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  1. That's the only proper issue I see. They could take a shared control route with minor features. Allow resource and crew transfer as well as unlocking but don't allow things like changing throttle or changing attitude. Like how multi crew ships function in games like Space Engineers.
  2. Many images spoilered.
  3. Yea, it's a long standing issue. Luckily you can just turn it off in the action group.
  4. The production is fantastic, love the voice too. That's always a big draw in for me. Craft themselves could use some work but I imagine that can be helped with the submissions. Look forward to future episodes.
  5. 700 and the hangar structures form a loop through 2 parallel rib structures. The ring is closed by placing the parts in 8x symmetry and shift tooling them away from the centre.
  6. I've been developing the system further into fully modular ships, landers, bases, and stations.
  7. There's more structuring methods than that.
  8. He is right though. The forum is lightyears ahead of nearly any other source because of open dialogue. You need to be open to new techniques. Which reminds me...
  9. Ouch. There's already a plethora of weapon threads in the forum. Stock and modded, Kerbin and space, big and small. I imagine one will have what you're looking for. There's challenges too if you want to see what you yourself have fairs well against the best the forum has to offer.
  10. Home base. A mash of various other station components. Dock is shared with the SAS blocks, Docking bays from a depot, crew from a freight modification, comms are from a science ship, and the ring is newly built. Only 8 launches surprisingly.
  11. Give or take a few years-decades.
  12. Sabre program is back in action. Meet the MK5-2 a modified version of an atmospheric interceptor. I think I had been approaching SSTOs wrong ever since the new aerodynamics came in.
  13. Wow, that double barrel looks awesome. Better than what I can do.
  14. For images. -upload to imgur, dropbox, or other -Right click on the image and select copy image or copy image url -Paste into the forum editor For albums -make an imgur album -Go into the album -Copy the page url -Paste
  15. Grand Finale, thank you to @AlexanderTeaH for helping.