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  1. I love that complexity of these engines. While I'm pefectly fine with OP engines, it's nice to get some interesting, additional elements out of it. Bit disappointed Squad nerfed the stock nervas heat production after people complained about having to adapt. (that said, I'm not sure that heat will meak the emancipator balanced either way, but I'm fine with that )
  2. I know. Kinda lacks a high detail model currently as well. Are you going to make a boat tail version?
  3. Cool! ATM you more or less have to use the US variant of the V2 engine in every single playthrough (not sure if there is any RD-100).
  4. That one and the RealEngine folder in RO_SuggestedMods. Otherwise yep, you can just download the master zip, take the folders and put them into your own RO installation. Assuming there isn't some big change that breaks compatibility, but I don't think there is anything like that.
  5. RO on github already has the cfg's for RealEngines. Phineas did a lot of work there, had to add a whole bunch of engines to RO's general configs that didn't yet exist.
  6. What are you talking about? This sounds like a completely new system to create and play missions, of course its a new feature.
  7. Interesting! Might that also help with the problems with FAR calculating the aerodynamic profiles of MFTs?
  8. Thanks for the consideration. Yeah, I can't really imagine why you'd drop a core. Maybe they are just a lot better than expected at containing a large amount of plasma? The only time in the series a reactor made problems was when the mars flagship had to disable it's engines to avoid overheating (which might be a military thing, powering strong engines and railguns n' stuff?).
  9. Oh, so you actually read the books! And here I first somehow got the impression you've been a newbie like me, just watching the series first time ^^' I always thought the Anubis reactor looked a bit weird for a tokamak/stellarator type thing, with the giant beams piercing a ball (assumed it to be a scifi cliche). However, intertial fusion makes a lot more sense for that shape. Steam also explains RCS and why they look like monoprop (or steam). This actually explains quite a bit that wasn't mentioned in the series; it's even closer to 'realistic' scifi space stuff than I thought it was. Attention to details is quite impressive. Am I right in assuming that the cores heat is also transformed into energy for the ships systems, having it run on low power when the drive isn't being used? (also, bahamuto compatible PDCs? :3 ) S2 got lots of shots of the roci (some even w/o ore containers!), including some nice combat sequences. Google image search actually lists a lot of detailed shots from every angle: https://www.google.com/search?q=rocinante&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjO34OJ7cLSAhXH6xQKHR8HC44Q_AUICCgB&biw=1920&bih=971
  10. Idk about all that smart maneuvering, I just put a bunch of vac super dracos on my ships
  11. Haha, don't worry. You've created a lot of fun engines and shared them with us in a ,short time. Don't think anyone is gonna blame you for taking a break or slowing down.^^ RD-0212 works now, if I didn't miss anything.
  12. Aside from opening the API, most ideas are things that mods already bring, though. Idk, to me the game is pretty much done. A bit of polish, bug fixing, and maybe giving modders a helping hand seems like a good idea. Just as opening the game for more audiences, those who aren't fluid in english. Contrary to some believes in here, even in europe many people aren't well versed in english or don't want to play games in another language. Many rarely ever have to use english after school! So no, the additional language support is a good thing nontheless, even if some people attempt to be cynical about it for some reason. Of course there are things that would be cool to see, but I can understand if Squad wants to do other things too. So I'm kinda neutral. Everything coming is a plus, I got my moneys worth out of the game. If they want to bring DLCs to continue development, that's fine as well. (although I think i'm supposed to get eventual early dlc for free cuz I bought on their site or so?)
  13. I've also searched a bit, and yep, seems like they knowingly keep it very vague. Pretty much a near magical device to make the otherwise more realistic setting work. From what I get, the big ships use fusion pellets, however, the fuel efficiency varies. Earlier books say a ship can easily have enough fuel for 30 years on board, later it gets changed to the ship reguarly taking up new pellets (which are quite cheap and widely available, apparently). Those pellets get translated into insane amounts of energy. Potentially combined with a very tiny, if any amount of water? And smaller ships still use the pre-epstein torch drive that's much less efficient, and relies on a lot of water as a propellant. Just according to one source, tho. Might be wrong. EDIT This here: http://www.syfy.com/theexpanse/drive/prequel.php Is a short story about the creation of the engines. This story is also shown in the series 2nd season. Supposedly there is some info in there!
  14. Oh, this is dope! Question, what exactly are those engines? I've tried to google it and checked the wiki, but only found out that they are some sort of fusion engine. And the epistein drive, making them out solar system accessible, has some coils added, which somehow allows week-long burns, while driving up efficiency. (bit weird the engine is supposedly beend developed 150 years before the series started (which is 200 years in the future^^')) So just fusion reactor powered electric engines? Or something shooting out fusion products and then accelerating them? I'm confused. I mean, the crafts in the series are super OP, managing minutes of 15g burns without problem. Besides the capability of weeks-long burns, they'd need to have 100k's of delta-v, if not millions.
  15. This sounds neat! Recently watched The Expanse, and now I'm on a bit of a Scifi-Trip. I want to see how these engines fare in RSS!