with Alarms; No need to add a part to any vessel; Time will slow and Halt in Space Center and Tracking Station Screens; Add subset of alarms in Space Center and Tracking Station Screens; Ability to jump to ship from Space Center and Tracking Station Screens; Ability to Archive Saves on Ship Jumping; Notes on Jumping to Ships - In all modes From v2.6.2.0 I have added a feature that will by default make a copy of the current games peristent and quicksave file before switching vessels using the KAC - it does not do this when you switch via the standard KSP controls, only the KAC "Jump to Ship" buttons. This function will keep up to 50 old files and is configured in the settings. The files are stored alongside the current saves and called KACBACKUPyyyyMMddHHmmss-persistent.sfs. Jumping to Ships - from Space center and Tracking Station In Space Center and Tracking Station modes the "Jump to Ship" buttons function by making a new temporary save (Called KACJumpToShip.sfs) at the current time and then setting the active vessel when loading it. This is using inbuilt KSP assembly functions to do this (not written by myself), but if you are at all unsure or concerned about this save/load functionality then you can disable the jump functionality for the SP and TS on the global settings tab. Video Information and Tutorial by Geneborg Thanks Links and further Information Download from GitHub or Download from Curse or Download from SpaceDock Documentation/Manual Source Code on GitHub Version History Network Connectivity Details This Mod contains a version checker which can be managed and triggered from the About tab of the settings. It is configured to check once a day by default, and this check also can be disabled. The technical details of it are as follows: It will once a day download this page to read the current up to date version number. It issues an HTTP GET - and sends no data It parses the response for the version tag and then notifies you if there is a more recent version is available This work is licensed under an MIT license as outlined at the OSI site
  8. The plan currently is to stay on the 5.4 version that is in the prerelease
  9. One expansion mate - with multiple components/features/things
  10. The plan is that the last downloadable version will be the one on curseforge now for 1.2 , and no new download for 1.3, but integrated to stock. Unfortunatly that dialog was a casualty in the localization, and an old version of the dialog displayed. It will be solved in the next build and the current localization build you have is It may at that yes, will do our best to maintain parity, but not with mods installed inside the prerelease, only with saves from 1.2 and the matched version Sal has posted some thoughts for you in the ticket:
  11. Nobody said this is the final list of languages my friend, dont be too disheartened I'm hoping for more over time too
  12. I'l guarantee you that some mods will break due to some field names, but we avoided that as much as possible The idea is that saves should upgrade correctly and work in the new version, but - and its the usual prerelease "but", thats the intention for the final release, there is more testing and work to go before 1.3, so keep backups before you try it and we apprecoate as much feedback as you have time to share
  13. Everything gets brought across to the new fonts yes
  14. Preamble (or pre-ramble if you know me) After some discussions we thought we’d make use of the Dev Articles section of the forum and post some experiences, stories and information about various development topics. Hopefully this is the first of a number of posts by members of the development team, detailing both old and new topics to do with KSP and our work. These will not be scheduled in like regular forum posts. Rather think of them like a blog, with multiple authors (the devs), who can share info when they are able. There’s a number of topics we have thought to talk on, but for this first one I thought I could type about something that Julioz and I have been spending a fair bit of time on - Localization and Fonts.... Background Localization is the process by which a product can display text and audio in a language local to the consumer. While English is a very common language there are many people who do not speak it fluently and have asked/and appreciate the ability to more easily read, comprehend and in the end play KSP. As we would be needing a much larger range of characters and symbols to be able to handle many different languages we started by having a look at our current fonts and whether they would be up to the task. After some discussion amongst the team it was decided that we would be better served by moving to a different font by the name of NotoSans. This Open source font is similar to the OpenSans font we have been using in KSPedia, but has a much wider character set for Localization so it was decided this would be a good choice. Getting it to “fit” KSP You just swap in the new font and all good right? Unfortunately it’s not that simple and that’s where Julio and I have spent a bit of time. We use a plugin called TextMesh Pro to place text in KSP. It’s very flexible and easy to use, so the actual swapping of fonts wouldn’t be too big a problem. The challenge that raised its head was when we looked at the size of the fonts and how we would “fit” things. Having a printing background in my other job I could tell you all about the Em Square and how that relates to point size, but in the interest of not boring you all to death I’ll give you the simple version: “Not all fonts are created equal.” The visible portion of a 14pt Calibri ‘A’ character is not necessarily the same height and width as a 14pt NotoSans ‘A’ character, and so on. Here’s some lovely ascii art that shows an extreme example: The new NotoSans font is wider and taller than our existing Calibri font, so after choosing that font we then need to scale it to suit the games UI - or alternately adjust the game objects to suit the new size. We decided to scale the font down slightly to get things close to the size you are all used to and then adjust the weighting of the font to make sure it wasn’t too thin or hard to read. Weighting it as well Speaking of weighting (which is in essence the width of each stroke in the character), as some of the languages we are doing contain graphical characters (sorry if that’s the incorrect term) like Kanji we have to work with the font settings a bit to make sure we don’t blow out the characters by overweighting the stroke, and on the flipside we don’t make the weight too narrow that the text disappears. Heres some examples of how not to do these types of fonts… And my personal favorite: when I forgot to change all the font sets, this sorta changes the emphasis on some things. So after a fair bit of back and forth to make sure all of our eyeballs are correctly calibrated we end up with something like this: Job Done? Once we had that all tested, and given the green light, Julio and I could sit back and watch the rest of it all magically happen! Alright maybe not. After that we work to ensure all the text (in all the character sets and languages) fits in the spaces of the KSP UI - this happens alongside the translation, checks of text translations, more tweaks, further checks,... and that is a whole other story. Here endeth the first article.We’ll try and bring these to you periodically on various topics of things we are working on or that we find might be good to shed more light on.
  15. "for those of us that both want a challenge and care about looks" might be applying too big a sweeping statement there I'll write these down for looking at for sure, see what I can get in with the time available
  16. Transfer Window Planner - v1.6.0.0 An ingame implementation of AluxMun's Launch Window Planner WebApp The Transfer Window Planner is a plugin to let you visualise planetary transfer efficiency in-game. Using it you can select your planet of Origin and planet of Destination and it will present you with details about the required Delta-V to travel from Origin to Destination. You access the tool by clicking on the Porkchop icon in either the AppLauncher or Common Toolbar - your choice - then follow the instructions in the main window. Once you have selected a transfer you can use the Copy buttons to copy that text to any other plugin or window. Documentation can be found in the manual below with a range of pics, but heres a pic of the main screen Thanks Much thanks to Alexmun for a C# version of his Lambert Solver that is in the WebApp. Without which I could not have brought this together Also thanks to NathanKell for allowing me to pester him about how RSS works Links and further Information Download from GitHub or Download from Curse or Download from SpaceDock Documentation/Manual - New and Shiny Source Code on GitHub Version History Network Connectivity Details This Mod contains a version checker which can be managed and triggered from the About tab of the settings. It is configured to check once a day by default, and this check also can be disabled. The technical details of it are as follows: It will once a day download this page to read the current up to date version number. It issues an HTTP GET - and sends no data It parses the response for the version tag and then notifies you if there is a more recent version is available This work is licensed under an MIT license as outlined at the OSI site
  17. It will be added during the prerelease period Its in the two settings menus currently - Main and mini in game Thats a cool idea, let me see if we can find a free key Its currently a boost value (see the Op), but I'll see how far we can dimm it too
  18. explained it much better @terwin thanks
  19. The Mod included the SENTINEL telescope that can fulfill contracts of discovery. This inclusion will add that type of contract and part, but you can still play the wau you want - it will be another type of offered contract that you can bypass if its not important t you
  20. Sure can, subimt as many as you like on that thread
  21. Nightingale would know I think - considering he is the one who reworked that system
  22. Maybe they had Fine Control on in KSP and forget when changing to the browser - I do that all the time in chat
  23. FYI: Put on my QA hat and fixed capitalization of the thread