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  1. Since you only have 4MB RAM you're most likely simply running out of memory.
  2. Exactly. I don't mind threads being re-opened for a good reason. But not to answer a three year old random question that has been answered five times already in the first six replies. Most of the time the 'new' answer is wrong any way.
  3. That's not a bug. That's just the way it is. Go to the settings menu and disable 'autohide navball'. You might have to search a bit but it is in there.
  4. I understand there are rules about necro-posting. (Please note I said I understand them, I do not agree with them. In my opinion the wrong side of the equation is being enforced.) The small "This thread is quite old" notification is an improvement but it does not nearly suffice. People do NOT see or read it. And if they do, they clearly do not care. WHY is there still no big bold pop-up slamming the necro-poster in the face reminding him of the fact he is about to raise the dead? A big fat notification that must be acknowledged before the post can actually be made. And don't say it's not possible because it is. A system like this is already being used for moderator warnings.
  5. Currently I don't really care about debris. I will avoid it when possible but I don't mind if something stays in orbit. But in the past I had a play through where I actively hunted down debris to scrap and recycle it with EPL. I even had a Toybox and Fishbone . EPL does can do this to some extent. It won't reward funds for captured debris. But instead it scraps it into metal which can be reused to build new rockets.
  6. In my opinion it's an exercise in futility. A complete waste of time, money and effort. In theory it is supposed to make the game 'more accessible' for non English speakers by translating it to other languages. But in practice it will just bloat the game with all kinds of files and textures the vast majority of people will never ever use.
  7. As far as I know this is correct. The obvious solution is pretty cliché: don't use wheels or legs. But I'll assume this is not a real option for you. A possible work-around could be to trick the autostruts to connect to a non moving part. Put the root and/or something heavy in the static portion of your contraption and do not use any wheels or legs in the moving part.
  8. [snip] I can't really stop you, now can I?
  9. Most likely brute force thrust vectoring. The rear landing gear is mounted so far to the rear no amount of control surfaces (except canards) will raise the nose. On the other hand; since the CoL is most likely in front of the CoM all the plane wants to do is raise its nose and flip over backwards.
  10. What do you do when you download a mod and it contains a rar or zip file before you drop it into GameData? BINGO! You unpack it.
  11. If you want a commnet just for control HG-5's are more than capable. I just tested it; in synchronous orbit two probes each with two HG-5's have a signal strength of roughly 20%. Poor for science transmission but more than enough for control. Edit: I just realized I forgot an important piece of information. The two relays I talked about were part of an equally spaced three constellation putting them roughly 3460 km apart.
  12. You do not need to learn how to embed imgur albums. Squad will need to learn how to make embedding them possible again first. Embedding of imgur albums has been broken a LONG time.
  13. If it is just for an initial LKO commnet you won't really have to worry about antenna range. Even the early relays have more than enough power to talk to each other in LKO (with stock antenna range settings). Slap two HG-5's on an QBE, OKTO or HECS probe with a couple of OX-STAT's and a battery and you're done. Simple, cheap and effective. Once you're ready to go into deep space you can easily supplement your network with better tech.
  14. 500km orbit isn't a 'large orbit'. In fact it is quite low for a commnet. Personally I would go at least two to four times that high. (Synchronous orbit is at 2 863.33km) Properly set-up four would get you a pretty decent coverage although it might leave a few blind spots from time to time. Three, equally spaced equatorially could guarantee full coverage for the entire planet except the very poles. (Another set of three polar would give full coverage at any time of day.) Another option for near perfect coverage would be two equatorially, but exactly opposite each other, and a similar set of two in a polar orbit. But in contrast to just three equatorially this time the blind spots won't be static and only last a short time.
  15. From what did you get the impression you can't? Of course you can use another host. ANY host that allows hotlinking will do.