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  1. haven't actually been around since 1.3 dropped, so sorry about the late reply. the patch will only target things that use liquidfuel, but no oxidiser or intake air. they may do strange things to lf+intake atmo engines (not that i am aware of any). in 1.2, i used the nuculear thermal turbojets along side the patch while i was working on it, and had no issues. I will try to replicate on monday. (I work this weekend.)
  2. ok. the blacklist feature screws with persistent rotation.
  3. would a MM patch to change the multifuel generators to normal fuel cell blocks be possible, for those of us that use mods that add nuclear reactors? or, assuming they are heavy water reactors, make them able to use uranite if MKS is installed?
  4. for now, im not using MJ. ill try using mj without the blacklist when i get back to my gaming pc.
  5. simply because they are not modeled well, in atmosphere, the laser would diminish extremely rapidly with range. in space, it is not as bad, but the ranges are also mutch greater. (not to mention they are power and radiator hogs, as even the most efficent lasers today are only 70% effecinet, and the candiates for laser weapontry are about 30%.) to quote the children of a dead earth blog: there would be no way to make the weapons generate stock heat? (and shut down when the parts core temp gets to hot?) hence near future. if you have time and/or an interest in realistic space combat, take a look at atomic rockets and COADEs blog. hard sci-fi. how bout this? popellant tanks, truss, RCS thruster, and a cabasa howitzer. of course, you could replace the howizer with a nuke or frag warhead. also, you may have a pointy nose in front to act as sloped armor against point defense. however, no fins, unless its an orbit to surface missile, then you may have glide fins, but, of course, at that point, your just making a rod-from-god. sorry for the long post, and its probably to mutch to ask, but at this point im just trying to share what is kinda a special interest of mine.
  6. thats star wars weapons, im looking for more of a near future pack. no 'laser' pistols and blasters, moreso rail/coilguns, missiles, and actual real lasers (speed of light, focused with mirrors, tiny ball turret with laser generator tucked safely inside of the ship type) wouldn't really fit in with the future weapons pack. (the weapons other than missiles would NEED radiators, unless you want them to be oneshot.)
  7. @SpannerMonkey(smce) Would you consider making a weapon pack for 'near future' orbital and land based weapons? (space operational missiles, railguns and coilguns, realistic lasers, etc? I want to bring COADE and the expanse weaponry into KSP...
  8. does it try to access any of these modules? //highly optional. removes most of mechjebs functionallity, making it a simpler, and IMO a mutch less 'cheaty' program. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[MechJebCore]]NEEDS:[MechJeb2]:FINAL { @MODULE[MechJebCore] { %blacklist = MechJebModuleDockingGuidance MechJebModuleRendezvousGuidance MechJebModuleRendezvousAutopilotWindow MechJebModuleManeuverPlanner MechJebModuleAscentPathEditor MechJebModuleAscentGuidance MechJebModuleWarpHelper } } (as you can see, the blacklist only applies to parts, if that changes anything.
  9. noticed the throttle was going down as it was landing. is that because of atmospheric drag? in a vacuum, at least, do you not want full throttle, to minimize gravity losses?
  10. seems to be mechjeb causing it... uninstalled it, and it only, and it works flawlessly. i have most module blacklisted, if that would make a difference. ill get on the error log. here you go. it seems to set it to an arbitrary rotation whitch may or may not be 0 when you go into warp. the rotation it sets it at changes on scene changes, i think.
  11. is there a way to change the repaired resource from spares to materialkits?
  12. use the CTT if you can. lots of nodes to spread stuff out in!
  13. possibly just use SAS to point to the target. (if the probe core can handle it.) in fact, giving KAC the ability to control sas and throttle would work well, as an example of how simple it could be.
  14. just as a request somewhat related to this, would you consider making a barebones manuver node executor? all the mods that include that also include a full suite of other autopilot features (looking at you, mechjeb.) i just want a really barebones one.