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  1. I've noted the stuttering performance when I picked them up in the editor, that's explains that one. Was able to resize and change textures in my campaign save though. But well, lets not dwell on why outdated stuff isn't breaking as much as it should.^^ Btw, since I've noted the neat upgrade to the Soyuz rocket parts, I tried to make an R7. Worked quite well wit the paint tools. Painted Metal parts probably need a darker color, though. I know the Soyuz parts are unfinished wip thingies, but I noted the engine section seems to lack the option to drop side panels.
  2. Wait, the stock-based fairing parts are broken? I've yesterday used one, and it seemed to work fine. (or are the aerodynamics bugged?)
  3. Btw, the recoloring system is awesome! It's actually much easier and more comfortable than before to make neat and diverse looking crafts. GUI is super useful.
  4. Probably a lot more complicated than you might think, considering how complex SSTU's engines are set up. All those features need a lot of interconnections.
  5. Technically PS4 and One only use 5GB for games. 3GB and two of the cores are reserved for the OS for some reason (not even windos is that inefficient).
  6. I'm honestly surprised it even started without CommunityResourcePack. My games had a tendency to crash whenever it was missing (not necessarily because of SSTU tho!).
  7. Sorry, my mistake. Was misinterpreting the UI.^^
  8. Idk, the red arrows and circles stimulate my anti-clickbait reflex not to press play.
  9. I tried that approach in my last game, and the independant reactor idea doesn't seem to work too well, since you can't control the final heat like you can with reactors. It's always going toward max heat, and at least the small trimodal has only 12 days of nuclear fuel (which probably makes sense for a nuclear engine). Output is also quite marginal until higher heat levels are reached. You could use it for short, reliable bursts of electricity, but the benefit is quite limited. Not sure if it is worth to make changes as big on that basis, and it would hurt the non-NTR functionality.
  10. Also had to find out lbf directly translates to pound force. Darn, those americans and their weird british systems not even the UK uses anymore. xD Higher thrust makes the engine more interesting. Still a weird stopgap, not as a efficient as the 180, nor as groundbreaking as the BE-4 wants to be.
  11. Oh, my mistake, confused the measurements. This way it actually fits the bill in terms of thrust. Btw, did you make a mistake with the comma? An RD 180 has 4.15mn thrust. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RD-180
  12. B9 didn't really settle anything, that was his personal vision. Squad people actually said they see it differently. Btw, if anyone is bothered by the style or wants a stock part rework, there is always Ven Stock Revamp, which is quite high quality work (and near seamlessly upgrades your existing craft!):
  13. Never heard of the AR 1, seems to be like a concept that was originally offered as an SLS LFB? Much smaller, though, 560kn vs the 4.150kn of the RD180. Needs a lot of upscaling, I wonder if they'll manage to keep the efficiency that high (although SL Isp is still 10 points lower). Would be interesting to see, but I find it hard to believe that US' developed engines suddenly beat the 170-successors (US kerolex was always kinda weak and set aside). Maybe in price, but then again, this is old school rocketry industry, who generally don't do cheap. Seems a bit like a backup plan in case Blue Origin can't deliver. Mind, it's still a bit of a startup.
  14. A patch is an update. Otherwise I don't see what's wrong with aerodynamics. It's more forgiving than far, sure, but that's the point. Ressource system was already overhauled in one of the more recent patches, if I remember correctly. It is disappointing not to get a rocket overhaul, though. Well, I'll just continue using vens stock revamp.
  15. I'd love to, and have done quite a bit of cfg work for a bunch mods, but I lack any knowledge of the more complex coding or commands/relationships. Probably not much I can help with, sorry (that's why I don't ask you to fix it, would be quite selfish with a free mod ^^)