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  1. ...What? No
  2. Search KSP delta v map (version)
  3. I'm not sure if he ever did get to releasing it.
  4. I've gotten that too on occasion but the more common thing for me is the lower half of the screen flickering an ocean. Only happens when you cheat to orbit and goes away if you go the KSC and open it in the tracking station.
  5. You and I have very different ideas of light
  6. No, but don't exploit it to a point where I need to make a rule about it.
  7. A bit off, some twitches in a service bay behind the cockpit.
  8. Nah, just VTOLs
  9. OP improvements Also, give ye's a look at a set piece.
  10. No rush, I don't have much time till the weekend anyway.
  11. I set to unlisted, Fixed. Considering I had to go get more rounds I should've just went with the bonus.
  12. Persist Took the time to edit it as the final version, minus narration and music.
  13. Just swapped out my own installs of pretty much all these mods for the zip ones. How did you get the skybox to shift to black when there's a light source? I love it. Surpised windowshine wasn't included.
  14. This is Mocha. 10% this 80% this and 10% this And the Kit Kat, Twilight.
  15. Yea, but I forget the pre-name, like SS for these.