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  1. So nobody added anything, that's a Shame.
  2. Anything happen with the Dres ship? There must have been enough turns to reach a transfer window by now.
  3. They announced there would eventually be DLC and people threw up a fuss so for a short time up until after april and any time before april those who bought the game would not have to pay for it.
  4. It's paid but that can be anywhere from 99 cent to 30 euro. EU4 expansions go from 2 to 20 and and with the price of the base game I reckon it's closer to the 2 I also love the paradox model as it doesn't force you to buy but still has enough locked off content to make you want it most of the time. You can pick and choose extra content based on your preferences. This could also mean that the KSP devs could widen the game's scope.
  5. It isn't priced at that either from what you've read.
  7. So the same but without guideline 16? @quasarrgames Did you win? That's what I'm gathering.
  8. Something I've had for a few years but never made a post for, a scale chart of KSP warships. Each pixel is equal to .1 metres. Ships within a ship. And one on a smaller scale but more detailed.
  9. Always good to have new blood. Seems like Hatbat is getting the reach to bring them in now.
  10. no
  11. Something like this?
  12. Having a single glass cannon to get a good first shot out is a good tactic. Not an exploit though.
  13. I do...weekly It's hard to get excited about bug fixes. Especially ones I never personally noticed in a game as stable as ksp.
  14. 78 is very low.