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  1. That's probably what's causing all the trouble in the first place!
  2. He's just trying to get home again.
  3. Many crashes are still caused by simply running out of memory. You're using the 64bits version but do you have the RAM to benefit from that? When your memory overflows the game will crash. In other words: 4GB is often not enough. A heavily modded KSP needs at least double that.
  4. No it isn't. And yes it is. (No on the ground effect and yes on the wishful thinking)
  5. I know you're still pretty new to the forum. And I understand you're still full or wonder and overflowing with, in your mind, new and unique ideas. Trust me, this idea is neither new nor unique. It's been done countless times. And there are probably a few of those replica threads still active. I'd suggest you search for those.
  6. It's not people that resist MP. It's the nature of the game. As @qzgy said: "Rovers can flip in real life." In KSP rovers do not flip because of flawed physics but rather because they are bleeping fast compared to real life. The real life Curiosity Mars rover has a top speed of about 30 metres (98 ft) per hour. In KSP you can reach 30 metres per second without too much difficulty. That's 3600 times faster. At real life speeds you'll notice KSP rovers are remarkably solid. And if Curiosity would move at KSP speeds it would bounce around like a rag doll too
  7. Pop! There goes another bubble:
  8. After you recover the craft what does the mission summary say? (Some screenshots would be helpful.) And do you have any strategies in place from the administration building. It's possible the reward IS given but immediately converted into or .
  9. We all know chances of accidental debris collisions are so infinitesimally small they can just be ignored. But today I got one that made my sphincter move like a rabbits nose for a second. I noticed an object whizzing by my newly constructed station. Checking the map I found an counter orbiting shipwreck was to come even closer at the next encounter, just 0.5km. And for a THIRD time half an orbit later. To be safe once and for all I moved my station to a slightly lower orbit. What makes those three close encounters particularly rare is the inclination difference. If one parameter would have been ever so slightly different they would never have come that close.
  10. You do not need to complete it in one attempt. You can try as many times as you like. But the reward is ONLY given on contract completion. When you 'revert flight' you're returned to a previous point in time. At that point your contract has not yet been completed and the rewards are not given. If for example you need to return something to Kerbin you will need to land and then recover the vessel. (The green bar in the pull down menu above the altimeter.) Only then will the contract be completed and you'll receive your reward.
  11. I wouldn't go that far. The mess was mainly caused by horribly inadequate coding and even worse QA.
  12. For docking hints and tips you might want to start here. P.S. That link points EXACTLY where I want it to link.
  13. Holy crap on a cracker. That's the SECOND time this same issue comes up within a week.
  14. I have to agree with @TheEpicSquared. But most likely you have either installed an incompatible/outdated version or you have installed it incorrectly.
  15. And it's always active at full capacity. You can not forget to deploy it. Plus sometimes it just looks better.