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  1. seems to be mechjeb causing it... uninstalled it, and it only, and it works flawlessly. i have most module blacklisted, if that would make a difference. ill get on the error log. here you go. it seems to set it to an arbitrary rotation whitch may or may not be 0 when you go into warp. the rotation it sets it at changes on scene changes, i think.
  2. is there a way to change the repaired resource from spares to materialkits?
  3. use the CTT if you can. lots of nodes to spread stuff out in!
  4. possibly just use SAS to point to the target. (if the probe core can handle it.) in fact, giving KAC the ability to control sas and throttle would work well, as an example of how simple it could be.
  5. just as a request somewhat related to this, would you consider making a barebones manuver node executor? all the mods that include that also include a full suite of other autopilot features (looking at you, mechjeb.) i just want a really barebones one.
  6. you get KER for free if you have a lvl 3 tracking station. (or have an engineer on board) possibly something similar for you mod, require the part, a lvl 3 building (tracking station, mission controll?) or a certain level of pilot?
  7. if it its, may want to make it a physicsless radial core, so you don't have to worry about making a separate one for each form factor. will this be able to handle suicide burns with a large horizontal component?
  8. well, got the atmospherecurve working, and the docking ports working. thanks a ton for all your help!
  9. so that will just try to do this to most parts, and fail (gracefully?) on most parts? also, the aqquire roll part was meant to have a value of 2, must have borked something. trying this one now.
  10. on a second note, this time something that is actually documented, i have this peice of code: @PART[*]:HAS[@Module[ModuleDockingNode]:HAS[~snapRotation[True]]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleDockingNode] { %captureMinRollDot = .999 %snapRotation = True %snapOffset = 45 %acquireForce = 2 %acquireTorque = 2 %acquireTorqueRoll = } } this *should* add a 45 degree snap to any docking port that has no angle snap, correct? (MM wiki says ~ is the NOT version of #.) however, it is apparent that it is not being applied to any docking ports, both by looking at the MM cache and game play testing. so i would multiply the second term for ISP, as the first term is the atmospheric pressure. ok. do you know if MM will shoot errors if the terms do not exist? (if the curve on one of the targeted configs does not have tangents?) (other than the rediculosly complicated way you hinted at?) if so, i can just assume that most engines dont, and manually patch engines that do have tangents. and also, can i multiply every key by the same constant in a genral form, so it works regardless of the number of keys? if it helps, im trying to complete the reqested improvements to this pull request.
  11. i see. what would i do to keep the shape of the curve the same? as i said, i want to either make it so that at any given altitude, the engine has 15 pecent (or any other value.) more ISP. failing that, i want it so that it has 15% more vac ISP, not caring too mutch about what it does to the curve, as long as nothing too strange happens to it. (read: as long as it doesn't have a dip anywhere.)
  12. @PART[*]:HAS[@Module[ModuleDockingNode]:HAS[~snapRotation[True]]]:FINAL this shoud, in theory, target all docking ports that DONT have snaprotation, correct? (the mm wiki says ~ is the oppisite of #, similar to @ and !)
  13. ahh, i thought you meant more than 2 key entries. no, none of them have that.
  14. @blowfish atmosphereCurve { key = 0 800 key = 1 185 key = 2 0.001 } i would like to make it so i multiply by x, the curve will be atmosphereCurve { key = 0 800x key = 1 185x key = 2 0.001x }
  15. has sutch nice looking ship icons, is there any mod that adds more icons for the map view?